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  1. LGBT at UIUC

    "The Gay Illini organization was formed in 1975 and Illini Pride was founded in 1977, both growing out of the work of the Gay Liberation Front. Gay Illini was announced in the Daily Illini on January 29, 1975. By April 1975, the group was holding Gay Forums, offering panels discussing topics related to gay students and queer life. The group also hosted a number of social eve...
  2. Anton J. Cermak
    Image | 1933

    From text: "Cermak Was Elected World's Fair Mayor[.] 'I'm glad it was me instead of you.' Thus spoke the man that had been chosen to be Mayor of the city of Chicago during A Century of Progress Exposition on that memorable night of February 15, 1933, in Miami, Florida, when he was felled by an assassin's bullet as he was talking to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt."
  3. Joseph Cummings
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Joseph Cummings: President of Northwestern University from 1881 until his death in 1890". From text: "Before Dr. Joseph Cummings was chosen as president on June 21, 1881, the University had passed through five years of severe financial retrenchment and painful anxieties. ... The financial aspect of the affairs of the University began greatly to improve about this ...
  4. Entrance to Rosehill Cemetery
    Image | 1883

    From text: "The projectors of Rose Hill have wisely selected grounds far enough from the city proper to insure no molestation of the ashes of the dead in the future, and have chosen grounds high enough for the purposes intended, and also those susceptible of improvement at a slight expense. They are of easy access both by rail and drives, which is certainly a desirable feat...
  5. Reading room for young people
    Image | 1911

    and perhaps incidentally, to provide a pleasant and inviting retreat for the scant leisure of the great army of juvenile bread-winners employed within the radius of a mile from the Library."
  6. Branch reading room
    Image | 1911

    From text: "A goodly portion of well-chosen juvenile books serves to attract the children of the neighborhood, whose interest is further enlisted by means of an occasional story hour, when stories of the famous myths and heroes of other times and climes are told by an expert children's librarian."
  7. University of Notre Dame. Library.

    judicia tua non sum oblitus = I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgments have I laid before me. (Ps. 119:30)
  8. Oly Givon Interview

    Givon discusses how he was chosen to go to the Palmach and going undercover searching for the Nazis.
  9. The Story Of Old Glory, The Flag We Love
    Multi-Page Item | 6 pages

  10. Framed print of George Washington

    Wood and papier mache oval frame. Molded flowers at compass points. Remnants of scallop molding on rim, contains portrait of George Washington. He wears a dark suit with white shirt and high collar. He holds a sword in his left hand. L 18" x W 16".
  11. Flint Corn

    Flint corn was praised by early farmers for its ability to withstand wind and weather, but it was not well regarded as livestock feed.
  12. New York Central Steam Locomotive #999;

    The New York Central 999 steam locomotive and fuel car measure approximately sixteen feet tall, ten feet wide, and forty-eight feet long. The driving wheels are seven feet, two inches tall. The locomotive and fuel car weigh 124,000 pounds. The locomotive, with two driving wheels on each side, is painted black with silver trim, and has brass components.
  13. Framed print of Martha Washington

    Wood and papier mache oval frame. Molded flowers at compass points
  14. Yellow Dent Corn

    Yellow Dent corn was well known to McLean County's earliest white settlers. This is Reid's Yellow Dent, a later development.