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  1. Greenview, Menard County, Illinois, Dec. 1922
    Multi-Page Item | 6 pages | 1923

    Sheet 1 includes symbol key, index, and location and index maps.
  2. Natural Plant Landscaping book
    Image | 2003

    pl00510: A view of Smooth Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum canaliculatum) plant shortly after flowers have bloomed in Urbana, Illinois. For Natural landscaping book.
  3. prn0003a.tif

    PRN0003: View of University of Illinois Quad (before it was Quad). Noyes Lab is at far left, next to it is the College of Agriculture building, now Davenport Hall. Behind that is the Observatory. photo c. 1902 from the top of University Hall. History. Campus. 72ppi, 8x12, PRN0003A.TIF. TYPE: Grayscale, Optimized: FPO, Source: Print, Scan Type: Flatbed, In/Out: Outside, Seaso...
  4. 0365-17a.tif

    98-091, frame #11: C-FAR 1998 Annual Report. A farm worker checking soybean field for Jerry Vigue's experiments using different tillage method for sustainable agriculture. View of cultivator from tractor seat. Western Illinois University. Photo by David Riecks. 5x7 at 100ppi, 0365-17A.TIF. ST: Illinois, TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Color negative, Scan Type: Photo-CD, ...
  5. Food science research
    Image | 2008

    Undergraduate research assistant Sidney Knight (at right) viewing samples with doctoral student Bernardo Vidal in Prof. Vijay Singh's Food & Bioprocess Engineering Lab.
  6. Ando and Brozovic view wetlands
    Image | 2013

    Amy Ando and Nicholas Brozovic checking out some wetlands.
  7. Ando and Brozovic view wetlands
    Image | 2013

    Amy Ando and Nicholas Brozovic checking out some wetlands.
  8. Ando and Brozovic view wetlands
    Image | 2013

    Amy Ando and Nicholas Brozovic checking out some wetlands.
  9. Ando and Brozovic view wetlands
    Image | 2013

    Amy Ando and Nicholas Brozovic checking out some wetlands.
  10. rd00408a.tif

    rd00408: Stacey Kappes reviews printouts to compare food samples that have been held in a vacuum test chamber. Food Science and Human Nutrition brochure. Fall 2000. Photo by David Riecks, Model release NOT on file. Original scan at 7 x 10.98 at 500ppi. This version same size at 72ppi. rd00408a.tif. City: UIUC, ST: Illinois, RES: 72ppi, TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Sli...
  11. Viewing Petri dish on Microscope
    Image | 2012

    Male graduate student in Keith Kelley's laboratory pipetting cell samples into a petri dish on a microscope for viewing.
  12. Sustainable Ag Farm Tours
    Image | 2007

    View of Congerville, from the 1-74 overpass, Woodford county as a white pickup truck heads away.
  13. Insurance maps of Chicago, Illinois. Volume A
    Multi-Page Item | 114 pages | 1905

    title page, key map, and street index on 4 unnumbered sheets.
  14. Insurance maps of Chicago, Illinois. Volume A, sheets 101-108, 121.
    Multi-Page Item | 9 pages | 1917

    Title supplied by cataloger.
  15. Exterior
    Image | 1962

  16. Thumbnail: Garden and Exterior
    Image | 1954

  17. Rendering: Garden and Exterior
    Image | 1954

  18. Exterior
    Image | 1962

  19. Othello: Two Figures
    Image | 1951

    Costume renderings for Othello in Othello, two figures in same costume: white sleeveless hooded robe, clasped at neck with gold-colored pin, cream shirt, black tights and shoes. Figure One: three-quarters view, black tights and shoe exposed. Figure Two: side view, tights and shoes not exposed.
  20. Portrait of Margaret ("Peg") Woffington and John Rich

    Woffington standing. Title: "Woffington's First Interview with Manager Rich"
  21. Keber, John B.
    Image | 1903

  22. Hofmeister, Fritz
    Image | 1900

    Rear view of man sitting at corner table smoking a pipe.
  23. Société française des collectionneurs d' ex-libris.

    view of Paris in background.
  24. Residence of Charles Bosch
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Residence of Mr. Charles Bosch View of East Front from Birchwood Beach"
  25. Homestead of Robert R. Clark
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Homestead of the late Robert R. Clark (Built in 1859) Intersection Halsted and Clark Streets, Chicago Courtesy of Mrs. B. A. Squire". The house served as a refuge for many Northside residents after the Chicago Fire of 1871. Photograph is undated but possibly taken in the 1880s.
  26. Lake View House
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "The Lake View House (Permission Mr. James J. Wilson and Chicago Historical Society)". From text: ""There was also a hotel, called the Lake View House, having been opened on July 4, 1854, occupying a site at the northwest corner of what is now designated Grace Street and Sheridan Road. This had been built by James H. Rees and Elisha E. Huntley, and was, without ...
  27. Planche CLXXX 1

    Écriture du Xe siècle.
  28. Planche XCI 1

    Écriture du IXe siècle.