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  1. A. Austin Harding Papers, 1895-1958

    The A. Austin Harding Papers consists of music, correspondence, concert programs, administration files, publications, course materials and photographs that document the career of A. Austin Harding, Director of Bands at the University of Illinois from 1906 until 1948. Of particular interest are the manuscript arrangements made by Harding especially for the University of Illin...
  2. Charles Strothkamp Papers, 1896-1983

    Consists of correspondence, contracts, performance route sheets, and photographs documenting Charles Strothkamp's career as a clarinetist in the Sousa Band between 1926 and 1931, as well as his two Selmer clarinets. The papers also include family photographs, military citations and medals, membership cards, school documents, birth and death certificates, and photographs doc...
  3. Della Perrone Photographs, 1945-2011

    Consists of photographs, negatives, and film slides documenting Della Perrone's candid and studio photography with several Champaign-Urbana musicians in the 1980s, such as Adrian Belew, The Bears, The Rave, The Martyrs, Steps, Nick Rudd and Turning Curious, Nix 86, and The Elvis Brothers, as well as national acts including The Ramones, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and U2. Outs...
  4. John Jacob Mountz Personal Papers, 1898-1967

    The personal papers of John Jacob Mountz consist of the contents of seven scrapbooks that document his life as a student, musician, and hornist for the University of Illinois Concert Band (1920-21), the Sousa Band (1923), the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (1933-1942), and other ensembles. The collection dates from before his birth in 1898 until his death in November of 1967 a...
  5. John Philip Sousa Manuscripts - Microfilm Negatives

    Microfilm negatives of original manuscript materials from the John Philip Sousa Music and Personal Papers, corresponding to positive microfilm found in RS 12/9/51, Series 1, Boxes 757-762. Original manuscripts can be found in RS12/9/51, Series 1, Boxes 1-245 & 755.
  6. John Philip Sousa Music and Personal Papers, circa 1880-1932

    Consists of original and published music, arrangements of western European symphonic music for wind band by Sousa and other musicians, microfilm of original music, correspondence, newsclippings, photographs, programs and artifacts documenting the life and career of John Philip Sousa as musician, composer, bandleader, and "March King." Of particular interest are the original ...
  7. John Van Fossen Papers and Memorabilia, 1903-1994

    Concert programs, photographs, postcards, correspondence, a contract, a Sousa Band uniform and Selmer clarinet, and memorbilia documenting John Van Fossen's career as a clarinetist while a member of the John Philip Sousa Band between 1926 and 1931.
  8. Karl Humble Sound Recording Collection, 1910-1952

    The collection consists of one hundred and ninety-eight commercially produced ten- and twelve-inch 78 rpm sound recordings that document performances by significant American and British military and civilian bands between 1910 and 1952. In addition the recordings document a broad range of recording practices and publishing conventions during the infancy of the early years of...
  9. Jack Linker American Bands Sound Recording Collection, ca. 1895-1939

    Consists of two hundred and twenty commercially produced 10- and 12-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, sixteen 7-, 5 1/2-, and 4-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, and one hundred seventy-two historic 2- and 4-minute cylinder recordings documenting performances by the Sousa, Pryor, Herbert, Goldman, Gilmore and RCA Victor bands, among others, made between 1895 and 1923. In addition is...
  10. James Edward Myers Sheet Music Collection, 1836-1986

    Published sheet music documenting American culture through popular music and cover art imagery. The collection is organized in two series: Series 1, General and Country Music, 1862-1986 and Series 2, Military Music, 1836-1975. Early pre-1920 songs contain themes that focus primarily on life on the farm, while many post-1920 titles feature the "gayer" night-life of city dwell...
  11. Jay Gilmore Sims Papers, 1913-1957

    Programs, a published tribute to John Philip Sousa, Sousa Band route sheets, and articles documenting both Jay Sims' career as a cornetist with the Sousa Band's performances at Willow Grove, PA in 1919 and Sousa Band performances. Of particular interest are the Sousa Band route sheets that provide information regarding the dates and locations of the band's performances from...
  12. Jean Cutler Theatrical Films, Audio Recordings and Papers, 1959-1995

    Consists of original 16mm and 8mm films, reel-to-reel audio tape recordings, color slides, photographs, and personal papers pertaining to Jean Cutler's career as a graduate student in the Department of Speech, College of LAS, at the University of Illinois (1958-1962), as well as from his time as Professor of Theater at the University of Oregon (1962-1980) and, later, as a vi...
  13. Musical Americana Collection, ca. 1900-2000

    Contains published sound recordings and transcription discs of a variety of American and European music performed by American wind bands. Of particular interest are early recordings of the John Philip Sousa band. In addition there are commercially produced films, manuscript music, published sheet music, concert programs, newspaper/magazine clippings, photographs, and musical...
  14. Music Instrument Collection

    The large number of music instruments held by the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music is unusual among archives across the United States. These instruments, and the Center's archival collections, document the impact of music technology and manufacturing on the performance practices of American military, civilian, and collegiate bands during the 19th and 20th centuri...
  15. Herbert L. Clarke Manuscripts - Microfilm Negatives

    Microfilm negatives created in 1999, product of the NEH-funded Sousa Archives for Band Research Preservation Project (SABREPP) is to improve access to the UIUC John Philip Sousa and Herbert L. Clarke collections through standard archival arrangement and description practices as well as reformatting the manuscript materials (preservation microfilming) and photographs (creatin...
  16. Herbert L. Clarke Music and Personal Papers, ca. 1880 - 1945

    Consists of Clarke's performance library of original and published music for band and orchestra music, scrapbooks, photographs, musical instruments, personal correspondence, news clippings, awards, and other memorabilia documenting his career as cornetist, a member of the Sousa Band, conductor for the Long Beach Municipal Band, composer and arranger, and music educator. Many...
  17. Luca Del Negro Trumpet, 1905

    F. Besson trumpet (accession 2004.120990.01) given to Luca Del Negro who played tuba for the John Philip Sousa Band, as Grand Prize during the 1905 Exposition universelle et internationale held in Liege, Belgium.
  18. Mary Peterson Zundo Original Sousa Artwork

    Consists of nine water paint/pencil/marker/pen portraits inspired by the music and life of John Philip Sousa.
  19. Fred K. Monroe Photograph, Instrument, and Uniform, 1924-1930

    Sousa Band hat and uniform, and photograph of Fred K. Monroe in the hat and uniform.
  20. Sousa Archives and Center for American Music Administrative Files, 1914-2003

    Consists of correspondence, research notes and papers, exhibit scripts, photographs, news clippings and brochures, NEH grant proposals and project reports, and administrative files documenting the creation and management of the Sousa Archives for Band Research between 1994 and 2003. In addition there are personal papers of Phyllis Danner documenting her tenure as the Univers...
  21. Sousa Archives Music Instrument Digital Image and 3D Model Collection

    The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music (SACAM) acquires and preserves significant archival records and historical artifacts in multiple formats that document America's diverse music heritage. The Center’s collection of historical music instruments, dating between 1810-1972, include rare cornets and trumpets, early boxwood clarinets and flutes, unique double-reed sa...
  22. Philipp P Fehl Papers, 1996-2002

    Consists of two books, one written by Fehl and the other written about Fehl. These books were previously owned by Deloris Holimann and her husband who originally donated them to the University of Illinois Library's Collection Management Services and then were transferred to the University Archives on April 3, 2015 for the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music
  23. Pietro A. Cipollone Music and Personal Papers, 1889-1955

    Consists of original and published music compositions and arrangements for wind band, original and published band books, photographs, programs, news clippings, business records, sound and videotape recordings, and an award documenting Pietro A. Cipollone's career as a composer, music educator, conductor, and director of wind ensembles in both Italy and the United States betw...
  24. Richard E. Kent Music and Personal Papers, 1899-1996

    Consists of original and published music compositions and arrangements, correspondence, concert programs, memoirs, newspaper clippings, Sousa Band Fraternal Society newsletters, photographs, Volunteer Illini Projects awards, yearbooks, and appointment books. The collection documents Kent's career with the Sousa Band through photographs and correspondence, as well as the tra...
  25. Nick Kaufman Collection of American Wind Band and Orchestra Sound Recordings, ca. 1897-1923

    Consists of 7-inch, 8-inch,10-inch, and 12-inch 78 rpm audio recordings of performances by the John Philip Sousa Band, Arthur Pryor Band, Herbert L. Clarke Band, Sir Harry Lauder Band, and the Victor Military Band that were issued between ca. 1897 and 1923. In addition there are recordings of the International Concert Orchestra and the Bohumir Kryl Bohemine Band.
  26. Otto Mesloh Music and Papers, 1871-1913

    Consists of original and published music, photographs, correspondence, dairies, maps, cornet and flute method books, and a flute documenting Mesloh's career as a musician with the John Philip Sousa Band and the Elite Musical Four, music teacher between 1870 and 1913.
  27. Paul E. Bierley Papers, 1864-2002

    Consists of correspondence, subject files, newsclippings, oral histories, account ledgers, programs, audiotape and videotape recordings, digital photographs, dissertations and theses, books, awards, engineering diagrams, cartoon sketch books, photographs, and press books documenting Bierley's career as an aerospace engineer, leading scholar on John Philip Sousa and Henry Fil...
  28. Virginia Root Collection, 1847-1945

    On Tuesday, 22 August 2000 the personal papers and performance collection of Sousa Band vocal soloist Virginia Root were acquired by the Sousa Archives for Band Research from Dr. John and Dr. Joan Dudd of Three Rivers, Michigan. Sousa biographer Paul E. Bierley provided a summary appraisal of the collection, which on accessioning comprised ca. 3 cubic feet. of materials incl...
  29. Walter Mitziga Sound Recording Collection, 1910-1958

    Contains forty-seven RCA and RCA-Victor 78 rpm sound recordings of the John Philip Sousa and the Arthur Pryor Bands recorded between 1910 and 1932; thirty-six original acetate disk recordings of the Edwin Franko Goldman Band recorded between 1940 and ca. 1956; seventy-eight original acetate disk recordings of the New York Symphonic Band, WPA Symphonic Band, World's Fair Band...
  30. William Herb Papers, Sousa Band Uniform and Travel Trunk, 1924-1980

    Consists of black and white photographs and digital images, newsclippings, concert programs, and Herb's band uniform, travel trunk and music stand that document Herb's career as a musician in and involvement with the Sousa Band and Allentown Band. Series 1, Photographs and Digital Images, ca. 1924-1936, is arranged in 4 subseries: Train Wrecks, Band Members and Musicians, So...
  31. Cornet
    Image | 8 pages | 1931

  32. Cornet
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  33. Cornet
    Image | 8 pages + 3D model | 1931

  34. Bugle
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  35. Cornet
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  36. Cornet
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  37. Oboe
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  38. Cornopean
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  39. Flugelhorn
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