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  1. North Africa; South Africa
    Image | 1815

  2. Carte Exacte du Cours du Nil
    Image | 1764

  3. William Abbot as Colonel Mannering in "Guy Mannering"

    Whole length. Wearing long coat and boots, holding hat. With text: "I know you, and if you do not instantly descend those stairs, by the heaven above us, you shall take but one step from the top to the bottom."
  4. Portrait of William Henry West Betty at 13
    Image | 1804

    Bust. Wearing low ruffled collar. Wide circular frame with horns at top, tablet and decorations at bottom. "The Young Roscius, Aged 13." Motto: "Oh! Thou Goddess, thou divine nature! How thyself thou blazons't in this most wonderful and matchless Youth."
  5. Portrait of Ann Spranger Barry (nee Street)

    Bust. With inscription "Mrs. Barry" and dramatic emblems at bottom.
  6. Benjamin Nottingham Webster as Apollo Belvi in "Killing No Murder"
    Image | 1833

    Whole-length portrait, wearing coat with tails, long breeches tied at the bottom.
  7. University of California, Berkeley. Library.

    Black ink on beige paper. Image of two women taking water from a stream flowing into a lake. There is a large stylized ""C"" and designer's cipher at bottom of design.
  8. University of California. Law Library

    Black ink on beige paper. Contains an image of books (some titles visible) with trees and sun on the horizon behind them. There are also two flowers located at the bottom left and right of the bookplate.
  9. Lapsley, Anna Welsh.
    Image | 1901

    Black ink on beige paper. Stylized eagle within a wreath-and-ribbon frame. Owner's name on a banner across the bottom of the bookplate.
  10. Radcliffe College. Library.

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon gules and argent parted per pale
  11. Radcliffe College. Library.

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon gules and argent parted per pale
  12. New York Yacht Club. Library.

    Stern of sailing ship
  13. Elwood, George May, 1844-1906
    Image | 1898

    Woman with book and stylized tree
  14. Cornell University. Libraries.

    Text with dotted lines for inscriptions
  15. Perry, Preston A.

    hourglass, manuscript page [illegible].
  16. Mount Vernon Seminary
    Image | 1902

    Black ink on beige paper. Seminary insignia at top left: monogram on Chippendale shield with motto. Scene of fireplace with vase on mantel, empty chairs. The open_file book at bottom left contains the designer's initials.
  17. New London Public Library
    Image | 1890

    Sailor with hands on ship's wheel and fisherman
  18. Whitmore, William Henry, 1836-1900
    Image | 1895

    Illustrates two Native Americans and a woman draped in garland holding a tablet that states ""Ancestral Tablets. Signed at bottom of tablet ""D. de la Fueille 1695. A.W. Elson & Co. 1895.""
  19. Buck, John
    Image | 1894

    Picture of manor house
  20. Goury, Georges, 1875-

    Social gathering of people in festive dress
  21. Wolbrandt, Carl
    Image | 1902

    Printed in red on blue paper. Under 3 Jewish [?] stars, owner's monogram ('CW'--this also appears at bottom of plate) between two monumental urns with flowers. Rain falling.
  22. Richter, Karl
    Image | 1899

    Rain storms in from open_file window, extinguishing candle whose wax drips down upon a stack of books. Spider and web dominate one corner, dog sits upon one open_file book, and a death's head, mantled by banner with motto, rests upon another book with Richter's name. Artist's mark and date at bottom.
  23. Weissenbach, Ivan

    Naked man holding large, thin book under one arm, apparently opening bolts with an instrument.
  24. Société française des collectionneurs d' ex-libris.

    Fashionable early modern Frenchman with tabard bearing fleurs de lis, holding a wand or scepter also topped with a fleur de lis, and leaning on a shield with motto 'un pour tous, tous pour un' (one for all, all for one)
  25. Miracle, Frederich J.

    Ferret among quills and books standing part-open_file on fore-edges, ex-libris slips flying out from one and gathering at bottom of plate.
  26. Loth, Julien, 1837-1913
    Image | 1896

    Front of Gothic cathedral (Rouen).
  27. Ortmann, Rudolph; Ortmann, Blanche

    Top: Double-headed eagle displayed with sceptre and orb, heads crowned, heraldic escutcheon (details obscure). Bottom: American eagle displayed, holding olive branch and arrows, and heraldic escutcheon (from Great Seal of the United States)
  28. Leiningen-Westerburg, K. E. (Karl Emich), Graf zu, 1856-1906.
    Image | 1901

    Two-part design: Top, landscape with winding river
  29. Armstrong, James T.
    Image | 1900

    Raised arms hold uprooted oak tree with owl in upper branch. Portrait bottom right.
  30. Corominas, Theresa

    Woman in long dress sitting on cane-bottom chair, reading
  31. Giro, Fidel
    Image | 1902

    Gutenberg reading proof from his printing press
  32. Burnham, William Henry, 1855-1941; Burnham, Katharine French
    Image | 1900

    Within a frame with text: Windmill
  33. Leiningen-Westerburg, K. E. (Karl Emich), Graf zu, 1856-1906.

    Man resting against tree, open_file book in hands, sword at his side, guitar hanging from overhead branch
  34. Wellesley College
    Image | 1881

    College building
  35. Royal Library of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia

    Tracery stonework design with a central roundel showing the shields of the three states: (1) argent and gules chequey, for Croatia, (2) azure charged with three leopard's heads crowned, for Dalmatia, (3) azure with a marten passant argent on a fess gules (red), a six-pointed mullet in chief, for Slavonia. Crown and mantling.
  36. Moore, Ponsonby A. (Ponsonby Arthur), 1816-1871.

    Escutcheon, mantling, and crest: Escutcheon or (gold) and azure (blue), parted per fess indented, charged in chief with three mullets (stars) pierced. Crested with a crown and Moor's head. Motto on banner at bottom.
  37. Novital, Albert de

    Color plate showing soldier with battle ax and shield with stylized charges. Artist's cipher bottom right.
  38. Morris, Robert C., Mrs.
    Image | 1915

    Portrait of Shakespeare, with his signature beneath against scene of Stratford-upon-Avon. Escutcheon and crest at bottom: Eschutcheon printed in gold, parted by double bend sable