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  1. AALS Association Handbook (Born Digital Records), 1971, 1986, 1990-2008

    Born Digital Records from the AALS Association Handbook include electronic handbooks containing the bylaws, executive committee regulations, membership requirements, and statements of good practices of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). Available electronic handbook contents are listed in the following index:
  2. Great Lakes Bulletin

    The Great Lakes Bulletin is a daily newspaper written by and for naval officers. This collection provides a record of official communication between naval officers at the United State Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Illinois. Each issue featured official orders from the navy Commandant, events on base and news of ongoing military campaigns. The newspaper also featured...
  3. Marion Semi-Weekly Leader

    The Marion Semi-Weekly Leader was a rural newspaper serving the community of Marion, Illinois and Williamson County. As a Republican newspaper, the Marion Semi-Weekly Leader published on Tuesday and Friday while its Democratic counterpart, the Marion Egyptian Press, published on Monday and Thursday. Marion Semi-Weekly Leader features local, regional and national news with an...
  4. Gallatin Democrat

    The University Library's digital holding of the Gallatin Democrat reflects a civic and morally-minded newspaper serving the community of Old Shawneetown, Illinois, a town located on the Illinois-Kentucky border. Voter information is prominently featured throughout the issue including political endorsements, candidacy announcements, political gatherings, and current electoral...
  5. The Advertiser

    The Advertiser was a local newspaper published in Collinsville, Illinois, every Saturday. This weekly publication served residents in the immediate Collinsville area, just east of St. Louis and the Missouri-Illinois border. The Advertiser features advertisements, local announcements, news, short stories, advice columns and reports from various advisory boards and public serv...
  6. The Lacon Home Journal

    The Lacon Home Journal was a weekly Republican newspaper published every Thursday in Marshall County, Lacon, Illinois. The newspaper reflects the industry of the area at the time, the production of marble works, grain elevators and woolen mills with Lacon serving as the shipping point of agricultural produce for surrounding areas. The Lacon Home Journal also featured state a...
  7. Afrique
    Image | 1783

  8. L'Afrique
    Image | 1783

  9. Cape of Good Hope
    Image | 1817

  10. Cape Colony, Natal & Transvaal
    Image | 1890

  11. Cape Colony, Natal etc.
    Image | 1887

  12. Africa.

  13. Miss Barclay as Olivia in "The Good Natured Man"
    Image | 1792

    Whole-length. Wearing dress with ruffle collar
  14. John Baldwin Buckstone as Tom Dribbles and Mrs. Fitzwilliam as the Orphan Nan in "Good for Nothing"

    Whole-length. Nan standing wearing apron, Tom sitting wearing tall hat and plaid coat, shaking his finger at her.
  15. Charles Walter Couldock as Cardinal Wolsey in "Henry VIII"
    Image | 1855

    Whole-length, to left, standing. With text: "So farewell to the little good you bear me, farewell a long farewell to all my greatness." Act III, Scene 2.
  16. William Dowton as Dr. Cantwell in "The Hypocrite"
    Image | 1822

    Whole-length. Wearing long coat, striped stockings. Caption: "The Late Mr. Dowton as Dr. Cantwell". With text: "Alas Madam I am not a good man." Act I, Scene 5.
  17. Isabella Glyn as Isabella and William Hoskins as Lucio in a scene from "Measure for Measure"

    Scene from the play with Isabella wearing long veil and chain around waist with cross pendant
  18. Isabella Glyn as Queen Katherine in "Henry VIII"

    Whole-length portrait, seated on chair, wearing lace, veil, and rope with tassles tied around waist. With text: "Good Griffith, Cause the musicians play me that sad note I named my knell, whilst I sit meditating on that celestial harmony I go to". Act IV, Scene 2.
  19. Elizabeth Hartley (nee White) as Jane Shore in "Jane Shore"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length portrait. With text: "My good Neighbour! your good wishes still pursue my hapless fortune". Act I, Scene 2.
  20. Priscilla Kemble (nee Hopkins) as Aura in "The Country Lasses"
    Image | 1778

    Whole-length portrait, holding wreath and flowers. With text: "Yes Sir they will tell you what will happen to you. Exactly---good Evening". Act I, Scene 3.
  21. Sarah Jane Mellon (nee Woolgar) as Rosalind in "As You Like It"

    Whole-length portrait, wearing hat and leaning on staff, in outdoor setting. With text: "But, in good sooth, are you he that hangs the verses on the trees, wherein Rosalind is so admired?" From a daguerreotype by Mayall.
  22. John Moody as Teague and William Parsons as Obadiah in a scene from "The Committee"
    Image | 1776

    Scene from the play, in a room with Teague supporting Obadiah. With text: Obad: "Good Mr. Teague give me some more sack."
  23. John Moody as Teague in "The Committee"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length portrait, wrapped in torn cloth, holding scroll. With text: "A poor Irishman, & Christ save me, & save you all I pry'thee give me sixpence good Masters."
  24. John Moody as Teague in "The Committee"

    Whole-length portrait, wrapped in torn cloth holding a scroll. With text: "A poor Irishman & Christ save me & save you all I pr'ythee give me Sixpence good Masters."
  25. Elizabeth Pope, when Miss Younge, speaking the epilogue to "The Runaway"
    Image | 1780

    Whole-length portrait. With text: "--and some whim good sense to govern me
  26. John Palmer as Don John in "The Chances"
    Image | 1791

    Whole-length portrait, holding infant. With text: "Come, good wander, Let you and I be jogging