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  1. Washington Park Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The objects of the organization called the Washington Park Club, which was incorporated in 1883, are to promote good fellowship among its members by providing a club house and pleasure grounds for their entertainment where at all times they may meet for social intercourse, and to encourage, by providing the proper facilities, raising, improving, breeding, trainin...
  2. Gateway to Oak Woods Cemetery
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "Gateway to Oakwoods (sic) Cemetery." From text: "This beautiful cemetery stands in the front rank, as one of the handsomest of Chicago's burial grounds. It is located south of 67th St. between Cottage Grove Ave. and the I. C. R. R. track. The distance from the business center is about seven miles. ... In drawing the plan for the grounds, the Association was for...
  3. Entrance to Forest Home
    Image | 1893

    in fact their equal in that respect can not be found around Chicago. No spot could be more advantageously situated than the location of Forest Home, it being fifty-six feet above the level of Lake Michigan and the crown of the water-shed between the Atlantic and the Gulf. The water running from the roof of a house on the grounds on one side finds the St. Lawrence, while th...
  4. Entrance to Waldheim Cemetery
    Image | 1893

    From text: "Situated in the town of Harlem, on the Desplaines River, and about nine miles from the city, is a German cemetery of exceptional beauty in its general aspect as well as in the tasteful and pleasing manner … Like most of the other large cemeteries, Waldheim is open to all, and makes no distinction between the believer or unbeliever, between Christian, Jew or Heat...
  5. Chicago University

    Caption: "Chicago University". From text: "To Stephen A. Douglas is due the credit of founding the first University of Chicago, now known as the Old University of Chicago. In 1856 a number of citizens visited Judge Douglas with plans for a university, and asked him for help. He gave them ten acres of ground lying along Cottage Grove avenue, at Thirty-fourth street, not fa...
  6. Entrance to Rosehill Cemetery
    Image | 1883

    From text: "The projectors of Rose Hill have wisely selected grounds far enough from the city proper to insure no molestation of the ashes of the dead in the future, and have chosen grounds high enough for the purposes intended, and also those susceptible of improvement at a slight expense. They are of easy access both by rail and drives, which is certainly a desirable feat...
  7. Navy Pier
    Image | 1930

    two stately towers, with observation galleries, rise from the Pier and afford comprehensive views of Chicago's water traffic. Band concerts are given during the summer, and dancing is enjoyed."
  8. Farmhouse at Mohawk and Armitage
    Image | 1963

    Caption: "A survivor of the Chicago Fire is the farmhouse above, set in spacious grounds at Mohawk and Armitage. It was built in 1863 for about $800."
  9. McCormick Theological Seminary
    Image | 1963

    all are part of a continual program of renewal."
  10. Chicago Commons' playground
    Image | 1901

    Caption: "Chicago Commons' Play Ground. The only Playground for 12,000 Children." From text: "The summer activities of Chicago Commons have grown very normally in both variety and expense. … [T]he work enlarged to include … the establishment of the Chicago Commons playground (20 X 160 feet,) open every afternoon and all day Sunday under the supervision of residents, with...
  11. Park swimming pool
    Image | 1904

    From text: "Under an act passed by the legislature May 14, 1903, the South Park commissioners were authorized to issue bonds to the extent of one million dollars for the purpose and creation of small parks or playgrounds in the South Park district. … There will also be in each of the playgrounds a swimming tank or pool varying in size from 80x50 to 150x75. This pool will ...
  12. Japanese garden at Bryan residence
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Japanese gardens in grounds of Mr. F. W. Bryan's residence. 1423 Kenilworth Ave., Rogers Park."
  13. Campus
    Image | 1888

    Surveyed and drawn by the C.E. Sophomores, '90. Created: Spring term - 1888. Scale: 1 in. = 50 ft. Includes cardinal directions. Class roll: E.M. Benson, J.F. Clarksen, R.J. Cooke, J.F. Fisher, C.H. Snyder, G.P. Stauduhar, C.L. Crabbs, M.E. Thomas, F.J. Tresise, J.B. Tscharner.
  14. Altgeld Hall

    Drawing contains no information regarding date or artist. Subject: Library Hall and surrounding grounds. Altgeld Hall was formally known as Library Hall when completed in 1897, and served as the university’s library until 1927. National Register Building #70000229.
  15. Campus

    Scale - 1:2000. Members of class: Wm. Barclay, E.I. Cantine, O. Connet, H. Dose', F.R. Edwards, P.A. Goodwin, E.S. Johnson, H.B. Williams, W.D. Pence, L. Thompson, R. Willard.
  16. President House

  17. f4c67510-4b72-0134-1da8-0050569601ca-7

    Blackall, C. H. 77
  18. Soldiers Home Grounds - entrance, looking south
    Image | 1898

    men and teams working
  19. Mess Hall; Barrack building Company D under Construction
    Image | 1899

    two photos are attached to give a ""panoramic"" style view
  20. Soldiers Home Grounds
    Image | 1899

    nurse in uniform
  21. Soldiers Home Grounds
    Image | 1899

    rail fence and woods in background
  22. Soldiers Home Grounds - flag pole raising
    Image | 1899

    note clock tower cupola now on dining hall area of Mess Hall, but clock not yet in place
  23. Soldiers Home Grounds - lake
    Image | 1900

    canoe in lake
  24. Soldiers Home Grounds - lake
    Image | 1900

    east side of lake
  25. Soldiers Home Grounds - lake
    Image | 1900

    wagon with milk cans at far right