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  1. Great Lakes Bulletin

    The Great Lakes Bulletin is a daily newspaper written by and for naval officers. This collection provides a record of official communication between naval officers at the United State Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Illinois. Each issue featured official orders from the navy Commandant, events on base and news of ongoing military campaigns. The newspaper also featured...
  2. LGBT at UIUC

    "The Gay Illini organization was formed in 1975 and Illini Pride was founded in 1977, both growing out of the work of the Gay Liberation Front. Gay Illini was announced in the Daily Illini on January 29, 1975. By April 1975, the group was holding Gay Forums, offering panels discussing topics related to gay students and queer life. The group also hosted a number of social eve...
  3. Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design

    The Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design is a valuable source of documentation on the history of theatre and is housed in The Rare Book and Manuscript Library. It is a rare collection of original materials on the theatre comprising over 5000 items from more than 150 productions in England and the United States. These materials include costume and set designs, sket...
  4. Libertyville, Lake Co., Ill., August 1907
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages | 1907

    Also shows factories, commercial occupancy of buildings, property boundaries and house and block numbers.
  5. 2009 University Honors
    Image | 2009

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  6. On les aura!

    French soldier runs forward with his arm raised, looking back over his shoulder.
  7. Déclaration des Députés d'Alsace-Lorraine

    A woman is chained to the wall. Above her shoulder is a poster with the headline "Deutsches Reich."
  8. Afrika, Nordöstliches
    Image | 1863

  9. Rev. William W. Everts
    Image | 1910

    and though he was absent when the secession crisis came to a head, it is said that the influence of the people of his old congregation was most effective in holding Kentucky to the side of the Union. Dr. Everts was probably the most forceful preacher in the history of the city's pulpit."
  10. C. D. Peacock
    Image | 1922

    From text: "Elijah Peacock came here in 1837 and engaged in his trade of Jeweler and Watch Repairer, a calling that had already descended through three generations, following the English custom, and which his son, Charles (C. D.), who was born in 1838, and who has been one of our leading men in that line, tells me will be continued indefinitely, as the mantel is slipping fro...
  11. Bank vaults on main floor
    Image | 1902

    From text: "At the rear of the banking floor are ten immense vaults in which the money, valuables, and books of the bank are placed at the close of each day's business. If ever anything built by human hands was made impregnable to assault from without, this business vault of the Chicago National Bank certainly was. It stands three stories in height and is clear of the wall...
  12. Stephen A. Douglas
    Image | 1856

    Caption: "Stephen A. Douglas: Photograph taken during his debates with Lincoln in 1856". From text: "In Clark E. Carr's volume entitled 'Stephen A. Douglas,' the author pays this deserved tribute to the memory of Douglas for his services in connection with the University of Chicago in its formative period. 'To the building of a great university in Chicago Senator Douglas d...
  13. Joseph Cummings
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Joseph Cummings: President of Northwestern University from 1881 until his death in 1890". From text: "Before Dr. Joseph Cummings was chosen as president on June 21, 1881, the University had passed through five years of severe financial retrenchment and painful anxieties. ... The financial aspect of the affairs of the University began greatly to improve about this ...
  14. Receiving the Keeley treatment
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] The Keeley Institute--Taking the Hypodermic Treatment. [See "Keeley Institute."]". From text: "An illustration of the method pursued is given in this work. This shows Dr. Keeley in the foreground, noting the condition of patients as they pass from the hands of the operating physicians. The four daily hypodermic inject...
  15. Weir & Craig Mfg. Co. building
    Image | 1891

    Writing on the side of building, in image: "Machine shop & brass foundry. Plumbers. Steam & gas fitters--Supplies. Weir & Craig Mfg. Company. Iron foundery." From text: "It is only reasonable that in Chicago, which is the center of so many packing houses, there should be a manufactory of packing house machinery, and a firm which makes a speciality of this is the Weir & ...
  16. Portrait of Miss Bellchambers
    Image | 1812

    Half-length. Wearing low neck gown, drape across right shoulder.
  17. William Henry West Betty as Alexander in "Alexander the Great"
    Image | 1812

    Whole-length. Wearing tunic, armor, cape, sword, sandals, and crown of leaves. With text: "I should be glad to learn: instruct me, Sir."
  18. William Henry West Betty as Norval Douglas in "Douglas"
    Image | 1805

    Half-length. Blue tartan cloth across left shoulder. Colored print. With text: "Has he indeed then let you false Glenalvon beware of me."
  19. William Henry West Betty as Norval Douglas in "Douglas"

    Half-length. Tartan cloth across chest from left shoulder.
  20. Portrait of Elizabeth Billington (nee Weichsel)

    hair in tight curls hanging over shoulders.
  21. Portrait of Elizabeth Walker Blanchard (married names Charles, Hamblin)
    Image | 1818

    Half-length. Hair in long curls to shoulders, satin or silk dress with low neck.
  22. Family portrait of Edwin Booth with his wife and daughter

    Three-quarter-length. Group portrait of Edwin Booth seated at right, his wife at left, his daughter standing between with her hands on his shoulders.
  23. Edwin Booth as Pescara in "The Apostate"

    Whole-length. Wearing mantle from left shoulder covering most of body, hat with plume.
  24. Edwin Booth as Pescara in "The Apostate"

    Whole-length. Wearing mantle from left shoulder covering most of body, hat with plume.
  25. Junius Brutus Booth as Brutus

    Bust. Wearing bulky mantle over left shoulder.
  26. Junius Brutus Booth as Brutus
    Image | 1826

    Bust. Wearing bulky mantle over left shoulder. Architectural background.
  27. Portrait of Junius Brutus Booth and Edwin Booth
    Image | 1850

    Half-length. Junius Brutus Booth sits holding an open book, Edwin stands with his right hand on his father's shoulder.