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  1. Africa
    Image | 1882

  2. New Map of Libya or Old Africk
    Image | 1700

  3. Mary Stephens Wells (nee Davies) as Mrs. Cadwallader and Miss Collins as Arabella in "The Author"
    Image | 1794

    Interior scene from "The Author" with several figures. Act 2, Scene 1.
  4. Elizabeth Pope (nee Younge) as Lady Amaranth, Joseph Shepherd Munden as Smooth, and Mrs. Wells as Jane in a scene from "Wild Oats"
    Image | 1816

    Scene with Smooth kneeling, two women standing. With text: Lady Amaranth - "Ah! Thou sly and deceitful hypocrite."
  5. Thomas Ryder as Sir John Brute, Mrs. Pope as Lady Brute and Mary Stephens Wells (nee Davies) as Belinda in a scene from "The Provoked Wife"
    Image | 1817

    Scene from the play with the three characters seated in a room, Sir John smoking a pipe. With text: "Bel.- 'Yes I do especially if he smoked tobacco.'"
  6. Portrait of Mary Stephens Wells (nee Davies)
    Image | 1794

    Half-length portrait.
  7. Mary Stephens Wells (nee Davies) as Anne Lovely in "A Bold Stroke For a Wife"
    Image | 1791

    Whole-length portrait, standing, wearing bonnet. With text: "I greatly fear the flesh and the weakness thereof _hum."
  8. Livett, H. W. (Henry William), 1814-1901

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Azure (blue) a cross argent (silver)
  9. Williams College. Library.
    Image | 1913

    Wall-mounted shelf with Williams College seal: Contains a globe, a telescope, an inkstand and quill pen, a scroll, a spray of laurel, all beneath the rays of the sun.
  10. Wells_Susan.jpg
    Image | 2012

    Susan Wells -
  11. Early shopping district at Lake and Wells
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "The Early Shopping District Intersection of Lake and Wells Streets By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society"
  12. St. Vincent's Hospital
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] St. Vincent's Infant Asylum and Maternity Hospital. [See "Hospitals"]". From text: "St. Vincent's Infant Asylum and Maternity Hospital.--Located at 191 LaSalle ave. Take Clark or Wells St. cable lines. Conducted by the Sisters of Charity. This institution is for the care of infants and children under five years of a...
  13. Wells' Mastiff Shoes advertisement
    Image | 1906

    Copy reads: "Wells' Mastiff Shoes Best Line on Earth For Men, boys, Youths, Women, Misses, & Children. Made up in all popular leathers for every member of the household. Stylish-Satisfactory-Popular Largest Manufacturers of Reliable footwear [in] the country Send for catalogue M. D. Wells Co. Chicago"
  14. Wolf's Point, Chicago, 1832
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Wolf's Point, Chicago, 1832 Near the Site of the North-Western Line Passenger Station, Wells Street, Chicago"
  15. Female Chorus Member: Act III
    Image | 1954

  16. Female Chorus Member: Act III
    Image | 1954

  17. Zamiel
    Image | 1963

  18. Preliminary Sketch: Choristers
    Image | 1963

  19. Poppet and Moppet
    Image | 1976

  20. Dorabella: Act I Scene IV
    Image | 1963

  21. Production Notes and Sketches
    Image | 7 pages | 1972

  22. Second German General: Scene 8
    Image | 2 pages | 1972

  23. Character Study: Males
    Image | 1965

  24. Character Study: Ankarstroem
    Image | 1965

  25. Square
    Image | 1964

  26. Square
    Image | 1964

  27. Denisof: Scene XIII
    Image | 1972

  28. Two Pages: Act I, Scene I
    Image | 2 pages | 1965