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  1. AALS Statistical Report on Law Faculty (Born Digital Records), 2000-2009

    Born Digital Records from the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Statistical Report on Law Faculty contain reports describing full-time faculty members of AALS member and fee-paid law schools in terms of their demographic characteristics; job titles; types of contracts; educational backgrounds; schools attended; and area of expertise. Detailed information about av...
  2. AALS Section Publications and Issuances (Born Digital Records), 2007, 2010-

    Born Digital and Digital Surrogate Records from the AALS Section Publications and Issuances file contain electronic copies of section officers handbook (1974, 2007, 2010- ) and attachments with budget, program planning, and report forms (2010- ); examples of completed forms (2010); lists of section liaisons (2007, 2010); instructions for joining sections; instructions for us...
  3. Born Digital Records from the AALL's Houston Area Law Librarians Publications, 2004-

    Born Digital and Records and Digital Surrogates from the AALL's Houston Area Law LIbrarians Publications contain annual reports (2006- ), bylaws (2004), and newsletters (2004- ) concerning the activities and announcements of AALL's Houston Area chapter.
  4. Born Digital Records from the AALL's San Diego Area Law Libraries Publications, 2005-

    Born Digital Records from the AALL's San Diego Area Law Libraries Publications contain newsletters (SANDALL News, 2005- ) and annual reports (2006- ) concerning the activities and announcements of the AALL's San Diego Area chapter. The unredacted copy of the September 2014 newsletter digital file is Restricted until 2024.
  5. Lee County Farm News

    The Lee County Farm News was an agricultural newspaper published semi-monthly on the first and third Thursday of every month. Similar to its contemporary counterpart, the trade magazine, Lee County Farm News was published by the Lee County Farm Bureau, an organization dedicated to supporting the economic growth and success economics of the farming industry of Amboy, Illinois...
  6. Institute of Aviation

    The Institute of Aviation has long been recognized for the excellence of its flight training program and for its research activities in the area of aviation-related Human Factors. The Institute of Aviation's degree program in Human Factors follows this tradition of excellence.
  7. ISGS Illinois Historical Landstat Photograph Collection

    The ISGS’ Landsat photographic print archive is unique in a few important aspects. The 27 prints, which have acquisition dates between 1975-1979, date back to the two earliest Landsat satellite missions. Despite the comparably coarse ground spatial resolution, they portray the ground surface of Illinois as it appeared prior to widespread adoption of conservation tillage/no t...
  8. Music & Performing Arts Library Special Collections

    The Special Collections area of the Music and Performing Arts Library at the University of Illinois (MPALSC) is home to a unique collection of scores, rare books, recordings, pedagogical materials, and other archival materials. Students, faculty, and researchers world wide have used these collections.
  9. Gene E. and Kristine J. Campbell Aerial Photographs (Born Digital Records), 2010

    Born Digital Records from the Gene E. and Kristine J. Campbell Aerial Photographs, 2010 include 33 digital images taken April 17, 2010 during a flight tour of the University campus from Willard Airport. Images include a view of the aircraft used for the tour, the University campus and surrounding area including the Engineering, Main, and South Quads, the athletic facilities,...
  10. Hutsonville Herald

    The Hutsonville Herald was a politically independent newspaper serving Hutsonville, Illinois, a town on the Illinois-Indiana border. The digital holdings of the University Library reflect the industries of Hutsonville, an agricultural district featuring hardwood lumber, brick and tile works. Weekly subscribers could expect to find information on local, regional and internati...
  11. The Advertiser

    The Advertiser was a local newspaper published in Collinsville, Illinois, every Saturday. This weekly publication served residents in the immediate Collinsville area, just east of St. Louis and the Missouri-Illinois border. The Advertiser features advertisements, local announcements, news, short stories, advice columns and reports from various advisory boards and public serv...
  12. The Ashton gazette (Ashton, Lee County, Ill.)

    The University Library's digital collection of Ashton Gazette newspapers reflects a Republican-affiliated periodical serving the northern region of rural Illinois. Articles, advertisements, and editorials reflect the regional character of Ashton, Illinois, a rich agricultural district in Lee county. Special features of the newspaper includes Ashton’s village treasurer’s repo...
  13. The Bowen chronicle (Bowen, Hancock County, Ill.)

    The Bowen Chronicle was a weekly newspaper serving the western-most regions of central Illinois. Published in Bowen, Illinois, a town known for agriculture, poultry, and live stock raising, the Bowen Chronicle was distributed throughout Hancock county. Subscribers could expect to find information on news, market reports, local gossip, short stories, and advice columns. Cover...
  14. The Cairo bulletin (Cairo, Ill.) -1928

    The Cairo Bulletin began publication in Cairo, Illinois, on December 21, 1868. Founded by John H. Oberly and Company (as the Cairo Evening Bulletin), it was one of only a few newspapers being published in Southern Illinois during its early run. Oberly meant for the newspaper to be “a new organ of Democratic sentiment,” and covered news, politics, and literature for the whole...
  15. PLATO System Notes Files (Digital Surrogates), 1972-1976

    Digital surrogates from the PLATO Notes Files contain digitized notes exchanged between developers and users of PLATO system, during the evolutionary implementation of the world's first wide-area computer network devoted to education. Digitized notes include lesson notes with developers' instructions, as well as users' experiences and questions related with the system use. P...
  16. Richard E. Kent Music and Personal Papers, 1899-1996

    Consists of original and published music compositions and arrangements, correspondence, concert programs, memoirs, newspaper clippings, Sousa Band Fraternal Society newsletters, photographs, Volunteer Illini Projects awards, yearbooks, and appointment books. The collection documents Kent's career with the Sousa Band through photographs and correspondence, as well as the tra...
  17. The Lacon Home Journal

    The Lacon Home Journal was a weekly Republican newspaper published every Thursday in Marshall County, Lacon, Illinois. The newspaper reflects the industry of the area at the time, the production of marble works, grain elevators and woolen mills with Lacon serving as the shipping point of agricultural produce for surrounding areas. The Lacon Home Journal also featured state a...
  18. Map of Africa
    Image | 1887

  19. Fertile Area of Sudan
    Image | 1886

  20. Originalkarte von Usambara…
    Image | 1889

  21. Soldiers Home Grounds - flag pole raising
    Image | 1899

    Mess Hall in background to left
  22. Mess Hall - interior, kitchen area
    Image | 1899

    equipment for cooking or washing along north wall of room
  23. Mess Hall; Kitchen; Bakery; Dining Hall
    Image | 1899

    image looks to the north / northeast
  24. Mess Hall; Barrack building Company D under Construction
    Image | 1899

    looking to the north from the south area of the grounds
  25. Store and Restaurant street railway depot
    Image | 1907

    photo shows proximity of the Depot, store, and restaurant. Located at NW area of grounds.
  26. Goats

    Many goats headed toward fenced area, being lead by a woman in the foreground standing behind a post.
  27. Goats

    Six goats in fenced area near building. Photograph by Charles A. Clark.
  28. World War II
    Image | 2019

    Associated Press photograph of World War II. Seven men standing in a barren, rocky area. American Medical Corps men treated wounded solidiers near the front in Sicily. This photograph appears to be of the same group of men as C3-34.
  29. Man and goat

    Unidentified man and goat standing in a wooded area.
  30. Man in white standing in wooded area

    Man in white sweater and white trousers standing outdoors near wooded area.
  31. Carl Sandburg with Eugene Debs

    Carl Sandburg and Eugene V. Debs in wooded area, facing each other.
  32. Man holding goat

    Unidentified man holding a dark-colored goat standing in wooded area.