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  1. Walnut, Bureau County, Illinois, June 1912
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1912

    Also shows factories, commercial occupancy of buildings, property boundaries and house and block numbers.
  2. Walnut, Bureau County, Illinois, December 1921
    Multi-Page Item | 3 pages | 1921

    Also shows factories, commercial occupancy of buildings, property boundaries and house and block numbers.
  3. Walnut, Bureau Co., Ill., October 1900
    Image | 1900

    Also shows factories, commercial occupancy of buildings, property boundaries and house and block numbers.
  4. Main Street Buildings

    Shows a portion of the north side of Main Street between Neil Street and Walnut Street.
  5. Main Street Buildings

    Shows the north side of Main Street between Walnut Street and Neil Street.
  6. Aerial View of Buildings Taken from a Point North of the Intersection of the Railway Tracks and Walnut Street

    Take from a point north of the intersection of the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Railway Co. tracks and Walnut Street, looking south.
  7. Elm Street buildings
    Image | 1948

    Taken from a point east of the intersection with Walnut Street, looking west. Prominently visible in the distance is the Urbana City Hall.
  8. Main Street buildings
    Image | 1867

    Shows the south side of Main Street, looking west from the intersection with Walnut Street.
  9. Union Bus Station

    Shows the south and west sides of the structure.
  10. Illinois Central Railroad Co. Freight Station
    Image | 1924

    Shows the west and south sides of the structure.
  11. 15 minute series (topographic)
    Image | 1949

    Relief shown by contours and spot heights.
  12. 0600105
    Image | 2005

    Still life of grilled chicken breast with tomatoes and green beans, with a baked sweet potato and bun. On the side, is an apple, grape, walnut salad with a basket of fruit at the rear.
  13. 0600120
    Image | 2006

    Still life of an "executive lunch" featuring a fresh fruit and vegetable salad in a pita bread. The salad includes spinach, strawberries, dried cranberries, kiwi, and walnuts, with a side of yogurt.
  14. 4336-07a.tif

    tr00105: Street corner sign in Mahomet, Ill. with fall foliage in background. E. Maple St. and S. Walnut St. November 2000. 6.5 x 10 at 72ppi, 4336-07a.tif. Photograph by L. Brian Stauffer, must be credited. No third party transfers or sales. City: Mahomet, ST: Illinois, YR: 2000, RES: 72ppi, TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Slide, Scan Type: Photo-CD, In/Out: Outside, Sea...
  15. Waller, Edmund

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Sable, three walnut leave in bend or, between two bendlets argent. Crest: A walnut tree proper on the sinister side an escutcheon pendent azure charged three fleurs de lis. Motto: Haec fructus virtutis.
  16. Bodley Club Library

    Coat of arms of Sir Thomas Bodley
  17. Booklovers Library

    crested with a pheasant's [?] head issuing from a coronet. Motto: Fiat lux (Let there be light).
  18. Tabard Inn Library

    Text with multicolored picture of Tabard Inn yard.
  19. Tabard Inn Library

    on desk, lantern on book with clasp, papers, and quill. Inset portrait of Chaucer.
  20. Tabard Inn Library

    Multicolored. Picture of the Tabard Inn yard.
  21. Indiana State Library and Historical Building
    Image | 2010

  22. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library
    Image | 1950

    Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. West Branch, Iowa. Walnut Library. The bookcases which line this room contain volumes from President Hoover's personal library. Also on display are tributes he received in recognition of his wartime relief activities. The Chinese porcelains are part of a collection begun by Mrs. Hoover."" Postcard never mailed.
  23. Clarinet
    Multi-Page Item | 7 pages + 3D model | 1812

    mouthpiece, barrel, 2 joints, bell
  24. Dining table, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Drop-leaf, gate-leg, walnut Empire style dining room table. Gate legs hinged on left side, folding into right side of base. Six legs, turned, with rings at various intervals. Rounded turning near foot, with rounded feet. H. 28" L. 40" W. 43 1/2", Leaves W. 17", Center W. 19".
  25. Bust of Abraham Lincoln by James J. Nance, 1994

    Bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln as President, on marble and walnut base. Bearded Lincoln gazing right
  26. Wardrobe, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Walnut and pine double-door wardrobe. Recessed section panels on the front doors. Butted board construction on sides and back. Sides are formed of one vertical board each
  27. Wall clock, typical of timepieces during Lincoln's lifetime

    Walnut wall clock, "E. Howard & Co." on round clock face. Roman numerals, 2nd hand small face with Arabic numerals in 10's. Pendulum works in case with partial glass front. Cornice base, molding around face, housing, and case. Pendulum round with circulinear decorations, pointed tip, calibrated scale at bottom, mirror in back. H 60 3/4" x W 19" x D 6 1/2".
  28. Easy chair, owned by Rev. Charles Dresser, a friend of the Lincoln family

    Upholstered Gentlemen's balloon-backed chair. Victorian Rococco style. Exposed walnut trim, medium stain. Chair back crest carved with two closed buds hanging upside-down, flanked by open roses, leaves and scrolls. Upholstered arm rests. Fabric is blue silk brocade with a raised, swirled floral pattern faded to a gold color. Back front has two horizontal rows of deep-buttone...
  29. End table, owned by Rev. Charles Dresser, a friend of the Lincoln family

    Lamp table with removable marble top on walnut turned pedestal. Pedestal does not reach to the ground, and is supported by four incurved cut-out legs with ceramic castors connected to the center pedestal. Brace is stenciled with black ink on top "Nutt & Barkley Springfield, ILL." L 30" x W 21 1/2".
  30. Bust of Abraham Lincoln as a young man by James J. Nance, 1994

    Bronze bust of Lincoln as a young man, on a marble and walnut base. Unbearded Lincoln gazes left, torso sculpted to resemble a shirt, suspenders and bow tie, tinted in varying shades of bronze. Raised letters on bottom of bust, "'Prairie Lawyer'/Abe Lincoln"