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  1. Digital Emblematica

    The Digital Emblematica collection highlights a fraction of the internationally renowned emblem book collection owned by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Published in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and England, each digitized book can contain up to 1,500 emblems to peruse. These 17th and 18th Century creations typically link together three constitutive elements...
  2. Illini Union Photographic Subject File (Digital Surrogates), ca.1940-1998

    Digital Surrogates from the Illini Union Photographic Subject File contain digitized photographs relating to different locations and events at the Illini Union. Includes images of building construction or improvement at different time periods; exterior and interior general photographs of the building; Illini Union ballrooms, lounges, recreation areas, cafeterias, guest rooms...
  3. Mapping History at the University of Illinois Collection

    The Mapping History at the University of Illinois (MH@UI) collection contains maps, drawings, blueprints, and images of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and Champaign County dating from the 1850s to the present. Maps relate to way-finding, campus and community planning, city zoning, political districting, transportation, humor and cartooning, student housing, re...
  4. Margaret Erlanger Papers (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital Surrogates from the Margaret Erlanger Papers include digitized correspondence, photographs, curriculum proposals, dance concert posters and programs, and newspapers clippings, concerning Profesor Erlanger's contribution to the creation of the Dance Department at Illinois, and to the evolution of the undergraduate and graduate dance programs. Note: Since these mate...
  5. Third Armored Division Association Records and Audiovisuals (Digital Surrogates), 1941-1945, 1993

    Digital Surrogates of Third Armored Division Association Records and Audiovisuals (1941 - 1945, 1993) contain digitized copies of pictures, newsletters, newspaper clippings and newspapers' typewritten transcriptions, concerning the 3rd Armored Division's history, members, military campaigns and accomplishments, recreational activities, and cartoons about soldier's daily situ...
  6. Douglass Center

    Shows the south and east sides of the structure. Demolished in 1975.
  7. Washington Park Club House
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Washington Park Club House, and "Derby Day"[.] The most notable of racing tracks in Chicago is Washington Park, especially famous for its "Derby Day," usually run some Saturday in June. This event attracts from seventy-five thousand to one hundred thousand people, and the splendid turn-outs of beauty and fashion and gay equipages rival in interest the great raci...
  8. Humboldt Park boathouse
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Free Bathing Pool[.] One of the most beneficent of Chicago's charities is the public bathing system, a comparatively recent institution. The baths are spacious and well-equipped and the best evidence of their importance is found in the numbers resorting daily to their use. They are open and free to all. The Carter H. Harrison Bath at 192 Mather Street is noted ...
  9. McVicker's Theatre
    Image | 1869

    and will accommodate about 2,000 people. The exterior, of which an engraving is presented on another page, presents a handsome front on Madison street. The interior arrangements are most complete and admirable. The seats are handsomely furnished, easy, and comfortable, affording an excellent view of the stage from all parts of the house. The stage is of an immense size, ...
  10. Wood's Museum
    Image | 1869

    besides numerous other objects of interest and wonder. The specimens of birds and quadrupeds, in the department of natural history, for variety, beauty, and faithfulness to nature, challenge comparison with any other in the world. In connection with the Museum is the lecture room, where dramatic performances every night, and matinees in the afternoon, are given by an excel...
  11. William D. Boyce
    Image | 1912

    similarly the history of successful cities is a history of its successful men. This has been notably true in the creation of Chicago. The men who have made it were, for the most part, farmers' sons. One of these was William D. Boyce, publisher, manufacturer, writer, traveler and sportsman."
  12. Hooley's Theatre
    Image | 1893

    height to 'gridiron,' 62 feet. The theatre is also supplied with the latest patent smoke and fire escape and ventilator. The auditorium is furnished with 'Hooley's Opera Chair,' and lighted throughout by the latest incandescent electric system."
  13. Long bathing beach
    Image | 1920

    Caption: "One of the long bathing beaches."
  14. Navy Pier
    Image | 1930

    two stately towers, with observation galleries, rise from the Pier and afford comprehensive views of Chicago's water traffic. Band concerts are given during the summer, and dancing is enjoyed."
  15. Park swimming pool
    Image | 1904

    From text: "Under an act passed by the legislature May 14, 1903, the South Park commissioners were authorized to issue bonds to the extent of one million dollars for the purpose and creation of small parks or playgrounds in the South Park district. … There will also be in each of the playgrounds a swimming tank or pool varying in size from 80x50 to 150x75. This pool will ...
  16. Charles A. Comiskey at opening of new park
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Comiskey at the opening of his $1,000,000 baseball park in 1910."
  17. Urban Faber and Tom Daly
    Image | 1914

    Tom Daly (right) whose home-run swat won the game for the White Sox."
  18. 2015 University Honors
    Image | 2015

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  19. Lakeland Public Library
    Image | 1938

  20. How to Manage A Ship or Locomotive (Recreation)

    Glass plate slide. Caption reads: "How to Manage A Ship or Locomotive Get Books in the Recreation Buildings on Train Operation Wireless or Practical Exporting"
  21. Modern Plumbing Methods and Other Good Books (Recreation)

    Glass plate slide advertisement reads: Modern Plumbing Methods and Other Good Books on Photography, Carpentry, Cement Work and Practical Steam and Hot Water Heating are in the Recreation Buildings.
  22. Everything about the Farm (Recreation)

    Glass plate slide advertisement reads: Everything About the Farm There are Books on Profit Increasing Methods in the Recreation Buildings.
  23. Recreation Hall and Library, 44th Infantry, Camp Lewis

    Glass plate slide showing soldiers reading inside the Recreation Hall and Library of Camp Lewis, WA
  24. Nurses' Recreation Room, Camp Jackson, S.C.

    Glass plate slide showing five nurses reading books donated by the American Library Association during World War I
  25. The Spectrum Project
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1995

    an annual conference for LGBT student groups and leaders, creation of a guide for other colleges and universities wishing to start an LGBT student group, creation of an association of advisors, and creation of a national association of student groups.
  26. Illinois Highway Map, 1989-90.
    Image | 1989

    highways, roads, counties, rivers, lakes, railroads, colleges and universities, state institutions and memorials, cities and villages and their populations, recreational areas, historic sites
  27. Johanan Peltz Interview
    Video | 1997

    Peltz discusses the feeling of vengeance and revenge against the Germans. Also discussed is the role of the Jewish Brigade in bringing Jews to Israel and the creation of the Jewish state.
  28. Landscapes

    Douglas County, Illinois soybean field ready for harvest with red barn and windmill in background. Used for cover of the 1999-2000 Agronomy Handbook. Photo by David Riecks. c.1998. Original at 5 x 7 at 400ppi, This version same size at 72ppi. 0161-09a.tif. YR: 1998, Creator: David Riecks, Restrictions: Unrestricted, RES: 100ppi, TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Color negat...
  29. Agri-Energy ethanol plant
    Image | 2007

    Lincolnland Agri-Energy plant was built for production of ethanol from corn. The plant began ethanol operations on July 12, 2004 and produces approximately 45,000,000 gallons of ethanol and 128,000 tons of Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) each year.
  30. 0623-08a.tif

    AN00106: Male and Female 4-Her's pet a dog while at a playground. South suburban Chicago. c. 1996. Model Release with Jane Scherer. photo by Brian Stauffer. 5 x 7 at 100ppi. 0623-08A.TIF. MR=Y, TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Slide, Scan Type: Photo-CD, In/Out: Outside, Season: Summer, Time of Day: Day, Format: Horizontal, Shot: Normal. Animal, Pet, People, Race, White, M...