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  1. ABSEES Online

    ABSEES Online is the online version of The American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES). It can be searched by multiple fields, including author, title, publisher, date of publication, and subject heading. There is also full-record keyword searching.
  2. Albert Lee Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1912, 1917-1928

    Digital surrogates from the Albert Lee Papers (1912, 1917-28) contain digitized materials from the personal papers of Albert Lee (1874-1948), Chief Clerk of the President's Office (1920-42). Digitized materials include correspondence, event programs, notes and memoranda, relating to the admission, housing and placement of African American students; organizational and adminis...
  3. Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS)

    The Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (ACDIS) is an interdisciplinary research, teaching, and public service program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign devoted to advancing and disseminating knowledge about the problems of war and peace. Established in 1978, the program's primary areas of focus include: energy uses of technology ...
  4. Born digital files from the Southeast Chapter File, 2000-2015

    Born digital files from the Southeast Chapter File of the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) contains chapter publications, including newsletter Artifacts (2000-15), chapter bylaws, history, and summary of records.
  5. Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates from the Southeastern Chapter of the AALL Publications and Reports, 1955-

    Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates from the Southeastern Chapter of the AALL Publications contain digitized and digital newsletters (Southeastern Law Librarian, 1955- ), bylaws, conference programs (2004- ), conference application forms, annual reports (2004- ), and meeting minutes (2006- ) concerning the activities and announcements of the AALL's Southeastern chapt...
  6. Cairo Bulletin

    The Cairo Bulletin began publication in Cairo, Illinois, on December 21, 1868. Founded by John H. Oberly and Company (as the Cairo Evening Bulletin), it was one of only a few newspapers being published in Southern Illinois during its early run. Oberly meant for the newspaper to be “a new organ of Democratic sentiment,” and covered news, politics, and literature for the whole...
  7. Czech Posters

    This project site documents the work of the University of Illinois' Slavic and East European Library to digitize these posters. As the project progresses we will update these pages, and they will serve as the gateway to the digital collection when digitization has been completed. See the University Archives' record of the poster collection.
  8. East St. Louis Directories

    Containing lists of business firms and private citizens, street guides, etc., these city directories offer the historical glimpse of East St. Louis community during early 1900s. The collection is a great resources for genealogists, researchers, and everyday history enthusiasts. The collection is a subset of the University of Illinois Digitized Books Collection.
  9. Ed Kieser Papers (Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates), 1987-2010

    Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates from the Ed Kieser Papers, chief Meteorologist of WILL Radio (1987-2010), contain WILL radio broadcasts, including "Talk to Ed Kieser" segments, and "Tornadoes with Ed Kieser" videos; interview recordings; tornado films; presentation slides on tornado preparedness seminars, weather trends in Illinois and the U.S.; meteorological ra...
  10. Gregory Heath Papers, 1960-2009

    Consists of photographs, news clippings, contracts, audio and video recordings, address books, and posters documenting Heath's work as a concert promoter and owner of Celebrations, a local central Illinois music booking agency during the 1980s and 1990s. Music ensembles that were booked and promoted by Heath in central and southern Illinois include such groups as Head East, ...
  11. Hal Bruno Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1950, 1982

    Digital Surrogates from the Hal Bruno Papers include a scanned working file and digitized audio recordings, concerning Hal Bruno's career as journalist. Digitized paper material relates to travel tips for Americans to India, Asia, and the Middle East, in the context of the Cold War. Audio tapes concern Bruno's 1982 interview with the Carter Sisters in Nashville. An access...
  12. Harry Partch Archive

    Harry Partch (1901-1974) was an American composer, theorist, instrument maker and performer. In the 1920s, Partch began work on what was to be a lifelong passion, i.e. on acoustic and harmonic properties of musical instruments, and on the construction of his own musical instruments for the purpose of performing his own music. It is difficult to over-estimate the importance o...
  13. James F. Keene Personal Papers, 1923-2008

    The James F. Keene Personal Papers consist of seven cubic feet of personal papers, photographs, administrative records, audio recordings, and lecture notes documenting Keene's career as the director of the University of Illinois Bands, 1985-2008, as well as his time spent at the University of Michigan, East Texas State University (now Texas A&M University), and the Universit...
  14. Library Audiovisual Presentations (Digital Surrogates), 1936

    Digital surrogates from the Library Audiovisual Presentations, contain digitized copies of a two-reel silent film, "Found in a Book: Making the Most of your Library" (1936) that compares the experiences of one student who successfully utilizes the university library with his roommate who does not; produced by the Class in Administration, University of Illinois Library School...
  15. Paul B. Anderson Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1916-1959

    Digital Surrogates from the Paul B. Anderson Papers contain digitized records of YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) Press (1921-47, 1959), YMCA Press Eastern European Fund (1952-53), POW (Prisoners of War) Service (1916-18) and YMCA Prisoner's Aid in Russia (1918). Digitized material includes telegrams, letters, correspondence, meeting minutes, handwritten notes, and ...
  16. Pogo Studio Audio Recordings and Business Records, c. 1988-2000

    Includes audio recordings and related business records created by Pogo Studio of Champaign, IL, documenting recordings by performers including Adrian Belew, Alison Krauss, Hum, Menthol, Shiner, Starcastle, and the Vertebrats, as well as ensembles from the University of Illinois, Eastern Illinois University, and Parkland College; in formats including 2" and 1/4" audio tape, D...
  17. Roslyn Rensch Papers, 1900, 1917-93

    Papers of Roslyn Rensch (1923- ), M.A. (Art History) 1959, contain correspondence, programs, bulletins, newsletters, brochures, photographs, harp catalogs, music reviews, class and research notes, bibliographies, drafts and galleys of publications, newspaper clippings, articles, harp string case (1900), microfilm and scrapbooks relating to harp research, teaching, and perfor...
  18. Social Cohesion Initiative of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe and Related Projects

    The Social Cohesion Initiative of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe and Related Projects involves training government and non-government personnel on developing civil society and community-based social services for vulnerable populations predominantly in eight former Soviet Union countries of South Eastern Europe, 1999-2008. The initiative was the result of the In...
  19. The Advertiser

    The Advertiser was a local newspaper published in Collinsville, Illinois, every Saturday. This weekly publication served residents in the immediate Collinsville area, just east of St. Louis and the Missouri-Illinois border. The Advertiser features advertisements, local announcements, news, short stories, advice columns and reports from various advisory boards and public serv...
  20. University Honors — the Bronze Tablets

    The University of Illinois began the tradition of inscribing the Bronze Tablets with the names of students receiving University Honors in 1925. A new tablet is hung in the Main Library each year. Inscription on the Bronze Tablets recognizes sustained academic achievement by undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. According to the Student Cod...
  21. William Yale Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1917-1919

    Digital Surrogates from the William Yale Research Collection contain digitized copies of letters, reports, handwritten and typewritten journal pages, memorandums, handwritten drafts and notes, concerning William Yale's services as Department of State special agent (1917); wartime intelligence reports (1917-19); events of World War I in Near East, the Ottoman Empire and its ...
  22. Côte orientale de Madagascar
    Image | 1891