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  1. 1987 Campus Inventory of Significant Historic Buildings (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital SurrogatesDigital Surrogates from 1987 Campus Inventory of Significant Historic Buildings contain digitized reports, photographs, newspaper articles, and evaluations of historic buildings located at UIUC concerning an inventory of significant architecture and sites conducted in 1987 by the Preservation & Conservation Association with assistance from the University of...
  2. Accessibility Standards Project File (Digital Surrogates), 1959-1964

    Digital Surrogates from the Accessibility Standards Project File contain digitized meeting minutes, reports, membership rosters, letter ballots rules and responses, memorandums, and published booklets, concerning the progress of the National Program to Eliminate and Prevent Architectural Barriers to the Handicapped, and the activities of the American Standards Association St...
  3. Alumni News (Quarterly and Fortnightly Review)

    Quarterly, monthly or fortnightly Illinois Alumni News (1922- ) and its predecessors the Alumni Quarterly (1907-15) and the Alumni Quarterly and Fortnightly Notes (1915-22), containing articles and photographs relating to feature stories, faculty, editorials, classes, buildings, obituaries, birth and marriage notices, alumni clubs, student life, fraternities and sororities, ...
  4. American Library Association Archives Digital Collections

    This digitization project contains digitized photographs from the Faxon Collection from the Conference Photographs series (99/1/14) and the Library Building Photographs series (99/1/15), held at the University of Illinois Archives. Some photographs and postcards from the Library Building Photographs collection (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, and California) have also been digit...
  5. American Library Association World War I Scrapbooks

    Digitization of the American Library Association Archives Scrapbooks, 1917-1919 Scrapbooks of the Library War Service containing photographs of camp library buildings and activities, services to soldiers and sailors, hospital library service, Library War Service personnel and friends of the ALA, campaigns billboards, dispatch offices and publicity photographs and postcards....
  6. Bernard A. Strauch Photograph Collection (Digital Surrogates)

    Bernard A. Strauch Photographic Collection, including prints, negatives and plates relating to student activities, building, campus scenes, colleges, conferences, commencements, interscholastic circus, bands, faculty, military, alumni reunions, Champaign and Urbana, student organizations, presidents and visitors. Other Strauch photographs relating to athletic activities and ...
  7. Born Digital Files from the Kathleen de la Pena McCook Papers, 1996-2008

    Born digital Records from the Kathleen de la Pena McCook Papers, contain website descriptions, website links, briefs, courses assignments and syllabuses, correspondence, drafts of articles and books, rosters, biographical notes, proposal applications, grant descriptions, presentation papers and speeches, reports, events descriptions, survey forms and bibliographies, relating...
  8. Building and Statue Dedication Programs (Digital Surrogates), 1871

    Digital Surrogates from the Building and Statue Dedication Programs, include a digitized dedication program (1871) for the Cornerstone Laying ceremony of the new University building and for the inauguration of the Mechanic and Military Hall. The original program can be found at record series 2/0/808
  9. Building Floor Plans (Digital Surrogates), ca. 2001-2014

    Digital surrogates from Building Floor Plans include digitized drawings and project manuals for unrestricted campus buildings. Material include building floor plans, including 8.5 X 14 floor plans for about 600 campus buildings showing building, date, scale, room numbers and room assignment. Materials also include projects manuals. An access copy is available FOR CLASS PR...
  10. Building Photographs (Digital Surrogates)

    Building Photographs including photographs, negatives, and slides - used by campus architects and planners - of campus buildings, building construction, the campus, campus maps, campus planning, streets, walkways, information signs, off-campus houses, residence halls, benches, lamps, air vents, steam tunnels, water mains, water and utilities distribution systems, building re...
  11. Campus, Community, and State Maps (Digital Surrogates), 1874-2009

    Digital surrogates from campus, community, and state maps include materials digitized from the University of records series 0/1/807. Digitized materials include the Map of University Property; campus maps with north, south or whole campus views; campus plans and master plans (1986, 1989, 1990, 1996, 1999, 2001 and 2007); maps of campus farms, College of Agriculture building...
  12. Champaign-Urbana Historic Buildings

    The Champaign-Urbana Historic Built Environment offers a selection from the holdings of the Champaign County Historical Archives, which was established as a department of The Urbana Free Library in 1956. Among its holdings of books, manuscripts, and maps, the archives has preserved over 50,000 photographs of local people and locations. This collection provides a sampling of ...
  13. Champaign-Urbana Historic Built Environment

    The Illinois Built Environment collection provides to the public a first-hand view of select original documents used to shape the Campus. Among others, items include hand sketches of campus plans, original trace and linen drawings of many of the Central Quadrangle buildings, four separate proposed sketches for the original Library, now known as Altgeld Hall, and watercolor r...
  14. Chester P. Siess Papers, 1933-2004

    Papers of Chester Paul Siess (1916-2004), M.S. 1939, Ph.D. 1948, including the American Concrete Institute Committee 318 files on the ACI Building Code Requirements for reinforced concrete, meeting minutes, membership lists, and subjects such as materials and testing, shear and bond, flexure, and columns. Dr. Siess served as a committee member from 1953-1997. Additions inclu...
  15. Dedication and Facilities Publications: Plans and Maps (Digital surrogates), ca.1967

    Digital surrogates from the Dedication and Facilities Publications: Plans and Maps, contains digitized copies of building plans and maps, concerning renovation projects of the Illini Union. An access copy is available upon request.
  16. Digital surrogates from the ALA Films Records, 1650, 1960, 1966

    Digital surrogates from the ALA Films Records, contain the digitized films "Help Yourself" (1950, 23:15 min) about Cambria free library at Johnstown (PA), "And Something More" (1966, 7:55 min.), and "ALA: Program for Progress" (1960, 27:55 min.). Films display the benefits of public and school libraries’ services, give practical recommendations for users and librarians, prom...
  17. Division of Rehabilitation Education Services Subject File (Digital Surrogates), 1949-1997

    Digital surrogates from the Division of Rehabilitation Education Services Subject File, 1949 -1997, contain selected digitized correspondence; event programs; speeches; newspapers clippings; acceptance letters and orientation bulletins for accepted students with disabilities; and annual reports, concerning the Division of Rehabilitation Education Services' (DRES) operations,...
  18. Edward Nestingen Interview Records (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates), 2006

    Audiovisual digital surrogates from the Edward Nestingen Interview Records, contain an interview to Edward Nestingen, former YMCA Executive Director, by Tom Seals (member of board of governors of University's YMCA), concerning Mr. Nestingen's major contributions while leading YMCA's programs; the evolution of YMCA's role; its goal in facilitating "one to one helping relatio...
  19. Facilities and Services Project Drawing and Plans Files (Digital Surrogates), 1885-1999

    Digital Surrogates from the Facilities and Services Project Drawing and Plans Files, contain digitized drawings, sketches, blueprints, fabric samples, and construction photographs concerning architectural projects and proposals for Campus development and facilities' improvement. This series also include additional digitized material including campus building plans. Access...
  20. Floriculture Division Records (Digital Surrogates)

    Floriculture Division Records including correspondence of Herman B. Dorner, James R. Kamp, Samuel W. Decker, Frederick F. Weinard and Joseph C. Blair concerning departmental affairs; annual reports; faculty reports; course and student files; building files and some financial records. The series includes consultation files and research records of faculty members, the Illini F...
  21. Hardy Cross Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1930

    Digital Surrogates from the Hardy Cross Papers contains a digitized copy of Cross' paper "Analysis of Continuous Frames by Distributing Fixed-end Moments" included in the May 1930 Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers. This paper contributed refining and simplifying the mathematical work required to analyze elements of statically indeterminate buildings and ...
  22. Harlan D. Fairchild Photographic Collection (Digital Surrogates)

    Photograph collection of Harlan G. Fairchild '30, (1908-93) including prints of photographs taken by Bernard A. Strauch and Harlan Fairchild of student activities (1920-41), athletic teams and events -- especially baseball and football (1911-36), buildings and campus views, interscholastic track meets (1927-42), commencement (1930-43), military inspections and reviews (1927-...
  23. Historic Illinois County Atlases

    Illinois Historical County Atlases County atlases, which began to be produced after the Civil War, are a uniquely American nineteenth-century publication. County atlas publication initially was centered in Philadelphia in the 1860s but by the 1880s Chicago had taken the lead, and a high proportion of the atlases published cover Midwestern counties. The primary foci of the...
  24. Illini Union Photographic Subject File (Digital Surrogates), ca.1940-1998

    Digital Surrogates from the Illini Union Photographic Subject File contain digitized photographs relating to different locations and events at the Illini Union. Includes images of building construction or improvement at different time periods; exterior and interior general photographs of the building; Illini Union ballrooms, lounges, recreation areas, cafeterias, guest rooms...
  25. Joseph W. Royer Architectural Drawings (Digital Surrogates), 1927-1929

    Digital Surrogates from the Joseph W. Royer Architectural Drawings contain digitized architectural plans relating to blueprints of structural, heating, plumbing, and electrical features of buildings completed by Royer, Danely, and Smith Architects of Urbana, Illinois including: Zeta Tau Alpha Chapter House (Urbana), Chicago Heights (Bloom Township) High School, Illinois Wome...
  26. Justin Palmer Papers (Born Digital Records)

    Born Digital Records from the Justin Palmer Papers, Architecture graduate student, includes 3D models of campus buildings in short video clips created for the Mapping History at the University of Illinois sesquicentennial project (see RS 35/2/59 for more information).
  27. Louis and Ruth Wright Papers (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates), 1934-1935

    Audiovisual Digital Surrogates from the Louis and Ruth Wright Papers, contain three digitized amateur films from 1934-35 of campus life, portraying student daily life; campus buildings; student military marching bands; a graduation ceremony; football games, baseball games, and other athletic competitions; recreational summer activities at off campus locations; sororities; a...
  28. Lowell Griffith Photographs (Digital Surrogates), 1957-1959

    Digital Surrogates from the Lowell Griffith Photographs contain digitized copies of photographs taken by Lowell Griffith, documenting military aircraft at airport; marching band; music instruments; orchestra rehearsal; baseball, basketball, football, hockey, track athletics, bike race, wrestling and hula hoop competitions; campus scenes (outdoor areas, classrooms, auditorium...
  29. Motion Picture Center Production Film (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates), 1966, ca. 1971

    Audiovisual digital surrogates from Motion Picture Center Production Film contain two digitized video recordings concerning student life and events at Illinois. The film on student life includes shots of the Quad, tennis courts, Undergraduate Library construction, speeches on Quad, rehearsal, the Council of Racial Justice Demonstration, and a campaign about U.S. economy in 1...
  30. News-Gazette Negatives (Digital Surrogates)

    4"x 5" and 3.5"x 4.5" negatives of photographs taken for the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette including public events, sports, celebrities, natural disasters, social interest photographs, buildings, Champaign-Urbana activities and the University of Illinois. The series includes chronological listings of photographs taken from March 1, 1950, to December 31, 1966, showing date, s...