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  1. The broad ax (Salt Lake City, Utah)

    The Broad Ax began as a weekly publication founded, published and edited by former Virginia slave Julius F. Taylor. The newspaper began in Salt Lake City in 1895 but disputes with the Latter-Day Saints led Taylor to move his publication to Chicago in 1899, where he continued his focus on being "Democratic in politics, advocating the immortal principles of Jefferson and Jacks...
  2. Africa
    Image | 1795

  3. Africa
    Image | 1814

  4. Map of Siwa
    Image | 1897

  5. Portrait of Sir Squire Bancroft

    Three-quarter-length. Wearing monocle.
  6. Portrait of Charles Bannister
    Image | 1804

    Bust, profile. Tinted pink
  7. Portrait of Frances Abington (nee Barton)
    Image | 1779

    Whole-length. Hands clasped, wearing dress with rose embellishments and ruffles. With text: "Oh that dear Sparta! Their Women had a Noble Magna Charta."
  8. Portrait of Mary Anderson
    Image | 1895

    Half-length. With text: "Madame de Navarro (Nov. 5, 1895)".
  9. Mary Anderson, possibly as Hermione in "The Winter's Tale"

    Half-length. Probably shows the acress as Hermione.
  10. Portait of Mary Anderson in Albanian costume
    Image | 1888

    Half-length. With text: "Mary Anderson (in Albanian Costume) 1888".
  11. Mary Anderson as Pauline in "The Lady of Lyons"

    Whole-length. Wearing hat and long gloves.
  12. Frances Abington (nee Barton) as the Comic Muse
    Image | 1783

    Whole-length standing, leaning on pedestal, holding mask in hand.
  13. Frances Abington (nee Barton) as Lady Sadlife in "The Double Gallant"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length portrait, standing with Atall in interior setting. With text: "Olud! I'm going home this minute: And if you shou'd offer to dog my Chair, I protest I_was ever such usage_Lord_sure! oh_follow me down then." Act II, Sc 2
  14. James Aickin as Horatio in "The Fair Penitent"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length, standing in exterior setting. Wearing breeches, waistcoat, coat, tricorne hat, and shoes with buckles
  15. James Aickin as Phocion in "The Grecian Daughter"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length, standing in interior setting. Wearing breeches and coat with flowing sleeves lined with fur. With text: "Ha!__the gaping tomb Invites my steps__ now be propitious Heaven." Act IV, Scene 2.
  16. Portrait of Elizabeth Walker Blanchard (married names Charles, Hamblin)
    Image | 1818

    Half-length. Hair in long curls to shoulders, satin or silk dress with low neck.
  17. Ann Spranger Barry (nee Street) in Prologue to "Douglas"
    Image | 1780

    Whole-length. Wearing dress with ruffles
  18. Mary Bulkley (nee Wilford) as Epilogue to "She Stoops to Conquer"
    Image | 1780

    Whole-length. Wearing hat and dress with ruffled collar, sleeves. With text: "I hope as how to give you Satisfaction."
  19. Anne Catley (married name Lascelles) as Euphrosyne in a scene from "Comus"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length. Interior scene with another character to right holding staff, three other figures in the background. With text: "The wanton God that pierces hearts" Act II.
  20. Anne Catley (married name Lascelles) as Euphrosyne in a scene from "Comus"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length. Interior scene with another character holding staff, three other figures in the background. With text: "The wanton God that pierces hearts, But the Nymph disdains to pine, Dips in gall his pointed darts
  21. John Brunton as Sidney in "The Man of the World"
    Image | 1806

    Whole-length. Interior scene. With text: "Sir Pertinax: 'What is the matter with ye, Mon?' Act V, Scene 1."
  22. William Brereton as George Barnwell in "George Barnwell"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length. Standing to the right of the corpse in outdoor setting
  23. Portrait of Lotta Crabtree on sheet music cover
    Image | 1868

    Three-quarter-length. "Lotta Gallop."
  24. John Dunstall as Dominick in "The Spanish Fryar"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length portrait, standing, holding an open box, cane under right arm. "The Spanish Fryer." With text: "They are the spoils of the wicked & the Church, endows you with 'em." Act IV, Scene 1.
  25. John Edwin as Trudge in "Inkle and Yarico"

    Whole-length portrait, outdoors. With text: "O what a lost mutton am I!"
  26. Emma Marian Maria Elphinstone as Constance in "The Love Chase"
    Image | 1840

    Whole-length portrait, holding whip in right hand, wearing hat with wide brim.
  27. Samuel Foote as Mrs. Cole in "The Minor"
    Image | 1777

    Scene from the play with Foote dressed in women's attire seated between two men. With text: "My thoughts are fix'd upon a better place. What, I suppose Mr. Loader, you will be for your old friend the black-eyed Girl." Act I.
  28. Samuel Foote as Doctor Squintum in "Epilogue to the Minor"
    Image | 1779

    Whole-length portrait, standing, right hand upraised, left hand pointing down. With text: "You'll all be cramm'd into the Pit and crowd the house for Satan's benefit."
  29. Mrs. Gardiner (nee Cheney) as Lady Plyant and John Palmer as Careless in a scene from "The Double Dealer"
    Image | 1777

    Scene from play with Lady Plyant looking at Careless, kneeling at right. With text: "Careless: 'Can you be so cruel. L. Ply: 'Arise I beseech you'". Act IV, Scene 2.
  30. Maria Honner (nee MacCarthy) as Mary in "Paul the Pilot"
    Image | 1840

    Three-quarter-length portrait, wearing scarf or veil on head, neclace with heart pendant.
  31. Elizabeth Hartley (nee White) as Marcia in "Cato"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length portrait, standing, face in profile, hands clasped. Text: "O ye immortal Powers that guard the just, watch round his Couch,and soften his re'pose." Act V, Scene 3.
  32. John Henderson as Count Biron in a scene from "Isabella"
    Image | 1777

    Scene from the play depicting Biron and Isabella
  33. Portrait of Sir Henry Irving
    Image | 1883

    Three-quarter-length portrait, seated. Music sheet, "Henry Irving Waltz".
  34. Portrait of Elizabeth Inchbald (nee Simpson)
    Image | 1787

    Portrait, bust.
  35. Michael Kelly as Lionel in "Lionel and Clarissa"
    Image | 1788

    Whole-length portrait, hand in pocket of breeches. With text: "Oh! talk not to me of the wealth she possesses". Act II, Scene 1.
  36. Margaret ("Madge") Kendal (nee Robertson) as Monna Giovanna in "The Falcon"
    Image | 1879

    Whole-length portrait, wearing dress with train. Facsimilie autograph. Text from play below.
  37. Jane Lessingham as Mrs. Sullen and Charles Lee Lewes as Archer in a scene from "The Beaux' Stratagem"
    Image | 1776

    Scene from the play, with Archer holding the door at right open. With text "The Devil take his impudence."