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  1. Digital Surrogates of the World War I Scrapbooks

    The digital surrogates of the World War I Library War Service scrapbooks from 1917-1919. Scrapbooks include photographs of camp libraries, servicemen reading, camp libraries, books drives, and other activities.
  2. Dziennik narodowy (Chicago, Ill.)

    Nearly forgotten today, Dziennik Narodowy ("National Daily News") was considered one of the most important newspapers of the Polish community in Chicago. Established on December 4, 1898, by members of the Polish Nationalist Party, Dziennik Narodowy remained crucial to the political education of Polish Americans until its demise in September 1923. After one year with the pape...
  3. American Library Association World War I Scrapbooks

    Digitization of the American Library Association Archives Scrapbooks, 1917-1919 Scrapbooks of the Library War Service containing photographs of camp library buildings and activities, services to soldiers and sailors, hospital library service, Library War Service personnel and friends of the ALA, campaigns billboards, dispatch offices and publicity photographs and postcards....
  4. Anthropology Colloquium Audiovisuals (Born Digital Records)

    The Anthropology Colloquium File includes audiovisual material concerning lectures by Dr. Doris Derby on October 2016 concerning her experience as U of I student and cultural activities that integrate the civil rights movement, and by Dr. Krystal Smalls on November 2016, entitled "Black Survival and Signification in Digital Space".
  5. Archives Exhibits File (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records from the Archives Exhibits File include digitized material from selected collections as well as electronic material produced by the University Archives, regarding special exhibits published at the Archives' website, or physical exhibits curated by the Archives' staff. Includes electronic materials concerning the following exhib...
  6. Kenneth Gaburo Papers, 1936, 1945-93

    Papers of Kenneth Gaburo (1926-93), Professor of Music (1955-68) contain correspondence, published and manuscript musical compositions, sound recordings, motion picture and video recordings, and photographs relating to his compositions and performances, Lingua Press music publishing business, and his New Music Choral Ensemble performance group, Univeristy of California San D...
  7. James Edward Myers World War I Sheet Music Collection

    World War I is considered by many music scholars to be the most musical war in America’s history. Music for and about The Great War was created by all sorts of Americans: professional songwriters, acclaimed composers, church musicians, well- and little-known performers, and uncounted singing teachers, small-town bandmasters, and amateurs. Their melodies and lyrics intersecte...
  8. Great Lakes Bulletin

    The Great Lakes Bulletin is a daily newspaper written by and for naval officers. This collection provides a record of official communication between naval officers at the United State Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Illinois. Each issue featured official orders from the navy Commandant, events on base and news of ongoing military campaigns. The newspaper also featured...
  9. Highway Engineering Conference Materials (Digital Surrogates), 1914-1934

    Digital Surrogates from the Highway Engineering Conference Records, contains digitized copies of course booklets (1914-1934) for The Short Course in Highway Engineering, known as the Highway Engineering Conference after 1935, as well as a copy of the conference paper by Professor I. O. Baker on February 20, 1925. Booklets relate to the short course curricula and program, fac...
  10. Faculty Reports (Digital Surrogates), 1918-1927

    Digital Surrogates from Faculty Reports of the College of Engineering (1918-1927), include copies of correspondence, course schedules, and minutes concerning proposed revisions to the curriculum, such as the addition of courses pertaining to war issues during World War I; faculty committees; student enrollment statistics; special events and lectures, including efforts to inv...
  11. Forrest I. Peters Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1907

    Digital Surrogates from the Forrest I Peters Papers, include a digitized program for the Chicago Cubs World Championship banquet (Chicago, 1907). Material includes handwritten notes and autographs
  12. French World War I Posters

    This collection is comprised of 105 digitized posters published in France during the First World War. The selected posters represent a time of national volatility and a visual culture of lithography, illustrations, earlier posters and paintings.
  13. The Cybernetics Thought Collective

    The University of Illinois Archives has been awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to develop a prototype web-portal and analysis-engine to provide access to archival material related to the development of the iconic, multi-disciplinary field of cybernetics. The grant is part of the NEH’s Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Foundatio...
  14. Rehabilitation Education Service Athletics Administrative Subject File (Digital Surrogates), 1948 - 1995

    Digital Surrogates from the Rehabilitation Education Service Athletics Administrative Subject File, contain annual reports, correspondence, press releases, and event programs concerning the operation, activities and accomplishments of the Division of Rehabilitation Education Service's Department of Recreation and Athletics. Digitized material includes topics as sports achiev...
  15. Richard E. Kent Music and Personal Papers, 1899-1996

    Consists of original and published music compositions and arrangements, correspondence, concert programs, memoirs, newspaper clippings, Sousa Band Fraternal Society newsletters, photographs, Volunteer Illini Projects awards, yearbooks, and appointment books. The collection documents Kent's career with the Sousa Band through photographs and correspondence, as well as the tra...
  16. Rosalie F. Gehant Scrapbook (Digital Surrogate), 1912-1916

    Digital surrogate from the Rosalie F. Gehant Scrapbook contains digitized I-Books (1912-15), letters, memorabilia (buttons, cigars, fans, pins, purses, tickets), newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards, and programs concerning Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity; concerts; commencement (1916); dances and theater plays; Dixon, IL; The Dope Sheet (1914); fa...
  17. University Posters (Born Digital Records), 2014

    Digital Surrogates from the University Posters include a digitized poster concerning the 2014 Steven Salaita controversy. The poster was created by the associations U of I Faculty for Academic Freedom and Justice and the Campus Faculty Association.
  18. William Yale Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1917-1919

    Digital Surrogates from the William Yale Research Collection contain digitized copies of letters, reports, handwritten and typewritten journal pages, memorandums, handwritten drafts and notes, concerning William Yale's services as Department of State special agent (1917); wartime intelligence reports (1917-19); events of World War I in Near East, the Ottoman Empire and its ...
  19. YMCA - YWCA Student Handbooks (Digital Surrogates), 1884-85, 1888-94, 1897-1905, 1908-1954

    YMCA - YWCA student handbooks or "I Books" published by the Christian Associations for student reference and record use and including lists of YMCA and YWCA officers and committee chairmen; information on YMCA purposes, facilities, services and meetings; advice for students; library rules (1884-91), street directory (1884-92), church directory; photographs of Champaign-Urban...
  20. Map of Africa
    Image | 1887

  21. Map of Africa
    Image | 1887

  22. Tabvula Aphricae I
    Image | 1548

  23. Tabvla Aphricae I
    Image | 1561

  24. Assab ed i suoi dintorni
    Image | 1880

  25. Afrique Française (Feuille I)
    Image | 1899

  26. Africa Antiqua

  27. West Africa I
    Image | 2 pages

  28. 1986 University Honors
    Image | 1986

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  29. 1990 University Honors
    Image | 1990

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  30. 2002 University Honors
    Image | 2002

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.