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  1. The Railsplitter, Abraham Lincoln
    Multi-Page Item | 1 pages

    The Railsplitter, oil on canvas, artist unknown, 1860. Chicago Historical Society collection.
  2. Dodge Business Sedan 1922
    Multi-Page Item | 1 pages

    Drawing for an advertisement
  3. Nigerian Ibeji Twin Figure
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages

    A carved wooden male standing figure with short round base. The head is pointed with coiffure, scarification and facial features carved in low relief. The body is crudely articulated, probably because it was originally covered with shells or beads. One string of beads encircles the neck, one encircles the waist, and one hangs from each arm. There is evidence of encrustation,...
  4. Elliston Pintail Drake Decoy
    Multi-Page Item | 1 pages

    This pintail drake decoy is painted in shades of brown, beige and black. The areas of attachment are visible, the head and two sections of body. The wood is cracked in a few places. There is a lead keel weight on the bottom with "THE ELLISTON DECOY" stamped into it. Dimensions are 17-3/8" l x 6-1/2" h x 5-3/4" with
  5. Schacht Model K Runabout
    Multi-Page Item | 1 pages

    The Schacht Model K Runabout is a two-passenger automobile with a carriage body. The engine is in the rear of the vehicle. A hand crank starts engine. The steering wheel is located on the right side. The Schacht rides on four wooden wagon wheels. The radiator is in front
  6. Journée Serbe 25 juin 1916

    People and cattle make their way across a snow-covered bridge. A Red Cross nurse helps a soldier along, while bodies float in the river below the bridge.
  7. Obok
    Image | 1885

  8. Carte du Combo Français ....
    Image | 1893

  9. Carte de la Baye de Mosambique
    Image | 1764

  10. Baie de Tadjourah
    Image | 1885

  11. Golphe de Tunis
    Image | 1764

  12. Embouchure du Limpopo
    Image | 1892

  13. Assab
    Image | 1885

  14. Blackstone branch interior
    Image | 1911

    From text: "This beautiful structure is worthy of particular mention, not only because it is one of the finest and costliest library buildings of its size in the world, but also because it marks the beginning of the branch library system in Chicago. The location is a triangular lot at the intersection of Lake and Washington avenues and Forty-ninth street. .. It is construct...
  15. Montgolfier, Nathaniel de
    Image | 1904

    sinister, argent, charged with a winged air-balloon gules rising over a sea and rugged coastline, vert.