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  1. Della Perrone Photographs, 1945-2011

    Consists of photographs, negatives, and film slides documenting Della Perrone's candid and studio photography with several Champaign-Urbana musicians in the 1980s, such as Adrian Belew, The Bears, The Rave, The Martyrs, Steps, Nick Rudd and Turning Curious, Nix 86, and The Elvis Brothers, as well as national acts including The Ramones, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and U2. Outs...
  2. Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design

    The Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design is a valuable source of documentation on the history of theatre and is housed in The Rare Book and Manuscript Library. It is a rare collection of original materials on the theatre comprising over 5000 items from more than 150 productions in England and the United States. These materials include costume and set designs, sket...
  3. Music & Performing Arts Library General Collections

    The University of Illinois's Music and Performing Arts Library is one of the largest at a public university, and its music holdings are currently ranked very high among music libraries in the United States and, indeed, in the world. Its collections contain more than 765,000 volumes, including over 55,000 books, 520,000 scores, 19,000 microforms, 150,000 sound recordings, and...
  4. Eduardo Diazmunoz University of Illinois Opera Theatre Records, 2004-2014

    Consists of correspondence, production records, School of Music committee and Opera Division notes, audition and casting records, Opera Newslines newsletters, programs and production announcements, and fellowship awards documenting the general operation and management of the University of Illinois Opera Theatre program between 2004 and 2014.
  5. Shirley Meyer Blankenship Music and Papers, 1950-2009

    Consists of scrapbooks, reel-to-reel audio tapes, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, sheet music, photographs, correspondence, posters and concert programs documenting Dr. Shirley Meyer Blankenship's career as a music student at the University of Illinois, a harpist, violinist, pianist, composer, theatre performer, private music instructor, and an University of Illinois S...
  6. Thomas Schleis Papers, 1972-2012

    Consists of class lecture notes, research and publications, event programs and program notes, correspondence, photographs, Opera Theatre production records, and personal papers documenting Schleis' career as a student, vocal coach, accompanist, and manager of the School of Music Opera Theater program between 1972 and 2012. In addition the collection also includes program not...
  7. WGN Radio Station Studio Orchestra Music Library and Records, 1925-1956

    Consists of scripts, programs, production notes, correspondence, music library rental records, sheet music manuscripts, and music scores with annotations that document the WGN Studio Symphonic Orchestra from the 1925 to 1956. Of special note are the music scores, parts, production notes and scripts of the "Theatre of the Air," which include orchestral works and orchestration...
  8. Gvinea
    Image | 1640

  9. Band Stand, Theatre Chapel
    Image | 1901

  10. Theatre
    Image | 1901

  11. Bandstand, Theatre Chapel
    Image | 1907

  12. Portrait of John Blake

    Bust. With text: "Treasurer of the old Park Theatre, N. Y. City."
  13. William Blanchard in character
    Image | 1805

    Half-length. Wearing wig, medallion on ribbon around neck. With text: "Mr. Blanchard of the Theatre Royal Covent Garden."
  14. William Henry West Betty as Selim in "Barbarossa"
    Image | 1804

    Whole-length. With text: "Master Betty, Surnamed Young Roscius. In the Character of Selim on his first appearance at Covent Garden Theatre on Sat. Dec. 1, 1804. If thou dar'st, Now view me..Hear me, Tyrant! While with voice more terrible than Thunder, I proclaim that he who aim'd the Dagger at thy Heart is Selim! Vide Barbarossa Act 4, Scene 1."
  15. William Henry West Betty as Selim in "Barbarossa"
    Image | 1804

    Whole-length. Colored print. With text: "In the Character of Selim on his first appearance at Covent Garden Theatre on Sat. Dec. 1, 1804. If thou dar'st, Now view me..Hear me, Tyrant! While with voice more terrible than Thunder, I proclaim that he who aim'd the Dagger at thy Heart is Selim! Vide Barbarossa Act 4, Scene 1."
  16. William Henry West Betty as Flash in "Miss in Her Teens"
    Image | 1806

    Whole-length. Wearing large hat with plume, boots, sword hanging at left side. Used in Minor British Theatre. With text: "Aye Sir, the Wedding Day Sir
  17. Robert Bensley as Barbarossa and Maria Macklin as Irene in "Barbarossa"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length. Barbarossa standing wearing turban, embroidered tunic, cape with ermine trim, sword
  18. Edwin Booth and other members of the Boston Theatre Company

    Busts of Booth and other members of the Boston Theatre company in 1866-1867.
  19. Portrait of Junius Brutus Booth

    Half-length. Seated on chair. With text: "J. B. Booth, esq. of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane". Age about 21.
  20. Ann Spranger Barry (nee Street) as Sir Harry Wildair in "The Constant Couple"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length. Wearing white wig, blue coat and breeches, yellow waistcoat
  21. Ann Spranger Barry (nee Street) as Sir Harry Wildair in "The Constant Couple"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length. Wearing wig, embroiderd coat, waistcoat, breeches
  22. Margaret Agnes Bunn as Hermione in "The Winter's Tale"
    Image | 1826

    Whole-length, standing as a statue, right arm resting on pedestal. Published in British Theatre.
  23. William Evans Burton as Aminadab Sleek in "The Serious Family"

    Whole-length. Hat in left hand, umbrella in right. With text: "Played 250 nights at his theatre."
  24. Dan Bryant as Pat Malloy in "The Irish Emigrant"
    Image | 1865

    Whole-length seated on chest, right foot resting on left knee, hat in left hand. With text: "Pat Malloy, originally sung with immense success by Mr. Dan Bryant in his inimitable character of the Irish Emigrant at Wallack's Theatre. Words by Dion Boucicault, arranged by John P. Cook".
  25. Portrait of Wright Bowden
    Image | 1823

    Bust. With text: "Wright Bowden Esq. formerly of the Theatre Royal Covent Garden & Theatre Royal Manchester. Died April 16, 1823 Aged 71 Years."
  26. Ticket to benefit performance for Jean Baptiste Dubois at Theatre Royal Covent Garden

    Ticket depicts clowns, monkey. "Mr. Dubois Benefit, No. 134, June 17."
  27. Portrait of Clara Fisher when a child actress
    Image | 1818

    Three-quarter-length portrait, seated, hands crossed. With text: "The Lilliputian performer who acquired great celebrity at the Drury Lane Theatre in 1818."
  28. Caricature of Robert William Elliston

    Scene with Elliston riding to theatre piggy-back, carrying umbrella, crowd of people about laughing at him. Caption, "A Falling 'Star'."
  29. James Hill as Leander in "The Padlock"
    Image | 1806

    Whole-length portrait, wearing gown, holding college cap. Plate to Cawthorn's Minor British Theatre.
  30. Portrait of Edmund Kean
    Image | 1871

    Nearly half-length portrait. With text: "The first Season of his appearance at Drury Lane Theatre: London, 1814".
  31. Portrait of Edmund Kean

    Portrait, bust, wearing wide turn-over collar, open at throat. With text: "There are few actors, perhaps not any, who have been so long accustomed to the stage as this gentleman
  32. Caricature of Edmund Kean as Richard III in "Richard III"
    Image | 1814

    Caricature of Kean holding Drury Lane Theatre on his hump, standing on book of Shakespeare, right hand resting on sword labelled "Keen Supporter". With quotation: "Well, as you guess".
  33. Portrait of Frances Anne ("Fanny") Kemble
    Image | 1893

    Whole-length portrait, seated at a table, reading Shakespeare at St. James's Theatre, London. With text: "Fanny Kemble in Middle Life".
  34. Harry Stark Murdoch and Claude De Blenau Burroughs on sheet music cover commemorating the Brooklyn Theatre fire of 1876

    Two bust portraits on music sheet: "Weeping for Lost Ones, or Brooklyn Fire. Song and Chorus, by C. A. White."
  35. Caricature of Stuart Robson as Mr. Bangle on an advertising card for "Our Bachelors"

    Whole-length caricature on front of card advertising "Our Bachelors" at Hooley Theatre, Chicago.
  36. Portrait of Edward O'Connor Terry, E. W. Royce, Kate Vaughan, and Ellen ("Nelly") Farren, in character

    Group portrait of the four members of the Gaiety Theatre Company.
  37. Interior of Ellen Terry's dressing-room at the Lyceum Theatre

    Wood block print of dressing table, chair, mirror.
  38. Oaks Club
    Image | 1888

    Caption: "Austin Library Building and Club House." From text: "The Oaks was organized in January, 1882, and incorporated September 3d, 1884, its object being to promote social intercourse between its members and their families. In its early days the club occupied rooms in the Giles Block until the building was destroyed by fire November 13th, 1885, at which time it suffere...
  39. McVicker's Theatre
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "McVicker's Theatre, "Home of the Tragic Muse" By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society"". Image undated but appears to be from the 1860s.