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  1. American Popular Entertainment

    The American Popular Entertainment Collection is a project of the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The collection is a repository of digital facsimiles of newspapers and trade journals published for the entertainment industry in the U.S. between 1853 and 1922. Using digital imaging technology, we have converted m...
  2. Farm, Field, and Fireside

    Together with the introduction of rural mail delivery, the telephone, and the automobile, farm newspapers played a key role in the modernization of rural America. The Farm, Field and Fireside collection contains historically significant U.S. farm weeklies published in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These titles document a time of transition in American ag...
  3. Teaching with Digital Content (Cultural Heritage Community)

    Using digitized primary source materials involves fundamental shifts in the service and teaching methods of curators, librarians, and teachers, regardless of their audiences. This project seeks to develop a successful model program to integrate digital primary source materials into K-12 curriculum and assignments, as well as into the educational programs of museums and libra...
  4. 0365-56a.tif

    ag00617: J. Yoder of Arthur, Ill. using auger on John Deere combine to fill wagon pulled by a tractor running alongside. Harvest. Note GPS system being used. For 1998 C-FAR Annual Report. Photo by David Riecks.10 x 6.5 at 300 ppi (this version at 72ppi), 0365-56a.tif. City: Arthur, ST: Illinois, TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Slide, Scan Type: Photo-CD, In/Out: Outside, ...
  5. Libraries are User Friendly
    Image | 1983

    Techno-style font in front of a grid background.
  6. ALA Archives Poster
    Image | 1994

    Pixilated color image of a computer monitor with the world on display.
  7. ALA Archives Poster
    Image | 2001

    Color artwork of futuratistic computer-people holding hands and talking.
  8. ALA Archives Poster
    Image | 1997

    Drawing of people, computers and books circling the world.
  9. ALA Archives Poster
    Image | 2001

    Black and red text on a yellow background.
  10. Colwell Systems, Champaign, Illinois

    201 Kenyon Road, Champaign, became the Colwell Systems company's new address in 1960.
  11. Construction & Engineering Research Lab, Champaign, Illinois

    2902 Newmark Drive, Champaign (Interstate Research Park).
  12. Everitt Laboratory, University of Illinois

    University of Illinois Electrical Engineering Building, 1406 W. Green Street, Urbana, with log periodic antenna.
  13. Digital Computer, 'electronic brain' at the University of Illinois

    In five hours [the ILLIAC] can complete problems which would take the working lifetime of a skilled mathematician. Shown working with it are Miss Ramona J. Russell, computer operator, and Jack O. Neuhaus, research assistant in Psychology. The ILLIAC I was the first computer which was built and owned by a university. It went online on September 22, 1952. It had the same co...
  14. IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator or Harvard Mark I

    Considered to be the first digital computer, Howard Aiken's Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (the IBM ASCC) or Mark I, was developed between 1937-1944. When it was completed it had many functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, plus logarithms and trigonometric functions. It had an accuracy of 23 decimal place numbers. It measured 51 feet lon...
  15. Engineering Sciences Building, Urbana, Illinois

    1101 W. Springfield Avenue, Urbana.
  16. Digital Computer Laboratory addition, University of Illinois

    Complete in 1990, the new addition to the Digital Computer Laboratory provides room for instructional and research laboratories.
  17. Digital Computer Laboratory, University of Illinois

    1304 W. Springfield Avenue, Urbana.
  18. Disk-Tec Incorporated, Champaign, Illinois

    Disk-Tec Incorporated, 1401 Interstate Drive, Interstate Research Park, Champaign.
  19. University of Illinois Ceramics Building, Urbana, Illinois

    105 S. Goodwin Avenue, Urbana.
  20. Model of the ILLIAC 2 Computer

    Model of ILLIAC II. T-shaped structure on the left is the main computer. Two core memories are at center rear. Drum memory is at right.
  21. ILLIAC II Computer

    The ILLIAC 2 computer became operational in 1962. It was 100 times faster than the original ILLIAC.
  22. IBM 1401 Computer

    The IBM 1401 Computer, which was used largely as an input-output device for the IBM 7090 Computer.
  23. Machine, Sewing

    Black cast iron Singer brand sewing machine in an oak vaneered case with a lid and two drawers per side. Cast iron bracket legs and treadle. Leather drive belt on the drive wheel at the side.
  24. 0365-58a.tif

    AG00619: J. Yoder of Arthur, Ill. using auger on John Deere combine to fill tractor running alongside. Note GPS system being used. For 1998 C-FAR Annual Report. Photo by David Riecks. 5 x 7 at 100 ppi, 0365-58a.tif. TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Slide, Scan Type: Photo-CD, In/Out: Outside, Season: Fall, Time of Day: Day, Format: Horizontal, Shot: Tight, Activity: Harves...
  25. 0713-08a.tif

    EQ00409: Don O'Neall, farms his land near Bloomington, IL using his own hand made GPS system. In the cab of his John Deere tractor while cultivating a soybean field watching a GPS monitor. Used for 60 Ways Farmers Can Protect Their Surface Water slide set = #31C. 5x7, 100ppi, 3866-95A.TIF. same as 0713-08.PCD. Photo by David Riecks, ca 1995. Also for 1995 Farm Progress Show....
  26. Crop Scouting Workshop

    98-122, frame #21: Extension educator Dennis Bowman show how to operate a portable GPS unit at a crop scouting workshop outside of Tuscola. Used for CES Dividends Ag & Natural Resources Annual Report. Photo by David Riecks. 5x7, 100ppi. 0312-21A.TIF. ST: Illinois, TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Color negative, Scan Type: Photo-CD, In/Out: Outside, Season: Summer, Time of...