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  1. Alumni and Faculty Biographical (Alumni News Morgue) File (Born Digital Records)

    Born Digital Records from the Alumni and Faculty Biographical (Alumni News Morgue) File, includes digitized material and born digital records pertaining to the biographical file from deceased and living alumni, faculty members, trustees, and former students. The file was created by the Alumni Association, but University Archives staff have added and continue to add materials...
  2. Champaign-Urbana Historic Built Environment

    The Illinois Built Environment collection provides to the public a first-hand view of select original documents used to shape the Campus. Among others, items include hand sketches of campus plans, original trace and linen drawings of many of the Central Quadrangle buildings, four separate proposed sketches for the original Library, now known as Altgeld Hall, and watercolor r...
  3. Chuck Olin Digital Film Archive

    The Chuck Olin Digital Film Archive consists of production elements from two PBS-broadcast documentaries: "In Our Own Hands: The Hidden Story of the Jewish Brigade in World War II," and "Is Jerusalem Burning? Myth, Memory and the Battle of Latrun." Both films, relying primarily on first-person accounts, tell the story of critical episodes in the formation of the nation-state...
  4. Internet Archive

    As a member of the Open Content Alliance, the library of the University of Illinois is contributing digital content to the Internet Archive in several areas: Illinois history, culture and natural resources; U.S. railroad history; rural studies and agriculture; works in translation; as well as extensive collections of 19th century "triple-decker" novels and emblem books writt...
  5. James B. Reston Papers (Digital Surrogates), ca.1943-1989

    Digital surrogates from the James B. Reston Papers, contain digitized personal notes, drafts, conference papers, speeches, diary pages, personal and institutional correspondence, interview transcripts, articles, memoirs, newspaper clippings and maps, relating to Reston's journalism career. Digitized material concerns U.S. and international political episodes, social movement...
  6. James Edward Myers World War I Sheet Music Collection

    World War I is considered by many music scholars to be the most musical war in America’s history. Music for and about The Great War was created by all sorts of Americans: professional songwriters, acclaimed composers, church musicians, well- and little-known performers, and uncounted singing teachers, small-town bandmasters, and amateurs. Their melodies and lyrics intersecte...
  7. Sousa Archives Music Instrument Digital Image and 3D Model Collection

    The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music (SACAM) acquires and preserves significant archival records and historical artifacts in multiple formats that document America's diverse music heritage. The Center’s collection of historical music instruments, dating between 1810-1972, include rare cornets and trumpets, early boxwood clarinets and flutes, unique double-reed sa...
  8. University of Illinois Built Environment

    In the beginning, the inspiration and actualization of the land-grant Industrial University, what was to become the University of Illinois, required thoughtful planning and a commitment to its built environment. The design and planning decisions made early on would influence all current and future development on the campus of the University of Illinois and its influence on t...
  9. University of Illinois Material (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital Surrogates from the University of Illinois Material includes digitized images, concerning digitized "UI Viewbooks" for years 1893, 1904 and 1909, displaying campus scenes, university athletics, university band, and campus buildings. Digitized images also iclude a copy of the booklet "Popular Illinois Men", published by Joseph Kuhn & Co. in Spring 1912, including pho...
  10. Insurance maps of Chicago, Illinois. Volume A
    Multi-Page Item | 114 pages | 1905

    title page, key map, and street index on 4 unnumbered sheets.
  11. Site of Chief Engineer's Residence
    Image | 1898

    note street car trolley at far right
  12. Power House; Laundry, Company D
    Image | 1898

    view faces the east
  13. Mess Hall; Kitchen; Bakery
    Image | 1898

    power plant in background
  14. Mess Hall
    Image | 1899

    steam tunnels brought heat from the power plant to all of the buildings
  15. Hospital - interior view of platform for Easter service
    Image | 1899

    electrical ceiling light fixture
  16. Hospital - interior view of platform for Easter service
    Image | 1899

    speaker's platform, plants, benches, and seating for Easter service
  17. Mess Hall; Barrack building Company D under Construction
    Image | 1899

    two photos are attached to give a ""panoramic"" style view
  18. Quad-view of images of buildings
    Image | 1907

    lower right is bridge
  19. Quad-view of images of buildings
    Image | 1907

    lower right is store and restaurant
  20. Chapel
    Image | 1907

    Chapel building view from northwest
  21. Chicago packing houses and Union Stock Yards
    Multi-Page Item | 52 pages | 1901

    title page and street index on 1 unnumbered sheet.
  22. Chicago packing houses and Union Stock Yards, sheets 35-40, Nov. 1919
    Multi-Page Item | 6 pages | 1919

    Fire insurance map hand colored to show building construction and use, locations of windows and doors, and available water facilities.
  23. Greenview, Menard County Illinois, September 1914
    Multi-Page Item | 3 pages | 1914

    Sheet 1 includes symbol key, index, and location and index maps.
  24. View of east campus buildings

    photo probably taken from clock tower cupola looking east