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  1. Campus Folksong Club Oral History

    During its height in the 1960s, the Campus Folksong Club (CFC) had over 500 members – making it an astonishingly large student organization and an important force in bringing culture from Illinois and beyond to the UIUC campus. The CFC was also unique in its commitment to a variety of traditional music ranging from gospel and blues to old-time Appalachian and Ozark music, as...
  2. Born Digital Records from the AALL SIS Council, 2006-2014

    Born Digital Records from the AALL SIS Council Records and Publications contain annual reports concerning the Special Interest Sections (SIS) Council's work in improving communication among AALL's 13 sections, bringing the sections' needs to the AALL Executive Board, preparing events at the Annual Meeting, and providing leadership training as well as handbooks for SIS leader...
  3. Music & Performing Arts Library General Collections

    The University of Illinois's Music and Performing Arts Library is one of the largest at a public university, and its music holdings are currently ranked very high among music libraries in the United States and, indeed, in the world. Its collections contain more than 765,000 volumes, including over 55,000 books, 520,000 scores, 19,000 microforms, 150,000 sound recordings, and...
  4. Erin's Christmas Pudding
    Image | 1887

    Supplement given away with the Weekly Freeman
  5. Johanan Peltz Interview
    Video | 1997

    Peltz discusses the feeling of vengeance and revenge against the Germans. Also discussed is the role of the Jewish Brigade in bringing Jews to Israel and the creation of the Jewish state.
  6. Louisiana Bookmobile
    Image | 2008

    The Bookmobile, Bringing the Library to the People, Louisiana Bookmobile, circa 1950
  7. Independent Extra advertisement
    Image | 2 pages | 1853

    A clipping of the "Independent Extra" advertising "The Cars are Coming! Clear the Track" since the vote was successful in bringing varied forms of transportation to the small town. This clipping was published in Macomb, Illinois on August 22, 1853.
  8. Bringing Information to People
    Image | 1979

    Black text on white paper with color images of a crowd of people, computer chips, and traditional text printing.
  9. Display of Corn and Signs

    This display of corn and McLean County's growing methods informs visitors of the many techniques used by farmers.
  10. The Stanley of 1861

    Image from the New Hampshire Republican, v. 1 n. 4 (1890), [p. 7-8]. "THE STANLEY OF 1861 THROWING THE SUNLIGHT OF FREEDOM ON A DARK CONTINENT".
  11. Bringing corn to the elevator in the 1950s

    Several full grain trucks line the street on their way to the grain elevator.
  12. Old Glory Goes Marching On
    Image | 2 pages | 1918

  13. The Kaiser Wanted More Territory
    Image | 2 pages

  14. Scrimshaw whale teeth

    Photograph, b/w
  15. Scrimshaw whale tooth

    Photograph, b/w
  16. Slave Sale Broadside

    Credit Sale of a Choice Gang of Slaves, Comprising Mechanics, Laborers, etc. The sale, Tuesday, February 5, 1856, by J. A. Beard and Maj. J. a. Beard, auctioneer, was held for the settlement of a co-partnership of railroad contractors. The description of the sale of "A Very Valuable Gang of Slaves," is: "Belonging ot a co-partnership and sold to close the same. The said slav...
  17. Old Glory March
    Image | 2 pages