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  1. Joliet Signal

    The Joliet Signal (initially The Juliet Signal representing the original name of the city) began as the Juliet Courier and was sold to William E. Little in 1843 who subsequently changed the name. After a series of publisher changes, brothers Calvin and Calneh Zarley published and edited the paper for nearly 40 years. The Signal was considered to be the "Official Paper of the...
  2. Marion Semi-Weekly Leader

    The Marion Semi-Weekly Leader was a rural newspaper serving the community of Marion, Illinois and Williamson County. As a Republican newspaper, the Marion Semi-Weekly Leader published on Tuesday and Friday while its Democratic counterpart, the Marion Egyptian Press, published on Monday and Thursday. Marion Semi-Weekly Leader features local, regional and national news with an...
  3. Portraits of Actors

    Portraits of Actors, 1720-1920, includes almost 3,500 pictures of actors — studio portraits and actors posing in costume for a particular role or performing a scene from a play. Dramatists, theatrical managers, singers and musicians are also included, but the majority are British and American actors who worked between about 1770 and 1893. Among the hundreds of actors include...
  4. The Broad Ax

    The Broad Ax began as a weekly publication founded, published and edited by former Virginia slave Julius F. Taylor. The newspaper began in Salt Lake City in 1895 but disputes with the Latter-Day Saints led Taylor to move his publication to Chicago in 1899, where he continued his focus on being "Democratic in politics, advocating the immortal principles of Jefferson and Jacks...
  5. The Ottawa Free Trader

    The Ottawa Free Trader (originally titled The Illinois Free Trader) was published by William Osman & Sons and began publication in 1889. It eventually merged with The Daily Journal to become The Free-Trader Journal in 1916. It was a daily (minus Saturday) newspaper.
  6. William R. Schowalter Papers (Born Digital Records), 1985-2002

    Born Digital Records from the William R. Schowalter Papers contains William R. Schowalter's correspondence, reports, meeting minutes and agendas, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations documenting his tenure as Dean of the College of Engineering (1988-2001), including his involvement in various committees, faculty research, the establishment of partnerships between the C...
  7. Edward Loomis Davenport as William in "Black-Eyed Susan"

    view of bay in background.
  8. William
    Image | 1957

  9. William
    Image | 1949

  10. Thomas Potter Cooke as William and Miss Scott as Susan in a scene from "Black-Eyed Susan"
    Image | 1829

    Whole-length. William wearing wide trousers, holding hat. Susan wearing wide-brimmed hat.
  11. Females: Portsmouth Crowd
    Image | 1954

  12. Part of Africa

  13. General Map of South Africa
    Image | 1881

  14. Northwestern Africa

  15. Africa
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages | 1838

  16. Carterville, Williamson Co., Ill., May 1894
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1894

    Sheet 1 includes symbol key and certification signature.
  17. Johnston City, Williamson Co., Illinois, February 1906
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1906

    Also shows factories, commercial occupancy of buildings, property boundaries and house and block numbers.
  18. Johnston City, Williamson County, Illinois, July 1922
    Multi-Page Item | 8 pages | 1922

    Also shows factories, commercial occupancy of buildings, property boundaries and house and block numbers.
  19. Carterville, Williamson County, Illinois, September 1913
    Multi-Page Item | 5 pages | 1913

    Sheet 1 includes symbol key, index, and location and index maps.