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  1. Northwestern Sanitary Fair of 1865
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "The Northwestern Sanitary Fair of 1865 (The Building was Erected on Dearborn Park, now Occupied by the Chicago Public Library, with Bryan Hall as an Adjunct)"
  2. Interior of the Wigwam
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Interior of the 'Wigwam' during the Republican Convention of 1860"
  3. Soldiers' Memorial in St. James's Church
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "The Soldiers' Memorial in St. James's Episcopal Church (Uninjured by the Fire and Forming Part of the Reconstructed Edifice, at Cass and Huron Streets)". Note: Cass Street is earlier name for Wabash Avenue.
  4. Crosby's Opera House
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "The Grand Army Reunion of 1868 at Crosby's Opera House Lt.-Gen. Sherman Delivering Address of Welcome (This Building then Ranked as "the Most Imposing Art Temple of the Country")"
  5. Corner, manufacturing room
    Image | 1922

  6. Section of polishing room
    Image | 1922

  7. Corner, watch repair room
    Image | 1922

  8. Section, engraving room
    Image | 1922

  9. Chicago City Council Chambers
    Image | 1908

  10. Scene after William McPadden's assassination
    Image | 1928

    Caption: "Not passed out, but passed n. William "Gunner" McPadden, an ally of Danny Stanton, was killed in the famous Granada Café on the eve of the New Year, 1929, by George Maloney, killer de luxe for Michael "Bubs" Quinlan, bourbon baron." The Granada Cafe was located at 68th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue.
  11. Retail display
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Where space is valuable--a stairway display in a Chicago retail store"
  12. Post Office pneumatic tube system
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "End of the big pneumatic tube system in the basement of the Chicago Post Office." From text: "The underground pneumatic tube system is the largest of the kind in the world. There are three double-tube trunk lines, aggregating over eighteen miles of eight-inch cast iron pipe. Of these lines the stockyards branch is the longest, the station being six and one-half ...
  13. Post office overhead carrier system
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Overhead carrier system in the post-office, similar to cash carriers used in stores."
  14. Mail at Union Station
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "The fast mail at Union Station". From text: "Chicago to-day is the greatest mail center on the continent. Seven hundred tons of this concentrated commerce flow through her gates every twenty-four hours. From every point of the compass, it comes to this great hopper to be ground out, separated, and sent to its destination. Why is this? It is because Chicago is t...
  15. A good job by fire bug
    Image | 1916

    Caption: "A good job by one of the fire bugs. Incendiary fires are supposed to have totaled one-half Chicago's annual loss. The trust heads are now in Joliet and insurance rates are down again."
  16. Main banking room
    Image | 1902

    From text: "Beyond the rooms of the savings bank … the visitor steps into the great spacious bank-room. It is a delight to the eye of even the veriest tyro in things artistic. Standing there in that magnificent doorway and viewing the splendid spectacle gleaming in the flood of light, which pours through the glass-paneled ceiling, the observer finds it difficult to realize...
  17. Bank vaults on main floor
    Image | 1902

    From text: "At the rear of the banking floor are ten immense vaults in which the money, valuables, and books of the bank are placed at the close of each day's business. If ever anything built by human hands was made impregnable to assault from without, this business vault of the Chicago National Bank certainly was. It stands three stories in height and is clear of the wall...
  18. Equitable Trust Company's offices
    Image | 1902

    Caption: "Entrance to Equitable Trust Company's Offices." From text: "Bronze elevators, operated by electricity and moving in a shaft inclosed in beautifully designed bronze scrollwork, noiselessly carry the visitor to the upper floors in the front portion of the building. Here are the offices of the Equitable Trust Company, a corporation which acts as executor of estates ...
  19. Women's room in safe deposit vaults
    Image | 1902

    From text: "At the left is a reception room for women, furnished quite in the style of a similar apartment in a luxurious residence. A uniformed maid is in attendance, the huge mahogany table in the center of a splendid rug contains a score of late magazines, and the chairs invite the visitor to rest and read. At one side of the room is an open fireplace topped with a marb...
  20. Entrance to vault
    Image | 1902

    From text: "The portal of this treasure house is guarded by a double set of eight-ton doors similar to those in position in the business vaults of the bank on the floor above. A sentinel stands always at either door, although during business hours the eight-ton door is of course swung open and a heavy bronze and steel-grated door bars the entrance on the inner side of the v...
  21. Safe deposit vaults
    Image | 1902

    From text: "Between these sets of apartments is the great treasure room of the safe deposit vaults--the immense room which is lined with 6,000 private safe deposit boxes of various sizes. The floor of this apartment is made of chrome-steel plates, three one-inch plates being riveted together, making a drill-proof and bomb-proof floor. The ceiling and side walls are constru...
  22. Physiography laboratory
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Physiography Laboratory--Marshall High School. By courtesy of the Board of Education."
  23. Cooking class
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Class in cooking--Normal Practice School. By courtesy of the Board of Education".
  24. Dismissal at noon
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Dismissal at noon--Jirka School. By courtesy of the Board of Education" Jirka Public Day-School for the Deaf was located on 17th between Loomis and Laflin Sts. (Source: The Volta review, Volume 15, Issue 2.)
  25. Ruins of Chicago Postoffice
    Image | 1871

    Caption: "Ruins of the interior of the Chicago Postoffice after the Great Fire of 1871. By permission of Chicago Historical Society."
  26. Henry Field Room
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Henry Field Room, Art Institute: Containing paintings of the Barbizon School"
  27. Dome and Grand Stairway
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Dome and grand stairway of Art Institute, completed in 1912. Courtesy of Art Institute of Chicago". From text: "There are now in 1911, fifty public exhibition galleries, of which twenty-seven are skylighted, and plans are being made to extend the building eastward by bridging the Illinois Central railroad tracks with skylighted galleries and building new museum h...
  28. Hooley's Theatre
    Image | 1893

    height to 'gridiron,' 62 feet. The theatre is also supplied with the latest patent smoke and fire escape and ventilator. The auditorium is furnished with 'Hooley's Opera Chair,' and lighted throughout by the latest incandescent electric system."
  29. Business office in Tacoma Building
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] Business Office, New York Mutual Life Insurance Co., Tacoma Bldg [Charles H. Ferguson, Agent.]". From text: ""Elsewhere is presented in this volume an engraving of the interior of the counting room of Charles H. Ferguson, general agent of the New York Mutual Life Insurance Company for the State of Illinois. The offices...
  30. Keeley Institute business office
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] The Keeley Institute--Interior of Business Office. [See "Keeley Institute."]". From text: "The Laboratory building contains ... [o]ffices for the clerical purposes necessary for so large a business, also for the use of the lady stenographers of which they have to employ at present fifteen, besides book-keepers, clerks,...