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  1. Introduction to County Board Government shoot

    2000-055 frame 29: Oneida van Dyke poses as a county board member talking with Champaign County judge Heidi Ladd. At Champaign County Courthouse in courtroom A. Restrictions: cannot be used for fundraising purposes! See letter in file envelope for explanation. For Introduction to County Board Government booklet. Photo by L. Brian Stauffer, Model release on file. Original sca...
  2. Pour la justice et le droit

    The silhouettes of soldiers advance in front of an outline of France.
  3. Thomas Hoyne
    Image | 1910

    From text: "Other notables of the "Old Guard"" who arrived in the thirties, and were for the most part in hale and hearty middle life, were … Thomas Hoyne, …." Thomas Hoyne (1817-1883) was a justice of the peace and mayor of Chicago (1876). (Source: Encyclopedia of Chicago.) Image is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  4. Archibald Clybourne
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Clybourne, types of the pioneer By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Archibald Clybourne (1802-1872), was a butcher and justice of the peace. (Source: Encyclopedia of Chicago.) Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  5. William Brereton as George Barnwell in "George Barnwell"
    Image | 1776

    mask, hat, and dagger on ground. With text: "Let Heaven from its high throne, in Justice or in Mercy now look down on that dear Murthered Saint & me the Murtherer." Act III
  6. William Simmonds Chatterley as Justice Woodcock in "Love in a Village"
    Image | 1817

    Whole-length. Standing next to chair, leaning on cane. Legs wrapped for gout.
  7. Elizabeth Pope, when Miss Younge, as Merope in "Merope"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length portrait. With text: "And I will kneel a wretch and thank your justice."
  8. Edward Shuter as Justice Woodcock in "Love in a Village"
    Image | 1769

    Whole-length portrait, wearing blue coat, waistcoat, breeches. Colored print.
  9. Edward Shuter as Justice Woodcock, John Beard as Hawthorn and John Dunstall as Hodge in "Love in a Village"

    Scene from the play with the three men in a room with chair, painting on the wall, and dog on the floor.
  10. Scalia_Antonin.jpg
    Image | 2012

    Antonin Scalia - U.S. Supreme Court Justice
  11. Stevens_John Paul .jpg
    Image | 2006

    John Paul Stevens - Supreme Court Justice
  12. Lawyers helping people
    Image | 2003

    Preamble and mission statement of Alabama Civil Justice Foundation.
  13. Transcript of a conversation with Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart regarding his retirement and the Supreme Court
    Multi-Page Item | 12 pages | 1981

    Held in the James B. Reston Papers in the University of Illinois Archives
  14. Deep in Canadian Woods
    Image | 1887

    Supplement given away with the Weekly Freeman
  15. Twin portraits of Jane Lessingham and an unidentified man
    Image | 1777

    Portraits, busts, titled "Mrs. L__m" and "The Amorous Justice."
  16. New Orleans Public Library

    Arched centerpiece divided into 5 scenes from New Orleans history and repeats Louisiana seal found in upper left corner of plate. The seal: pelican in her piety and motto: Union Justice Confidence. On left margin a ribbon with text and a roundel inset portrait of Bienville. Below are books (titles on spine illegible).
  17. Inns of Court Bar Library.
    Image | 1901

    Bottom: sable (black) charged with a griffin rampant, wings elevated, or, for Gray's Inn.
  18. Law, Edmund C.

    Within a buckled garter, a cock gules, charged on the breast with a mitre or. Motto: Compositum jus fasque animi.
  19. New York County Lawyers' Association. Library

    Statue of blind justice with scales and sword in doorway framed by bookshelves.
  20. Department of Justice

    Gilt embossed black band.
  21. Department of Justice

    Light blue ink on beige colored paper.
  22. Illinois State Library

    Library rules. Black ink on golden beige paper with a thin rippled black border.
  23. New York State Library.

    supported by female figures of Liberty and Justice.
  24. New York State Library.

    supported by female figures of Liberty and Justice.
  25. New York State Library.

    supported by female figures of Liberty and Justice.