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  1. Charles C. Stewart Papers (Digital Surrogates), ca. 1800- ca. 1910

    Digital Surrogates from the Charles C. Stewart Papers contain digitized manuscripts in Arabic, pertaining to the Mauritanian Manuscripts Collection. This material is part of Professor Stewart research material and was digitized by the University Archives. An access copy of the digitized manuscripts is available upon request.
  2. College and Research Libraries

    College & Research Libraries (Print ISSN: 0010-0870; Online ISSN: 2150-6701) is the scholarly research journal of the Association of College & Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association. Founded in 1939, C&RL is the “premier scholarly journal for the publication of empirical research in academic librarianship.” C&RL publishes original research on all ...
  3. College of Engineering Historical File (Digital Surrogates), 1908-1996

    Digital Surrogates from the College of Engineering Historical File, include a select portion of correspondence and related materials, reports, programs and brochures, and newsletters relating to the Engineering Open House, the renaming of the Engineering Research Laboratory as the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (1996) and the Department of Aeronautical Engineering to the ...
  4. Architecture Department Subject File: Manuscript by Nathan C. Ricker (Digital Surrogates), 1922

    Digital surrogates from the Architecture Department Subject File: Manuscript by Nathan C. Ricker, contain a digitized autobiographical manuscript entitled "The story of a life" by Nathan C. Ricker. The original manuscript can be found in record series 12/2/1, Box 15. See the finding aid of this record series for more information. Additional information about Ricker can...
  5. Department of Mathematics History (Digital surrogates), 1940

    Digital surrogates from the Department of Mathematics History include a digitized copy of master's thesis by Edna C. Stanford on "The History of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois" including a 21-page narrative history of the department which developed after the hiring of Professors Edgar J. Townsend in 1893, George A. Miller in 1906, Arthur R. Crat...
  6. Engineering Experiment Station Bulletin Records (Digital Surrogates), 1969

    Digital Surrogates from the Engineering Experiment Station Bulletin Records contain a digitized copy of the Engineering Experiment Bulletin number 500, relating to the research "Restraint Characteristics of Flexible Riveted and Bolted Beam-to-Column Connections" by C. W. Lewitt, E. Chesson Jr. and W. H. Munse. For more information about the Engineering Experiment Station ...
  7. Michael E. Ewald Collection, c.1860s-c.1930s

    Four (4) unidentified historic trumpet/cornet mouth pieces.
  8. Nathan C. Ricker Papers (Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records), 1901-1922, 1999, 2008

    Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records from the Nathan C. Ricker Papers contain digital born photographs and reports produced by David J. Garner; digitized alumni records of the University of Illinois; and a digitized copy of the book "The History of Sanford, Maine 1600- 1900" (1901); concerning Nathan C. Ricker's family stories, family tree, his childhood home in Maine...
  9. Maynard and Jane Brichford Early Sound Recording Collection

    Collection consists of one Edison Model C-150 'Sheridan' Disc Machine and 34 78 rpm records.
  10. Edwin C. Rae Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1945-1947, 1958

    Digital Surrogates from the Edwin C. Rae Papers contain digitized pictures, albums, correspondence, certificates, catalogs, reports, and magazines related with the restoration and preservation of art and architecture pieces in Germany after World War II. Materials are related with distinctions received by Mr. Edwin C. Rae for his important contribution as Chief of Monuments,...
  11. Floriculture Division Records (Digital Surrogates)

    Floriculture Division Records including correspondence of Herman B. Dorner, James R. Kamp, Samuel W. Decker, Frederick F. Weinard and Joseph C. Blair concerning departmental affairs; annual reports; faculty reports; course and student files; building files and some financial records. The series includes consultation files and research records of faculty members, the Illini F...
  12. Seward C. Staley Papers (Born Digital Records)

    Born digital records from the Seward C. Staley Papers includes a bibliography listing sports bibliographies. The bibliography is divided in three files.
  13. Pogo Studio Audio Recordings and Business Records, c. 1988-2000

    Includes audio recordings and related business records created by Pogo Studio of Champaign, IL, documenting recordings by performers including Adrian Belew, Alison Krauss, Hum, Menthol, Shiner, Starcastle, and the Vertebrats, as well as ensembles from the University of Illinois, Eastern Illinois University, and Parkland College; in formats including 2" and 1/4" audio tape, D...
  14. Neil L. Block Papers (Born Digital Records), 1979 -1987

    Born Digital Records from the Neil L. Block Papers include articles and notes concerning Block's work on astrology. Additional electronic material is available upon request, including software manuals, and instructions; executable files; system files; data tables; image files; bibliographies; indexes; resumes; articles and notes; relating to specialized software including FO...
  15. Thomas Clark Shedd Papers (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates)

    Audiovisual Digital Surrogates from the Thomas Clark Shedd Papers contains a digitized oral history interviews with Thomas Clark Shedd (1941) and his son, Milton C. Shedd (1984). The interview with the latter relates to his career at Parsons Brinkerhoff.
  16. Whitney C. Huntington Papers: Students Thesis (Digital surrogates), 1929

    Digital surrogates from the Whitney C. Huntington Papers: Students Thesis, contains a digitized copy of Harold Everett Wessman's thesis for the Professional Degree in Civil Engineering, entitled "Design of Main Bridge Superstructures for the Arthur Kill Bridges". Digitized material is a typewritten document including handwritten notations, photographs and oversized maps. ...
  17. Tunison's Africa
    Image | 1885

  18. Africa
    Image | 1853

  19. Africa
    Image | 1855

  20. Abissina and Nubia &c
    Image | 1701