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  1. Cavagna Collection

    Cavagna was an Italian public official and a recognized authority on the local history of Lombardy and Piedmont. His library contained a great many books on genealogy, biography, and local history, including materials on municipal governments. The manuscripts especially reflect the study of local history; most relate to Italian cities and towns, institutions, societies and ...
  2. Farm, Field, and Fireside

    Together with the introduction of rural mail delivery, the telephone, and the automobile, farm newspapers played a key role in the modernization of rural America. The Farm, Field and Fireside collection contains historically significant U.S. farm weeklies published in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These titles document a time of transition in American ag...
  3. Historical Maps Online

    The Historical Maps Online collection contains images of maps charting the last 400 years of historical development in Illinois and the Northwest Territory, including historic topographic maps of Illinois. The collection also contains early large-scale topographic quadrangles published by the United States Geological Survey in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centurie...
  4. Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection

    The Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection contains historic Illinois newspapers from across the state, including The Urbana Daily Courier, Sangamo Journal, and the University of Illinois collegiate newspaper The Daily Illini. These papers range in date from 1831 to 1975, providing a sense of local life and culture in the Midwest across two centuries. Since June 2009, the ...
  5. Mapping History at the University of Illinois Collection

    The Mapping History at the University of Illinois (MH@UI) collection contains maps, drawings, blueprints, and images of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and Champaign County dating from the 1850s to the present. Maps relate to way-finding, campus and community planning, city zoning, political districting, transportation, humor and cartooning, student housing, re...
  6. Sousa Archives Music Instrument Digital Image and 3D Model Collection

    The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music (SACAM) acquires and preserves significant archival records and historical artifacts in multiple formats that document America's diverse music heritage. The Center’s collection of historical music instruments, dating between 1810-1972, include rare cornets and trumpets, early boxwood clarinets and flutes, unique double-reed sa...
  7. Dustbowl archive images
    Image | 2005

    A car tries to escape a dust storm. Dustbowl archive images. Courtesy NRCS.
  8. Dustbowl archive images
    Image | 2005

    Dustbowl archive images. Courtesy NRCS.
  9. Dustbowl archive images
    Image | 2005

    Dustbowl archive images. Courtesy NRCS.
  10. prn0014

    Horse drawn wagons filled with corn deliver their loads to the Commercial Solvents Corporation fermentation plant in Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1923.
  11. prn0015

    Solvent recovery kettles used in ethanol production, at the largest of Commercial Solvents Corporation fermentation plants in Peoria, Illinois, in 1922.
  12. 4-H boy and girl with steer
    Image | 1963

    4-H members (A young boy and girl) with their beef steer cow project in a animal barn.
  13. University of Illinois Scenic Shots

    0747-01: Pseudo "aerial" view of the Morrow Plots from the roof of the Animal Sciences building. Corn, soybean, and wheat fields are in rotation. ca 1965 (undergraduate library built in 1967). Photo by Jack Everly? 5 x 6.5 inches at 100ppi (original scan at same size at 400ppi). 0747-01a.tif Research and Development, corn, soybeans, wheat. City: UIUC, ST: Illinois, TYPE: RGB...
  14. 0006621r
    Image | 1938

    Members of the Ford County 4-H Club, including James Stuckey, Rita Jean Woodword, Rosemary Kurtenbach and Mary Ellen Spelbring, visiting with Illini Nellie. Found in RS 39/2/20, Box 21, AGR-3, 4-H. June 11, 1938. Credit line required, stating "Courtesy of the University of Illinois Archives."
  15. Woman operating a tractor (FSA)
    Image | 1940

    FSA photographer John Vachon found it noteworthy that this young woman, a FSA (Farm Security Administration) rehabilitation borrower and her mother were operating tractor on a farm in Grant County, Illinois, "without the assistance of any men."
  16. Historical field day
    Image | 2015

    Extension personnel share information to a crowd of several dozen from the back of a car (automobile) at an agricultural field day.
  17. 0387-28a.tif

    AR00111: View of United States flag and house through window in historical home (note ripples in glass from settling) in Golconda, IL. Photo by David Riecks. Used in Family Farm Brochure 1996. 5 x 7 at 75 ppi, 0387-28A.TIF . TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Slide, Scan Type: Photo-CD, In/Out: Outside, Season: Summer, Time of Day: Day, Format: Vertical, Shot: Normal. Archit...
  18. Extension Home Economics Lesson
    Image | 1920

    A home economics lesson on meal planning being led by an extension employee on a porch with farm women in a rural area.
  19. Cannning demonstration
    Image | 2013

    Woman shares instruction during a canning demonstration on the 10 steps in canning from selection to storage, and using a pressure cooker.
  20. 4-H members at NASA meeting
    Image | 1962

    4-H members with models of satellites at NASA sponsored meeting.
  21. 4-H club meeting
    Image | 1962

    A female 4-H member speaks during a club meeting in a members home.
  22. Extension Home Economics Lesson
    Image | 1920

    A home economics lesson on reading a canned goods label (canned apricots) being led by an extension employee.
  23. Extension demonstration in store
    Image | 2013

    Extension personnel share information about reading labels and about how to compare the cost and characteristics of canned fruit in a small grocery store.
  24. 4-H Family Lives Here
    Image | 1961

    4-H members and family putting up a "4-H Family Lives Here" sign on a tree outside their home.
  25. 03110cba.tif

    2003-110: Kendall Co., Ill. Master Gardeners at work at historical Lyon Farm (master gardener project) outside of Yorkville, Ill. model released. Master Gardener Linda Kopacz looking at buckeye tree seed. 8x12 at 300ppi, this version at 72ppi. 03110cba.tif. historical preservation.
  26. acesitcs-prn0004b.tif

    PRN0004: Example of prize winning market hog, pig, swine from 1920's?. History, Historical. Harry Spurling of Taylorville, Illinois is name imprinted on surface. 10 x 13 at 400ppi, PRN0004B.TIF.
  27. 94172aaa.tif

    94174aa: Hog butchering on the farmstead, circa 1946. Used in the 1994 Farm Progress Show Historical display. Original grayscale scan at FPL from 4 x 5 b&w polaroid 55pn negative at 11.2 x 14.6 at 600ppi. This version same size at 72ppi. 94172aaa.tif
  28. 03109bea.tif

    2003-109: Kendall Co., Ill. Master Gardeners at work at historical Lyon Farm (master gardener project) outside of Yorkville, Ill. model released. Master Gardener Linda Kopacz in front. 8x12 at 300ppi, this version at 72ppi. 03109bea.tif. Landscape, flowers, historical preservation.