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  1. Digital Surrogates from Regents' Letterbooks

    Digital Surrogaates from Regents' Letterbooks, 1879-1894, contains correspondence from Regents John M. Gregory (1879-80), Selim H. Peabody (1880-91) and Thomas J. Burrill (1892-94) to trustees, students, parents, vendors, federal and state officials, applicants for positions and the public concerning staff appointments, student grades, speaking engagements, student governmen...
  2. Chester P. Siess Papers, 1933-2004

    Papers of Chester Paul Siess (1916-2004), M.S. 1939, Ph.D. 1948, including the American Concrete Institute Committee 318 files on the ACI Building Code Requirements for reinforced concrete, meeting minutes, membership lists, and subjects such as materials and testing, shear and bond, flexure, and columns. Dr. Siess served as a committee member from 1953-1997. Additions inclu...
  3. Chicago eagle (Chicago, Ill.)

    The Chicago Eagle was a primarily weekly newspaper published by Henry F. Donovan (and subsequently his son John M. Donovan) from 1889 to the mid-1940's. Donovan professed his title to be independent but it is seen to be a Democratic party publication devoted to municipal politics. Typical content included Donovan's fight against graft and corruption in local and state govern...
  4. Alfred W. Hubbard Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1950-1973

    Digital surrogates from the Alfred W. Hubbard Papers, contain digitized records of correspondence; biographical information; academic articles and speeches; handwritten notes; class syllabus; dissertations and theses title pages; congresses and professional societies bulletins and newsletters; administrative and research reports; memorandums and department requisitioning fo...
  5. David M. Nolan Photographs and Personal Papers, 1978-2015

    Consists of photographic prints, negatives, and press clippings documenting the work of photographer David M. Nolan of Danville, Illinois. Photographic subjects include blues performances in Champaign, Illinois, daily life in Danville and Vermilion County, Illinois, nature, still life, and human models.
  6. Born Digital records from the AALL's Micrographics and Audiovisual Special Interest Section Publications, 2000-

    Born Digital records from the AALL's Micrographics and Audiovisual Special Interest Section (M/AV-SIS) Publications contains newsletters, annual reports and website screenshots, concerning the M/AV-SIS bylaws, history, as well as its activities in promoting the effective use of micrographic and audio-visual materials and technology in law libraries.
  7. John M. Gregory Papers (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital surrogates from the John M. Gregory Papers include a 1874 digitized letter, concerning correspondence between Gregory and Louise Allen.
  8. Karl Humble Sound Recording Collection, 1910-1952

    The collection consists of one hundred and ninety-eight commercially produced ten- and twelve-inch 78 rpm sound recordings that document performances by significant American and British military and civilian bands between 1910 and 1952. In addition the recordings document a broad range of recording practices and publishing conventions during the infancy of the early years of...
  9. ISGS Illinois Historical Landstat Photograph Collection

    The ISGS’ Landsat photographic print archive is unique in a few important aspects. The 27 prints, which have acquisition dates between 1975-1979, date back to the two earliest Landsat satellite missions. Despite the comparably coarse ground spatial resolution, they portray the ground surface of Illinois as it appeared prior to widespread adoption of conservation tillage/no t...
  10. James F. Keene Personal Papers, 1923-2008

    The James F. Keene Personal Papers consist of seven cubic feet of personal papers, photographs, administrative records, audio recordings, and lecture notes documenting Keene's career as the director of the University of Illinois Bands, 1985-2008, as well as his time spent at the University of Michigan, East Texas State University (now Texas A&M University), and the Universit...
  11. Natalia M. Belting Sound Recording Collection, 1902-1911

    Consists of fifty-two 2- and 4-minute Edison cylinders commercially produced recordings from the Edison Standard, Edison Gold Moulded, and Edison Amberol labels recorded ca. 1902 to 1911, and an Edison Standard Phonograph cylinder player, ca. 1905. Four general categories of recordings are represented: 1) Vaudevilles/Comic songs, 2) Orchestral music (to include solo vocal ...
  12. Gizz Kids/Ms Kids Wheel Chair Basketball Teams File (Digital Surrogates), 1948-1986

    Digital Surrogates from the Gizz Kids/Ms Kids Wheel Chair Basketball Teams File, 1948-1986, contain correspondence; newspaper clippings; press releases; events schedules, programs and itineraries; biographies and rosters, concerning the Gizz Kids/Ms Kids Wheel Chair Basketball Teams history, activities, development, achievements, wheel chair sports rules, and accessibility i...
  13. Guy M. Duker Papers, ca. 1938-1995

    Consists of one partial University of Illinois band uniform, manuscript and published music arranged by Mr. Duker, concert programs, correspondence, and photographs.
  14. Harold M. Westergaard Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1930

    Digital Surrogates from the Harold M. Westergaard Papers, contain a digitized copy of the academic paper "One hundred fifty years in advance in structural analysis" by Harold M. Westergaard. This paper was included in a 1930 publication of the American Association of Civil Engineers.
  15. Illinois Classical Studies

    Illinois Classical Studies was founded in 1976 by Miroslav Marcovich, Head of the Department of the Classics (1973-77) at the University of Illinois. Professor Marcovich served as editor from 1976-82 and 1988-92. Professors J. K. Newman (1983-87), David Sansone (1992-2000), Gerald M. Browne (2001-2003), and Danuta Shanzer (2004-2011) were subsequent editors of the journal. A...
  16. W. Elmer Ekblaw Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1914

    Digital Surrogates from the W. Elmer Ekblaw Papers, contain a digitized letter from W. Elmer Ekblaw to Miss Eva M. Shepard of Chicago concerning Ekblaw's severe frostbit of his foot during his service with the Crocker Land Expedition, detailing his injury, his recovery and reading habits during recovery, his enjoyment of letter writing, his interactions with the Inuit, his h...
  17. Africa
    Image | 1886

  18. Africa
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  19. Afrique
    Image | 1812

  20. Aegyptus
    Image | 1812

  21. Afrique Ancienne
    Image | 1812

  22. Afrique septentrionale
    Image | 1812

  23. Barbarie
    Image | 1812