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  1. Justin Palmer Papers (Born Digital Records)

    Born Digital Records from the Justin Palmer Papers, Architecture graduate student, includes 3D models of campus buildings in short video clips created for the Mapping History at the University of Illinois sesquicentennial project (see RS 35/2/59 for more information).
  2. Sousa Archives Music Instrument Digital Image and 3D Model Collection

    The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music (SACAM) acquires and preserves significant archival records and historical artifacts in multiple formats that document America's diverse music heritage. The Center’s collection of historical music instruments, dating between 1810-1972, include rare cornets and trumpets, early boxwood clarinets and flutes, unique double-reed sa...
  3. Teaching with Digital Content (Cultural Heritage Community)

    Using digitized primary source materials involves fundamental shifts in the service and teaching methods of curators, librarians, and teachers, regardless of their audiences. This project seeks to develop a successful model program to integrate digital primary source materials into K-12 curriculum and assignments, as well as into the educational programs of museums and libra...
  4. The Day Book

    The Day Book was conceived by newspaper mogul Edward Willis Scripps as an experiment in advertisement-free newspaper publishing. This Chicago publication was published for a "working-class readership" Mondays through Saturdays from September 28th, 1911 to July 6th, 1917. Scripps envisioned that this digest-sized publication would report on issues of concern for the vast majo...
  5. University of Illinois Built Environment

    In the beginning, the inspiration and actualization of the land-grant Industrial University, what was to become the University of Illinois, required thoughtful planning and a commitment to its built environment. The design and planning decisions made early on would influence all current and future development on the campus of the University of Illinois and its influence on t...
  6. University of Illinois Material (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital Surrogates from the University of Illinois Material includes digitized images, concerning digitized "UI Viewbooks" for years 1893, 1904 and 1909, displaying campus scenes, university athletics, university band, and campus buildings. Digitized images also iclude a copy of the booklet "Popular Illinois Men", published by Joseph Kuhn & Co. in Spring 1912, including pho...
  7. Bric-a-brac (Mold-cast ceramic figurine of the Lincoln Home)

    Highly detailed mold-cast ceramic figurine of the Lincoln Home. Home is set in a very abbreviated back yard, surrounded by brown picket fence and white board fence. Brick sidewalk in front, boardwalk on side. Two small trees surrounded by support cages balance the front. L 13.3 W 11 H 8.5 cm.
  8. Demonstrating home air leaks
    Image | 2008

    Ted Funk demonstrates to Extension Educator Stanley G "Jay" Solomon Jr from Peoria how he uses smoke inside a clear acrylic model of a house to show indoor air flows.
  9. ABE Magazine Cover
    Image | 2014

    Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering magazine cover for 2014 showing new faculty. Left to right; Rabin Bhattarai, Morgan Hayes, Paul Davidson
  10. 2010 University Honors
    Image | 2010

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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  23. Michigan Avenue, showing Auditorium
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Michigan Avenue, showing the Auditorium[.] Michigan Avenue lies along the lake front and is a favorite driveway. No obstructing buildings lie between it and the lake and the cool breezes make it a most inviting thoroughfare on a warm day. The Auditorium Building, one of the largest in the whole country, covering an area of sixty-two thousand feet, is located be...
  24. Illinois Trust and Savings Bank
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "The Illinois Trust and Savings Bank at the corner of Jackson Boulevard and La Salle Street is one of the oldest and most stable institutions in the city. The architecture of the building is particularly attractive, although the surrounding skyscrapers dwarf its really fine proportions. It is said to be an exact model of the Bank of England."
  25. Chicago Tribune building
    Image | 1869

    From text: "The new Tribune building [i]s, in every respect, a model of beauty, convenience and comfort, and an ornament to the city. It is located on the corner of Madison and Dearborn streets. It fronts 72 feet on Dearborn, by 121 feet on Madison street, and covers an area of 8,712 square feet. The building is constructed entirely of fire proof materials. It is four st...
  26. Tremont House
    Image | 1869

    From text: "The visitor to Chicago can not fail to be attracted by the splendid and massive structure of the Tremont House, which is centrally located on the corner of Dearborn and Lake streets. This hotel is widely known as one of the most spacious and agreeable in the West. The internal arrangements admirably harmonize with the inviting aspect of the exterior. The Tremo...
  27. St. Joseph's Hospital
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] St. Joseph's Hospital, Garfield Ave. and Burling St. [See "Hospitals."]". From text: "The hospital is fitted with all the latest improvements for ventilation, heating, etc., and has accommodations for three hundred patients in wards and private rooms. Of the latter there are fifty, tastefully decorated, supplied with ...
  28. Blackstone branch interior
    Image | 1911

    From text: "This beautiful structure is worthy of particular mention, not only because it is one of the finest and costliest library buildings of its size in the world, but also because it marks the beginning of the branch library system in Chicago. The location is a triangular lot at the intersection of Lake and Washington avenues and Forty-ninth street. .. It is construct...
  29. 2000 Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Management Handbook shoot

    2000-066 frame 15: Master Gardener, Sandy VandeWyngaerde and her husband weed their lawn and rake up crab apples in the front yard of their home. For the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Management Handbook. Fall 2000. Photo by David Riecks, Model release on file. Original scan at 9.6 x 9.8 at 600ppi. This version same size at 72ppi. CB drumscan. 00066cda.tif.
  30. 2000 Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Management Handbook shoot

    2000-067 frame 18: Master Gardener, Ann Tice, checks out her raspberries in a vegetable garden outside her home. For the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Management Handbook. Fall 2000. Photo by David Riecks, Model release on file. Original scan at 7.5 x 8.7 at 500ppi. This version same size at 72ppi. CB Drumscan. 00067ada.tif. City: Champaign, ST: Illinois, MR=Y, RES: 72ppi, TYP...