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  1. Born digital video recordings and transcriptions from the A. Arro Smith "Capturing Our Stories" Oral Histories Program Records, 2008-2013

    Born-Digital video recordings and transcriptions from the A. Arro Smith "Capturing Our Stories" Oral Histories Program Records contain digital video recordings, transcripts, and release forms, concerning "Capturing Our Stories", a national oral history program to gather life histories of experienced librarians as they exit their careers. Interviews include Rita Auerbach, San...
  2. Evolving Archives Initiative Oral Histories audio recordings and transcriptions (Born Digital Records), 2012-

    Born Digital Records from the Evolving Archives Initiative Oral Histories audio recordings and transcriptions include oral histories and transcripts from interviews with Anu Murphy, Associate Director of the NetMath program; Jill Gengler, GSLIS Help Desk Manager; Kathryn Luther Henderson, GSLIS faculty; William Henderson, Preservation Librarian; Linda Smith, GSLIS Associate ...
  3. Gary E. Smith Papers, 1926-2007

    Consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, audio and video recordings, awards, and Marching Illini band jacket documenting Gary E. Smith's career at Indiana State University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign between 1972 and 1998, and his involvement with the Smith Walbridge Band Clinic.
  4. Joseph W. Royer Architectural Drawings (Digital Surrogates), 1927-1929

    Digital Surrogates from the Joseph W. Royer Architectural Drawings contain digitized architectural plans relating to blueprints of structural, heating, plumbing, and electrical features of buildings completed by Royer, Danely, and Smith Architects of Urbana, Illinois including: Zeta Tau Alpha Chapter House (Urbana), Chicago Heights (Bloom Township) High School, Illinois Wome...
  5. Peter J. Griffin Papers, 1910-2011

    Consists of Marching Illini Drill Charts, correspondence, audio-visual recordings, photographs, and newspaper clippings documenting Dr. Griffin's time as Assistant Director of Bands (1994-2011) and Director of the Marching Illini (2006-2011) at the University of Illinois. Of particular note is the "Second Band" Presentation that was given in 2006 at the Midwest clinic, the M...
  6. Stanley Smith Papers (Born Digital Records, Digital Surrogates and Audio Visual Digital Surrogates), 1989-2011, 2014

    Born Digital Records, Digital Surrogates and Audio Visual Digital Surrogates from the Stanley Smith Papers, contain presentations, images, web tutorials, audio and video concerning chemistry curriculum and instruction. Digital materials involve topics as web-based instruction, Falconsoft, PLATO, course materials and Chemistry Department equipment and facilities. Streaming a...
  7. William Brooks Papers, 1936-2013

    Consists of correspondence; teaching materials including lectures notes, student records and evaluations, and student dissertations; audio-visual recordings; research notes; and original compositions documenting Brooks' career as a student, composer, performer, musicologist, and educator at the University of Illinois [UIUC] (1969-1973 and 1987-2000), University of California...
  8. Illinois weather station observations (Digital Surrogates), 1862-1948

    Substation meteorological records comprising observations of temperature, amount and type of precipitation, predominant wind direction for volunteer-monitored weather stations throughout Illinois, taken as part of the Cooperative Observer Program from 1887 to 1948. Records for 1862-1874 for Ottawa, IL from the Smithsonian Institution's Register of Meteorological Observations...
  9. Prisoner: Scene XIII
    Image | 1972

  10. Portrait of Charles Dignum
    Image | 1793

  11. Cape of Good Hope
    Image | 1817

  12. Africa
    Image | 1834

  13. Smith-Busey House
    Image | 1943

    Shows the east and north sides of the structure.
  14. Group of revenue assessors
    Image | 1863

    Caption: ""A. C. Hesing, Martin Kimbell, Fred H. Rolschausen, H. W. Scoville, Reuben Taylor, George Dunlap, John Forsyth, W. R. H. Gray, J. C. Brown, George H. Anderson, Chester L. Root, Peter Page, C. R. Field, William James, C. N. Holden, Bernhard H. Bruns, Andrew Nelson, H. N. Heald, Fred Becker,* Albert W. Weber, Henry N. Stevens, Edward Page, Charles G. Smith, C. B. Sam...
  15. Edwin Burritt Smith
    Image | 1907

    From text: "The City was fortunate in its choice of attorneys to represent it in the litigation. Edgar B. Tolman, Corporation Counsel, was a lawyer of marked ability. Associated with him as special traction counsel were Edwin Burritt Smith and John C. Mathis."
  16. White Sox team of 1906
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "The White Sox of 1906, 'The Hitless Wonders,' world's champions. Upper row, left to right, Hart, E. McFarland, Davis, Comiskey, Isbell, Sullivan, White. Middle row: Walsh, Smith, Roth, Hahn, Dundon, Donahue, O'Neill, Tannehill, Rohe. Lower row: Towne, Altrock, Owen, Hallman, Dougherty, Jones, Fiene."
  17. Come On!!!
    Image | 1889

    Supplement given away with the Weekly Freeman
  18. Morrill Hall

    Assumed to be a proposal drawing of Justin Smith Morrill Hall (known as the Entomology Building during construction).
  19. Smith Memorial Hall

  20. Smith Memorial Hall

  21. Smith Memorial Hall

    Pencil Sketch of Front Elevation
  22. Smith Memorial Hall

    Pencil sketch with minimal highlight-Front Elevation
  23. Smith Memorial Hall

    Pencil Sketch of Front Elevation- 3 of 4