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  1. Aerial Photos

    Based on benchmarks previously established by the Map and Geography Library, the Illinois State Geological Survey, and Scantech Color Systems, Inc., of Champaign, the pilot worked toward developing protocols and an interface to make scanned photography of Illinois flown between 1935 and 1955 available through the Web. Visitors are now able to view JPG image surrogates resize...
  2. CDMS Issuances and Reports (Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates), 1984, 2003-2011

    Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates from the CDMS Issuances and Reports contain electronic copies of CDMS' (Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society) events promotional posters and brochures; and research reports' illustrated covers, concerning ethnic and racial diversity on campus, academic perspectives on ethnic diversity and discrimination, racial discriminati...
  3. ISGS Illinois Historical Landstat Photograph Collection

    The ISGS’ Landsat photographic print archive is unique in a few important aspects. The 27 prints, which have acquisition dates between 1975-1979, date back to the two earliest Landsat satellite missions. Despite the comparably coarse ground spatial resolution, they portray the ground surface of Illinois as it appeared prior to widespread adoption of conservation tillage/no t...
  4. Jean Cutler Theatrical Films, Audio Recordings and Papers, 1959-1995

    Consists of original 16mm and 8mm films, reel-to-reel audio tape recordings, color slides, photographs, and personal papers pertaining to Jean Cutler's career as a graduate student in the Department of Speech, College of LAS, at the University of Illinois (1958-1962), as well as from his time as Professor of Theater at the University of Oregon (1962-1980) and, later, as a vi...
  5. University Videotapes 1932-94 (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates), 1997-98, 2001, 2005.

    Audiovisual digital surrogates of University Videotapes contains digitized color and black and white University videotapes and recorded television programs relating to College Bowl between University of Iowa and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (1960); Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (ca. 1965); Illinois Summer Youth Music (1967); University Christmas show...
  6. Africa
    Image | 1871

  7. Africa
    Image | 1872

  8. Africa
    Image | 1875

  9. Africa
    Image | 1875

  10. Afrique
    Image | 1876

  11. Carte du Haut Nil
    Image | 1877

  12. Le Sahara
    Image | 1877

  13. Afrique
    Image | 1879

  14. Afrika
    Image | 1881

  15. Die Nilländer.
    Image | 1881

  16. Africa
    Image | 1882

  17. Africa
    Image | 1882

  18. Africa
    Image | 1883

  19. Africa
    Image | 1884

  20. Africa
    Image | 1885