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  1. Chuck Olin Digital Film Archive

    The Chuck Olin Digital Film Archive consists of production elements from two PBS-broadcast documentaries: "In Our Own Hands: The Hidden Story of the Jewish Brigade in World War II," and "Is Jerusalem Burning? Myth, Memory and the Battle of Latrun." Both films, relying primarily on first-person accounts, tell the story of critical episodes in the formation of the nation-state...
  2. Col. James A. Mulligan
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Col. James A. Mulligan (Commander of "The Irish Brigade") By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Image appears to be an enhanced photograph.
  3. The Fire Brigade
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1955

  4. Hanoch Bartov Interview
    Video | 1996

    Bartov discusses his experiences with the Germans during the war. He also tells of looking for Jews after the war ended and their surprise at having Jewish soldiers rescuing them.
  5. Johanan Peltz Interview
    Video | 1997

    Peltz discusses the feeling of vengeance and revenge against the Germans. Also discussed is the role of the Jewish Brigade in bringing Jews to Israel and the creation of the Jewish state.
  6. Oly Givon Interview

    Givon discusses how he was chosen to go to the Palmach and going undercover searching for the Nazis.
  7. Yitzchak Moore Interview (Part I)

    Moore discusses his background as an engineer during World War II, how the brigade was organized and the first battle at Latrun, Bin Nun I.
  8. At the front-line hospital in Muniessa, Spain
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages

    the woman to his right is a nurse from Philadelphia [from description on back of photograph]. Rolfe was a poet and journalist who began publishing newspaper artitcles attacking Nazism in 1934. He was the Lincoln Battalion's poet laureate and the American poet who did the most sustained work on the Spanish Civil War.
  9. Frederick Lutz letter to Louise
    Multi-Page Item | 3 pages

    Three page handwritten letter from Frederick Lutz to Louise, dated March 21, 1937. Lutz was an American volunteer during the Spanish Civil War. Letter from Frederick Lutz to Louise, dated March 21, 1937. The letter reads: March 21, 1937 Dear Louise: Your most welcome letter dated Feb 25 arrived today. how glad I was to get it--it was ...