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  1. Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records from the AALL Archives Exhibits, 1987-2010

    Digital surrogates and born digital records from the AALL Archives Exhibits include handouts and caption cards related to narratives of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Archives' exhibits presented at the Association's annual meeting. Materials cover topical areas such as AALL history, educational activities, AALL achievements, biographical information about ...
  2. Dziennik narodowy (Chicago, Ill.)

    Nearly forgotten today, Dziennik Narodowy ("National Daily News") was considered one of the most important newspapers of the Polish community in Chicago. Established on December 4, 1898, by members of the Polish Nationalist Party, Dziennik Narodowy remained crucial to the political education of Polish Americans until its demise in September 1923. After one year with the pape...
  3. Being Black at Illinois Records (Born Digital Audiovisuals), 2014-2015

    Born Digital Audiovisuals from the Being Black at Illinois Records contain photographs and video recordings, relating to student organizations and social action groups meant to raise awareness of racial and political issues at the University. Including material from #BlackLivesMatter Ferguson march, die-in, and #BeingBlackatIllinois campus protest.
  4. Born digital Records from the Judith Krug Papers, 1996-2008

    Born digital records from the Judith F. Krug Papers, contain correspondence, interview transcriptions, articles and drafts, notes, public statements, memorandums, guidelines, posters, and press releases, relating to political and legislative decisions affecting free access to public information, as well as users' and ALA members' confidentiality in US Libraries. Topical area...
  5. Born-digital records from the Progressive Librarians Guild Subject Files, 2007-2012

    Born-digital records from the Progressive Librarians Guild Subject Files contain the Progressive Librarian Guild discussion list (PLGnet), as well as the Progressive Librarians Guild Editors discussion list (PLG-editors) and Progressive Librarians Guild Coordinating Committe discussion list (PLG-cc), hosted by San Jose State University, from August 2007 - November 2012. Disc...
  6. Born Digital Files from the Kathleen de la Pena McCook Papers, 1996-2008

    Born digital Records from the Kathleen de la Pena McCook Papers, contain website descriptions, website links, briefs, courses assignments and syllabuses, correspondence, drafts of articles and books, rosters, biographical notes, proposal applications, grant descriptions, presentation papers and speeches, reports, events descriptions, survey forms and bibliographies, relating...
  7. Collins Collection of Irish Political Cartoons

    This is an online collection of political cartoons from the University of Illinois Library Collins collection of books, pamphlets, newspapers, maps and cartoons; it was purchased by the Library in 1917. The collection consists of cartoons drawn primarily from the Weekly Freeman and National Press and United Ireland newspapers. The cartoons address the subject of Irish politi...
  8. Conde de Montemar collection

    Late colonial correspondence from Lima, Peru – Family letters of a noble family both personal and political in nature. Antonio Sotomayor is seeking funding for a grant to describe, digitize, build a custom portal and database for this collection of 300 individual letters in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library.
  9. James B. Reston Papers (Digital Surrogates), ca.1943-1989

    Digital surrogates from the James B. Reston Papers, contain digitized personal notes, drafts, conference papers, speeches, diary pages, personal and institutional correspondence, interview transcripts, articles, memoirs, newspaper clippings and maps, relating to Reston's journalism career. Digitized material concerns U.S. and international political episodes, social movement...
  10. Literary Gulag - Diana E. Sheets

    Diana E. Sheets is a Research Scholar in the Departments of English and History at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has a Ph.D. in Modern European History from Columbia University with honors in her minor field, Literature and Politics, which she studied with Edward Said. Later, she worked in corporate sales in metro New York before relocating to the Midwe...
  11. Mapping History at the University of Illinois Collection

    The Mapping History at the University of Illinois (MH@UI) collection contains maps, drawings, blueprints, and images of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and Champaign County dating from the 1850s to the present. Maps relate to way-finding, campus and community planning, city zoning, political districting, transportation, humor and cartooning, student housing, re...
  12. Gallatin Democrat

    The University Library's digital holding of the Gallatin Democrat reflects a civic and morally-minded newspaper serving the community of Old Shawneetown, Illinois, a town located on the Illinois-Kentucky border. Voter information is prominently featured throughout the issue including political endorsements, candidacy announcements, political gatherings, and current electoral...
  13. George W. Lienesch Collection

    George W. Lienesch Collection broadsides and printed ephemera contains political material from 1860 to 1893 collected by George W. Lienesch (1866-1922) of St. Clair County, Illinois. The items include advertising cards, ballot tickets from the elections in 1880 and 1884, newspaper clippings, and postcards from the World Columbian Exposition.
  14. Telegraf (Chicago, Ill.)

    The Chicago Polish-language weekly the _Telegraf _began on June 1, 1892, as a personal organ of its editor Henryk Nagiel, who only stayed with the paper through October 1892. He was succeeded by J. Rybakowski, who assumed the position of editor and remained with the _Telegraf _until 1894. With his departure, the paper ceased publishing for two years. M.J. Szameit took over a...
  15. The Advertiser

    The Advertiser was a local newspaper published in Collinsville, Illinois, every Saturday. This weekly publication served residents in the immediate Collinsville area, just east of St. Louis and the Missouri-Illinois border. The Advertiser features advertisements, local announcements, news, short stories, advice columns and reports from various advisory boards and public serv...
  16. Vorbote (Chicago, Ill.)

    In 1874, the Workingmen's Party of Illinois joined the national effort to increase the visibility and awareness of immigrant laborers and began publishing Vorbote, a German-language weekly based in Chicago. The title, Vorbote, German for "harbinger," did just that by focusing on the political interests of the working class. Carl Klings served as editor for the Vorbote throug...
  17. Africa
    Image | 1871

  18. Africa
    Image | 1872

  19. Africa
    Image | 1875

  20. Africa
    Image | 1875

  21. Africa
    Image | 1882

  22. Africa
    Image | 1882

  23. Africa
    Image | 1882

  24. Africa
    Image | 1885

  25. Africa
    Image | 1885

  26. Tunison's Africa
    Image | 1885

  27. Map of Africa
    Image | 1886

  28. Afrique
    Image | 1893

  29. Africa
    Image | 1894

  30. Africa.
    Image | 1895

  31. Africa (Politica)
    Image | 1897

  32. Africa

  33. Africa
    Image | 1841