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  1. Chicago Eagle

    The Chicago Eagle was a primarily weekly newspaper published by Henry F. Donovan (and subsequently his son John M. Donovan) from 1889 to the mid-1940's. Donovan professed his title to be independent but it is seen to be a Democratic party publication devoted to municipal politics. Typical content included Donovan's fight against graft and corruption in local and state govern...
  2. Samuel Fielden
    Image | 1886

    From text: "Samuel Fielden is below the medium height, thick set and muscular. His face is swarthy and covered with a heavy beard. His brow is low, his face dull, and his appearance indicates the predominance of the brute. Unlike any of his associates he is a laboring man. He drove a stone wagon, and worked hard for his daily bread. He was kind to his family, and bore a...
  3. Chicago from the air
    Image | 1930

    on the other, the expanse of Lake Michigan which gives the glamour and color and bigness to this enchanted highway."
  4. A Heartless Refusal
    Image | 1891

    Supplement gratis with the Weekly National Press
  5. Souscrivez au 4e Emprunt National

    A naked French soldier armed with a sword defends the French flag against the German eagle.
  6. Pour que la France soit victorieuse!
    Image | 1918

    The French coq faces off against the German eagle.
  7. Debout! Nos morts pour la patrie... Voici la France!

    A mother and two children look over a field dotted with grave markers. Ghostly figures rest against the crosses, while more ghostly soldiers ride horseback in the sky.
  8. Portrait of Adah Issacs Menken (Dolores Adios Fuertes) and Alexandre Dumas

    Three-quarter-length portrait, Ada standing beside Alexandre seated, with arm around his shoulder and cheek against his head.
  9. Edwin Booth as Hamlet in grave scene from "Hamlet"

    Whole-length. Hamlet with skull, Horatio leaning against tomb, Gravedigger at right with feet in grave. Both Hamlet & Horatio have moustaches. On reverse side in pencil: "Edwin Booth as Hamlet, Joe Jefferson as 1st Gravedigger."
  10. Dion Boucicault as Conn in "The Shaughraun"

    Whole-length. Standing, back against a rock, wearing hat, jacket, trousers, boots.
  11. John Brougham as Twister in "Ins and Outs"

    Whole-length. Comic etching of scene with three characters, one rising from bed, another on one leg grabbing a screen, and an officer with a bundle in his arm stading at the door. With text: "Twister: 'Where is your warrant to seize?' Strikes him with bundle -- Racket falls against the screen and throws it down -- Tom is discovered sitting up in bed."
  12. McKean Buchanan as Hamlet in "Hamlet"

    Whole-length. Wearing tunic, cape over left shoulder. With text: "To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them?" Act III, Scene 1. From a daguerreotype by Brinkerhoff & Co.
  13. Portrait of Violet Cameron (married name De Bensaude)
    Image | 1880

    leaning with elbow against draped wall.
  14. Sanguszko, Carla.

    Multicolored, showing two escutcheons topped by a single crown: (1) An armed knight, sword in hand, on a horse, against a red background, (2) armorial shield.
  15. Sartorio, Charles de
    Image | 1898

    Against latticed background, a coat of arms: Escutcheon parted per fess, upper part or (gold) charged with an eagle displayed sable (black), lower part paly of six gules (red) and argent (silver), charged with a banner or (gold). Grilled helm surmounted by a deer's head. Mantling.
  16. Fowler, Marjorie
    Image | 1904

    Woman asleep in hammock against background of starry sky, full moon, and cats' heads
  17. Flint, S. A.

    easel lower right, Motto: Sans hâte, sans repos (Without haste, without rest)
  18. Patton, William L
    Image | 1902

    Old camera on tripod, crossed rifle and fishing pole, and books against and between two leafy trees with roots.
  19. Dore, Robert F.
    Image | 1903

    Open book propped up against open_file door
  20. Leiningen-Westerburg, K. E. (Karl Emich), Graf zu, 1856-1906.

    artist's monogram [undeciphered] at bottom
  21. Morris, Robert C., Mrs.
    Image | 1915

    crested by eagle rising, wings displayed & inverted, spear in talon.
  22. Unidentified

    Mount Fuji against cloudy sky
  23. Cowan, Susie

    A woman reads a book on "Bird Life" while birds fly outside against a brilliant sun. Vase and large flowers
  24. Naylor, Downing

    exotic city in background.
  25. Thomas, Harold E.

    Woman reading on bench against background of snow-capped mountains, trees, sculpture garden and building.
  26. University of Denver

    Classical portico seen against mountains and sky.
  27. University Club of Chicago

    Circle containg owl perched on scroll against pointed arches, banner with motto: Ubique almam matrem memento (Remember your alma mater everywhere)
  28. Lane, Frank E.
    Image | 1926

    beneath, birch bark scroll with text and pile of books, ink pot and quill.
  29. Goucher College. Library.

    in the lower right corner are the arms of the state of Maryland and the arms of the family of Lord Baltimore.
  30. Chalet

    A country house against a background of trees, in the sky a 4-pointed star and a crescent moon, open_file to the left.