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  1. Chuck Olin Digital Film Archive

    The Chuck Olin Digital Film Archive consists of production elements from two PBS-broadcast documentaries: "In Our Own Hands: The Hidden Story of the Jewish Brigade in World War II," and "Is Jerusalem Burning? Myth, Memory and the Battle of Latrun." Both films, relying primarily on first-person accounts, tell the story of critical episodes in the formation of the nation-state...
  2. Old Soldier

    Published in 1840, the semi-monthly Old Soldier was designed in part to combat Old Hickory, a Democratic campaign newspaper also published in Springfield to support Martin Van Buren’s bid for reelection. Each four-page issue is filled with copies of Harrison’s qualifications, his speeches, letters to the editor, and editorials supporting “Old Tippecanoe,” Harrison’s nickname...
  3. Third Armored Division Association Records and Audiovisuals (Digital Surrogates), 1941-1945, 1993

    Digital Surrogates of Third Armored Division Association Records and Audiovisuals (1941 - 1945, 1993) contain digitized copies of pictures, newsletters, newspaper clippings and newspapers' typewritten transcriptions, concerning the 3rd Armored Division's history, members, military campaigns and accomplishments, recreational activities, and cartoons about soldier's daily situ...
  4. Faisons tous notre devoir

    On the left side of the poster a soldier stands on a battlefield. On the right side, a couple gives money to the war effort.
  5. Pour la Patrie

    Algerians and Tunisians on horseback charge into battle.
  6. Souscrivez pour la victoire
    Image | 1916

    Winged Victory, carrying the French flag, leads the allied forces, floating on top of clouds, over a field of defeated Central Powers soldiers and weaponry.
  7. Pour achèver la Croisade du droit souscrivez!
    Image | 1918

    Allied troops on horseback advance on the battlefield.
  8. Souscrivez pour la victoire et pour le triomphe de la liberté
    Image | 1918

    An image of victory wielding a sword appears above a field of advancing Allied soldiers, urging them to battle. Three soldiers dominate the foreground.
  9. Pour que la France soit victorieuse comme a Valmy!
    Image | 1918

    A 18th century French officer protects a young girl with his sword while a battle rages in the background. The image is captioned "Valmy."
  10. Les vainqueurs de la Marne

    In the middle of the poster is a picture of battlefield with a tank and a burning village. To the left of this image is a French soldier, and to the right an American.
  11. On ne passe pas!
    Image | 1918

    A French soldier in ragged attire stands in front of a flaming battlefield.
  12. George F. Root
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "George F. Root (Composer of "The Battle-Cry of Freedom," and Other Inspired Songs)". Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1880s.
  13. Battle-Cry of Freedom
    Image | 1910

    First Sung by Frank and Jules Lumbard in Court House Square, Chicago) By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Text on cover: "Seventh Thousand. The Battle-Cry of Freedom. Words and Music by George F. Root. Published by Root & Cady, 95 Clark St., Chicago. S. Brainard & Co., Cleveland. J. H. Whittemore, Detroit. H. Tolman & Co, Boston. Entered according to Act...
  14. Robert Bensley as Busiris in "Busiris, King of Egypt"
    Image | 1781

    Whole-length. Wearing turban and plumes on head, tunic, cape, sword. With text: "Slave! in the front of battle, There thou shalt find me." Act V, Scene 1.
  15. Robert Bensley as Harold in "The Battle of Hastings"
    Image | 1793

    shield at side. With text: "Disastrous Signs! What shall I do?" Act III, Scene 1.
  16. Robert Bensley as Mahomet in "Mahomet"
    Image | 1777

    3 men in background. With text: "Ma: Thou Alcoran! hast won more Battles for me, than thrice my feeble Numbers had atchiev'd, without the succour of thy sacred impulse." Act II, Scene 2.
  17. Vincent De Camp as Hengo in "Bonduca"
    Image | 1795

    tents in background. With text: "Why I dare fight with these!" Act II, Scene 2.
  18. William Henry Murray as Christiern in "Gustavus Vasa"
    Image | 1806

    Battle scene with swords drawn, horses, armor. With text: Christiern -- "-Vengeance' he cried, and with one eager hand grip'd fast my diadem."
  19. John Palmer as Mahomet in "Mahomet"

    Whole length, holding book. With text: Mahomet -- "Thou Alcoran! Hast won more battles."
  20. Hard at Work, A.L.A. at Camp Custer

    Glass plate slide showing American service personnel in a camp library at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan
  21. Evan Wolfson lecture event flyer
    Image | 2015

    Event flyer for an Evan Wolfson lecture entitled "Marriage as a Human Rights Battlefield." Wolfson was the executive director of The Freedom to Marry Project and an adjunct professor of law at Columbia University.