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  1. Mess Hall; Kitchen; Bakery
    Image | 1898

    power plant in background
  2. Erin's Christmas Pudding
    Image | 1887

    Supplement given away with the Weekly Freeman
  3. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
    Image | 2013

    On a point of land facing the sea, the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum is an inspiring monument to the 35th President of the United States. It was built with funds donated by millions of people who loved and respected him and continues to be supported, in part, by the generosity of members.
  4. South Hadley Falls Public Library
    Image | 2013

    The South Hadley Falls Public Library was opened in 1907 on Bardwell St., South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts. The Library has filled a vital need in the town and as it continues to serve the growing community, its value and convenience are widely appreciated. The three blue sproce trees tsanding in front of the Library were planted by the Girl Scouts.
  5. Letter from A.S. Coe to Samuel A. Jones
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages

    Letter from A.S. Coe to Samuel A. Jones dated September 29th, 1863 describing the battle of Gettysburg. Samuel A. Jones was a homeopathic physician and scholar of American Transcendentalism. He served as a Civil War surgeon.
  6. Sona-Mag Advertisement

    Sona-Mag continues to produce tape units such as this one. They also produced electronic equipment for airports.
  7. Photographic print of the Lincoln Home made from glass plate negative

    Black and white photograph of the Lincoln Home made from glass plate negative. Photo showing on man and two children standing at south corner of house, and one person sitting on steps. Photograph is oval mounted on rectangular paper backing. Gold rings surround picture. "D.C. Pratt Photographic Artist, Aurora, Illinois" embossed on back. Photo probably taken from a neighbor'...
  8. Slave Sale Broadside

    Credit Sale of a Choice Gang of Slaves, Comprising Mechanics, Laborers, etc. The sale, Tuesday, February 5, 1856, by J. A. Beard and Maj. J. a. Beard, auctioneer, was held for the settlement of a co-partnership of railroad contractors. The description of the sale of "A Very Valuable Gang of Slaves," is: "Belonging ot a co-partnership and sold to close the same. The said slav...
  9. WDWS Radio Station, Route 45 and Windsor Road, Champaign

    South Neil Street and Windsor Road, Champaign.
  10. Cloth 'Mama Bear' Doll

    (second to left) A cloth cut-out and sew "Mama Bear" doll from "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". She wears a striped print dress with an apron. The doll holds a bowl of Kellogg's cornflakes and is eating from the bowl. The back of the doll continues to depict the striped print of the front.
  11. Trim 3, from Lincoln's catafalque

    Black wool fringe. Cord is looped and sewn together to form tape. First continues to form tassels before next loop of tape. Tassels made by cord, twisting back on self. Additional, thinner, cord sewn diagonal across front of tape in long and short sections in pattern. Excellent condition. L 20" x W 6 1/16".
  12. Frederick Lutz letter to Louise
    Multi-Page Item | 3 pages

    Three page handwritten letter from Frederick Lutz to Louise, dated March 21, 1937. Lutz was an American volunteer during the Spanish Civil War. Letter from Frederick Lutz to Louise, dated March 21, 1937. The letter reads: March 21, 1937 Dear Louise: Your most welcome letter dated Feb 25 arrived today. how glad I was to get it--it was ...
  13. Private Arkansaw Bill
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1918