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  1. A. Austin Harding Family Papers, 1892-1952

    Consists of programs, correspondence, photographs, music repertoire lists, newsclippings, journals, and a copy of the original score of Strauss' "Till Eulenspiegels Merry Pranks" arranged by Godfrey with Sousa's signature that were found in Austin J. McDowell's home and belonged to A. Austin Harding. Of particular interest are the concert programs and brochures from the Fest...
  2. College of Law

    With the significant resources of a major research university, the expertise of world-renowned faculty members, and a variety of special program opportunities, the College of Law consistently ranks among the top law schools in the country and among the top 10 public law schools. Backed by the prestigious reputation of the University of Illinois, the College of Law resides o...
  3. Joseph Gurney Cannon's Album of Photographs of the Danville's Soldier's Home

    Joseph Gurney Cannon's Album of Photographs of the Danville Soldier's Home collection comes from the Cannon's Album of Photographs of the Danville Soldier's Home (1897-1908) held in Illinois History and Lincoln Collection. Joseph G. "Uncle Joe" Cannon served as a Congressional Representative for the 14th District of Illinois and as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Th...
  4. Music & Performing Arts Library Special Collections

    The Special Collections area of the Music and Performing Arts Library at the University of Illinois (MPALSC) is home to a unique collection of scores, rare books, recordings, pedagogical materials, and other archival materials. Students, faculty, and researchers world wide have used these collections.
  5. Nathan C. Ricker Papers (Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records), 1901-1922, 1999, 2008

    Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records from the Nathan C. Ricker Papers contain digital born photographs and reports produced by David J. Garner; digitized alumni records of the University of Illinois; and a digitized copy of the book "The History of Sanford, Maine 1600- 1900" (1901); concerning Nathan C. Ricker's family stories, family tree, his childhood home in Maine...
  6. Farm Home

  7. Illinois Documentary History of Black Studies

    This series aims to document Black Studies programs in Illinois and beyond by means of archival research and interviews with program leaders, and then to provide the results in digital form via IDEALS as well as hard copy. Bound volumes are deposited at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, the Vivian Harsh Collection of the Chicago Public Library, and the home institu...
  8. Small Homes Council Technical Notes (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital Surrogates from the Small Homes Council Technical Notes, includes digitized technical Notes issued by the Small Homes Council-Building Research Council including Prevention and Treatment of Construction Damage to Shade Trees (TN-1: 1965); Built-up Roofing Details (TN-2: 1966, 1970, 1981); Insulation for Heating (TN-3: 1969, 1977); Converting a Concrete Slab to a Wood...
  9. The Lacon Home Journal

    The Lacon Home Journal was a weekly Republican newspaper published every Thursday in Marshall County, Lacon, Illinois. The newspaper reflects the industry of the area at the time, the production of marble works, grain elevators and woolen mills with Lacon serving as the shipping point of agricultural produce for surrounding areas. The Lacon Home Journal also featured state a...
  10. Timothy J. Nugent Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1960-1962

    Digital Surrogates from the Timothy J. Nugent Papers, include digitized bulletins, booklets and manuals concerning design and construction guidelines to create buildings and facilities accessible to people with disabilities and to elderly people. Materials include event newsletters and technical handbooks produced by the College of Agriculture's extension service in agricult...
  11. YMCA - YWCA Student Handbooks (Digital Surrogates), 1884-85, 1888-94, 1897-1905, 1908-1954

    YMCA - YWCA student handbooks or "I Books" published by the Christian Associations for student reference and record use and including lists of YMCA and YWCA officers and committee chairmen; information on YMCA purposes, facilities, services and meetings; advice for students; library rules (1884-91), street directory (1884-92), church directory; photographs of Champaign-Urban...
  12. Africa

  13. Part of Africa

  14. Africa
    Image | 4 pages | 1838

  15. Northwestern Africa

  16. Chart of the Atlantic Ocean
    Image | 1838

  17. Le retour au foyer
    Image | 1917

    Two wide-eyed children, a girl and a boy holding a cat, stand in front of a ruined home.
  18. Man at Soldiers Home
    Image | 1901

  19. Portrait

  20. Portrait

  21. First Decoration Day exercises
    Image | 1899

    rail fence in foreground
  22. Laundry Building - interior
    Image | 1899

  23. Engine - Basement Laundry
    Image | 1899

    Straight-Line engine pictured, manufactured in Syracuse NY
  24. Barracks Buildings - Company A
    Image | 1899

  25. Governor's Residence
    Image | 1899

    breaking ground for the planned Governor's Residence
  26. Vista from Soldiers Home Gounds
    Image | 1899

  27. Company B Barracks - Moving from Hospital to Barrack
    Image | 1899

    horses and wagon, beds and bedding, trunks, and group of men waiting to move into new barrack
  28. Site of Untified Residence
    Image | 1899

    Treasurer's residence?
  29. Site of Untified Residence
    Image | 1899

    caption marked through
  30. Soldiers Home Grounds
    Image | 1899

    nurse in uniform
  31. Mortuary Chapel
    Image | 1899

    cannon and artillery wagon beside Mortuary
  32. Soldiers Home Grounds
    Image | 1899

    rail fence and woods in background
  33. Soldiers Home Hospital
    Image | 1899

  34. Seated Group on building steps
    Image | 1899