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  1. Digital Surrogates of Accession Books

    Digital suggrogate of the October 1876-June 1903 Accession Book, listing ALA member names, addresses, and place of employment.
  2. Dziennik narodowy (Chicago, Ill.)

    Nearly forgotten today, Dziennik Narodowy ("National Daily News") was considered one of the most important newspapers of the Polish community in Chicago. Established on December 4, 1898, by members of the Polish Nationalist Party, Dziennik Narodowy remained crucial to the political education of Polish Americans until its demise in September 1923. After one year with the pape...
  3. ATO Fraternity Website (Born Digital Records), 2010-2012

    Born digital Records from the ATO Fraternity Website contain electronic data files of captured annually by the University Archives. Contents include administrative forms, brochures, photographs, reports, rosters, indexes, and web captures, relating to fraternity news; history; National Board of Directors, staff and chapter rosters; chapters flags and symbols; program...
  4. Born-digital records from the Virtual Membership Meetings File, 2012

    Born-digital records from the Virtual Membership Meetings File contain online survey screenshots and a URL link relating to the June 6th 2012 virtual meeting, as well as Molly Raphael's report as ALA president during 2011- 2012. Access copy available upon request.
  5. Born Digital Records from the 2012 ALA Virtual Members Meeting Files

    Born Digital Records from the 2012 ALA Virtual Members Meeting Files contain web page screenshots, survey charts, reports, and presentation slides, related to 2012 ALA (American Library Association) Virtual Members Meeting (June 6), a survey taken abut that meeting, and activities of Molly Raphael during her year as ALA President (2011 - 2012). These materials were used at t...
  6. Center for Advanced Computation

    The Center for Advanced Computation was conceived to facilitate full utilization and exploitation of the potentials of the ILLIAC IV computer by acting as a liaison facility between computer technologists and experts in the physical, life, and social sciences. The Center was abolished as an independent administrative unit on June 30, 1978. See the University of Illinois Arch...
  7. Born Digital Records from the AALL's Computing Services Special Interest Section Records and Publications,1996, 2000-

    Born Digital Records from the AALL's Computing Services Special Interest Section (CS-SIS) Records and Publications contain copies of newsletters and annual reports concerning electronic publishing of legal documentation, use of internet and other technologic resources for library services, and awards nominations and recipients as well as the work of the CS-SIS in leading the...
  8. Jornal do Brasil: Suplemento Dominical

    Content extracted from optical media (10 DVD-Roms) representing the Jornal do Brasil. Electronic Reproduction. June 3, 1956-Dec 30, 1961. [Rio de Janeiro] : Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação do Jornal do Brasil, 2007. 10 DVD discs
  9. Jay Gilmore Sims Papers, 1913-1957

    Programs, a published tribute to John Philip Sousa, Sousa Band route sheets, and articles documenting both Jay Sims' career as a cornetist with the Sousa Band's performances at Willow Grove, PA in 1919 and Sousa Band performances. Of particular interest are the Sousa Band route sheets that provide information regarding the dates and locations of the band's performances from...
  10. Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection

    The Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection contains historic Illinois newspapers from across the state, including The Urbana Daily Courier, Sangamo Journal, and the University of Illinois collegiate newspaper The Daily Illini. These papers range in date from 1831 to 1975, providing a sense of local life and culture in the Midwest across two centuries. Since June 2009, the ...
  11. Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI)

    The Illinois Fire Service Institute is the state fire academy, located at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since 1980. IFSI grew out of the university's Firemanship Training Program (1954-1980) and the Illinois Fire College (1925-present), the oldest annual fire college in the nation hosted on campus each June. The mission of the Illinois Fire Service Institute...
  12. Telegraf (Chicago, Ill.)

    The Chicago Polish-language weekly the _Telegraf _began on June 1, 1892, as a personal organ of its editor Henryk Nagiel, who only stayed with the paper through October 1892. He was succeeded by J. Rybakowski, who assumed the position of editor and remained with the _Telegraf _until 1894. With his departure, the paper ceased publishing for two years. M.J. Szameit took over a...
  13. President Edmund J. James Subject Files (Digital Surrogates), 1975

    Digital Surrogates from the President Edmund J. James Subject Files, includes the digitized report "Report of Special Senate Committee" presented to the University Senate on June 9th 1975, concerning President James' proposal of creating a constitution for the University of Illinois. The original report can be found in this series (RS 2/5/5), at Box 8.
  14. Working Group for the History of Mobility in Russia and the Soviet Union

    The Working Group on the History of Mobility in Russia and the Soviet Union, established in June 2009, seeks to foster interdisciplinary discussion of human movement across Russian, Soviet, and now Post-Soviet space.
  15. Barracks Buildings - Company A
    Image | 1899

  16. Company B Barracks - Moving from Hospital to Barrack
    Image | 1899

    horses and wagon, beds and bedding, trunks, and group of men waiting to move into new barrack
  17. Soldiers Home Hospital
    Image | 1899

  18. Arbor Day
    Image | 1899

    tree planting event
  19. Soldiers Home
    Image | 1899

    building on left appears to have rail line entrance
  20. Laundry Building
    Image | 1899

  21. Laundry Building - interior
    Image | 1899

    equipment for ironing sheets
  22. Laundry Building - interior
    Image | 1899

  23. Power House - interior
    Image | 1899

    boilers for steam generation
  24. Green Nurses
    Image | 1901

    Green may have been the name of the nurse on left
  25. Staff Residence - porch
    Image | 1900

    four women and one child on porch of residence
  26. Hospital
    Image | 1900

  27. Barracks Buildings - Company L and Company O
    Image | 1900

    photo taken from high location, possibly the Mess Hall clock tower, looking north at these barracks
  28. Surgeon's Residence
    Image | 1900

    boy with high-wheeled tricycle on front sidewalk