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  1. Pour le triomphe souscrivez a l'Emprunt National

    Thousands of French soldiers march beneath the Arc d'Triomphe as a ghost army from the past wars descend from the sky and the spirit of victory urges them on.
  2. Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915

    Black ink on ivory paper. Depicts a mirrored image of men back-to-back, reading within arches
  3. University Club of Chicago

    Circle containg owl perched on scroll against pointed arches, banner with motto: Ubique almam matrem memento (Remember your alma mater everywhere)
  4. South Carolina College

    Text within border of dots and arches
  5. Delivery room
    Image | 1911

    From text: "The Delivery Room proper, which extends across the entire width of the building, with a length of 134 and a depth of 48 feet, is divided into three parts by a rotunda in the center, surmounted by a beautiful stained-glass dome. Elliptical arches rise from the marble piers at the four corners, and the walls above are elaborately covered with mosaics, into which a...
  6. Chamber of Commerce
    Image | 1869

    From text: "Chamber of Commerce--Board of Trade Is located on the corner of Washington and LaSalle streets. Its walls are built of Athens marble, and its dimensions are 93 by 181 feet. It is in the modern Italian style of architecture, and consists of a basement, half beneath the street, and used for business offices
  7. Student with Big Mac
    Image | 2011

    Mitchell Januzik holds a Big Mac in front of the Golden Arches of a McDonald's restaurant.
  8. Council Chamber: Act I, Scene iii
    Image | 1951

    Set rendering for Scene iii (i.e. Act I, Scene iii), Council Chamber, in Othello: brown stage curtains, two arches in background. Four chandeliers, one servant carrying staff to each side, brown table surrounded by councilmen. Ceiling-height doorway through which light shines on white floor. Four upright decorative brown poles inside doorway.
  9. Model Part: False Proscenium
    Image | 1954

  10. Thumbnail: False Proscenium
    Image | 1946

  11. Cutout for False Proscenium
    Image | 1954

  12. Newberry Library
    Image | 2010

    Entrance Arches, The Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610
  13. Candler Memorial Library, Wesleyan College
    Image | 2008

    Candler Memorial Library, Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga. The Library at Wesleyan College, first chartered college to grant college degrees to women, as seen through the arches of the loggia. Wesleyan, founded in 1836, was chartered as the Georgia Female College and the name was changed to Wesleyan Female College in 1843. The original buildings are still standing, but in 1928 t...
  14. World's Columbian Exposition Transportation Building

    A black and white photograph of the "Golden Doorway" of the Transportation Building at the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. Source: Arnold, C. D. Collection of Photographs Illustrating the Construction and Progress of the World's Columbian Exposition. 1893. Dimensions: 10"x13".
  15. World’s Columbian Exposition Woman’s Building

    A black and white photograph of the main entrance to the Woman’s Building at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. Source: Arnold, C. D. Collection of Photographs Illustrating the Construction and Progress of the World’s Columbian Exposition. 1893. Dimensions: 10"x13".
  16. Print of Lincoln's funeral procession in Chicago, IL

    Funeral Service of President Lincoln at Chicago, Illinois. May 1- Removing the Coffin From the Funeral Train to the Catafalque- From a Photograph by Alschuler. Lithograph on newsprint, mounted on white paper. Large crowd lines street, soldiers carry coffin toward large catafalque under canopy. Catafalque under center of three arches with various mottos on them, many flags an...
  17. City Hall and Fire Department, Champaign, Illinois

    102 N. Neil St., Champaign.
  18. Trestle Bridge, at Whiteside

    Reproduction of a black and white photograph of the trestle bridge at Whiteside. Source: Barnard, George N. Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign, Embracing Scenes of the Occupation of Nashville, the Great Battles around Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain, the Campaign of Atlanta, March to the Sea, and the Great Raid through the Carolinas. New York, 1866. Dimensions: 8"x10".