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  1. Krannert Museum Exhibition Catalogs (Digital Surrogates), 1978

    Digital Surrogates from the Krannert Museum Exhibition Catalogs: Sol LeWitt, contains a digitized catalog concerning the exhibition of the work by Sol LeWitt at the Krannert Art Museum from February 3 through April 4, 1978. The digitized catalogue includes biographical notes about LeWitt, and an invitation to a preview event and conversation with the artist.
  2. Jack Linker American Bands Sound Recording Collection, ca. 1895-1939

    Consists of two hundred and twenty commercially produced 10- and 12-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, sixteen 7-, 5 1/2-, and 4-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, and one hundred seventy-two historic 2- and 4-minute cylinder recordings documenting performances by the Sousa, Pryor, Herbert, Goldman, Gilmore and RCA Victor bands, among others, made between 1895 and 1923. In addition is...
  3. Edwin C. Rae Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1945-1947, 1958

    Digital Surrogates from the Edwin C. Rae Papers contain digitized pictures, albums, correspondence, certificates, catalogs, reports, and magazines related with the restoration and preservation of art and architecture pieces in Germany after World War II. Materials are related with distinctions received by Mr. Edwin C. Rae for his important contribution as Chief of Monuments,...
  4. Elbern H."Eddie" Alkire Personal Papers and Music Instrument Collection, 1926-1997

    Consists of original and published music, business records, correspondence, instructional guides and music examinations, programs, sound recordings, photographs, electrical and mechanical diagrams for several prototype Hawaiian guitars, music instrument catalogs, four original prototype Hawaiian guitars including the first 15-string acoustic guitar, Cruiser, Mini Surfer, and...
  5. Registration Catalogs Files (Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records), 1867-1900, 2000-

    Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records from the Registration Catalogs Files, contain digitized copies of the University catalog (1867-1900), including descriptions of University colleges and programs, courses of study, calendars, Board of Trustees roster and committees, faculty roster, list of enrolled students, University history and administrative organization, Campus...
  6. Roslyn Rensch Papers, 1900, 1917-93

    Papers of Roslyn Rensch (1923- ), M.A. (Art History) 1959, contain correspondence, programs, bulletins, newsletters, brochures, photographs, harp catalogs, music reviews, class and research notes, bibliographies, drafts and galleys of publications, newspaper clippings, articles, harp string case (1900), microfilm and scrapbooks relating to harp research, teaching, and perfor...
  7. University Archives of the Mapping History - Temporary Collection

    Digitized surrogates of University of Illinois Campus maps from University Archive and the Map Library. The maps come from several different record series in Archives including the Campus Course Catalogs and Registries, Staff Directories, IBook, YMCA student handbooks and individual maps from the Map Library. This project will take a multi-layered approach to telling the...
  8. Brooklyn Public Library

    The Circulation Hall of Ingersoll Building offers easy access to card catalogs, book charging, and information desks, and subject divisions."" Postcard was never mailed.
  9. Catalogs Map, 1914-1915
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