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  1. John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection

    The John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection comprises some 1500 plates, each mounted on an individual card. Each card has a specially designed printed form mounted on the verso upon which Mr. Stewart inserted notes about the owner, designer, or subject of the plate. Besides bookplates, the collection contains book stamps and spine labels, especially from institutional librar...
  2. Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design

    The Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design is a valuable source of documentation on the history of theatre and is housed in The Rare Book and Manuscript Library. It is a rare collection of original materials on the theatre comprising over 5000 items from more than 150 productions in England and the United States. These materials include costume and set designs, sket...
  3. Old Soldier

    Published in 1840, the semi-monthly Old Soldier was designed in part to combat Old Hickory, a Democratic campaign newspaper also published in Springfield to support Martin Van Buren’s bid for reelection. Each four-page issue is filled with copies of Harrison’s qualifications, his speeches, letters to the editor, and editorials supporting “Old Tippecanoe,” Harrison’s nickname...
  4. Post Office
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "The Post Office The new Post Office Building, one of the most magnificent postal structures in the United States, is located in a square formed by Adams, Clark and Dearborn streets and Jackson Boulevard. The delay in its completion caused many spirited controversies. From this great central station radiate forty-seven carrier stations, four stations without carr...
  5. Stock Exchange
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "The Chicago Stock Exchange Building is located at the corner of Washington and La Salle streets, diagonally across from City Hall. It is one of the largest office structures in the city. The exchange is on the second floor. Here a large volume of speculative business is done every day in the week, except Sundays and holidays." The building, designed by architect...
  6. Masonic Temple
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "The Masonic Temple, situated at the corner of Randolph and State streets, is two hundred and sixty-five feet high. The number of its tenants would be sufficient to populate a fair sized village. Although not owned by the Masonic Order, several lodges meet here, paying an annual rental for the privilege. It contains fourteen passenger and two freight elevators." ...
  7. Woman's Temple
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "The Woman's Temple, at the corner of Monroe and La Salle streets, stands as a monument to the untiring temperance workers of Chicago. It is twelve stories high and contains three hundred offices. The building is a fire-proof structure of steel, granite and terra cotta, and was built by the W. C. T. U. at a cost of $1,500,000." The building was designed by the fir...
  8. Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. Building
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "One of the largest department stores on State Street is that of Carson, Pirie, Scott & Company. For years it was located in the building here shown, diagonally across the city from the Marshall Field store. The concern recently removed to more ample quarters in a new structure at the corner of Madison and State streets." Building was designed by architect Louis ...
  9. The Rookery
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "When the great fire of 1871 destroyed the City Hall at the corner of La Salle and Adams streets a temporary building erected on the site was jokingly called " The Rookery." The twelve story building erected later upon this spot retained the name of ""The Rookery." It is built of gray granite and fire proof brick." Designed by Burnham and Root. The base is of re...
  10. Monadnock Building
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "This building presents the appearance of being the most substantial structure in Chicago. It occupies the entire block bounded by Jackson Boulevard, Clark, Dearborn and Van Buren streets. Several of the railroad systems have their general offices here. Seven thousand persons are employed within its walls." Building designed by firm of Burnham and Root.
  11. Railway Exchange Building
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "This edifice is numbered among the handsomest office buildings in the city. It is located on Michigan Avenue, near the Art Institute, overlooking Lake Michigan. The structure is devoted to office purposes, being designed especially for the accommodation of railroad headquarters." Building designed by firm of Burnham and Root.
  12. Michigan Avenue, showing Auditorium
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Michigan Avenue, showing the Auditorium[.] Michigan Avenue lies along the lake front and is a favorite driveway. No obstructing buildings lie between it and the lake and the cool breezes make it a most inviting thoroughfare on a warm day. The Auditorium Building, one of the largest in the whole country, covering an area of sixty-two thousand feet, is located be...
  13. Siegel, Cooper & Company
    Image | 1906

    universally known as "The Big Store." Almost every commodity of commerce ranging from soap to diamonds is sold over the counters of this immense business institution. It requires a corps of nearly two thousand employees to attend to the wants of customers. Siegel, Cooper & Company have stores also in New York and Boston." Building was designed by William Le Baron Jenney.
  14. Auto pumping engine
    Image | 1919

    Caption: "Averages 750 gallons per minute. This style of fire equipment replaces horsedrawn apparatus. It is so designed that the hose wagon and pump are combined in the same apparatus, which eliminates one piece of apparatus in the company where it is installed. It is of the latest design and the records show that the men are able to connect to hydrant, stretch 300 feet ...
  15. Central YMCA Building
    Image | 1906

    Located at 19 S. LaSalle Street. Designed by Jenney & Mundie and built in 1893.
  16. Orchestra Hall
    Image | 1906

    Located at 220 S. Michigan Avenue. Designed by D. H. Burnham & Co. and built in 1905.
  17. Garrick Theater
    Image | 1906

    The Garrick Theater, built in 1892, was designed by Adler & Sullivan, and was located at 64 W. Randolph Street.
  18. Equitable Trust Company's offices
    Image | 1902

    Caption: "Entrance to Equitable Trust Company's Offices." From text: "Bronze elevators, operated by electricity and moving in a shaft inclosed in beautifully designed bronze scrollwork, noiselessly carry the visitor to the upper floors in the front portion of the building. Here are the offices of the Equitable Trust Company, a corporation which acts as executor of estates ...
  19. Entrance to vault
    Image | 1902

    From text: "The portal of this treasure house is guarded by a double set of eight-ton doors similar to those in position in the business vaults of the bank on the floor above. A sentinel stands always at either door, although during business hours the eight-ton door is of course swung open and a heavy bronze and steel-grated door bars the entrance on the inner side of the v...
  20. Reference room
    Image | 1911

    From text: "… the Reference Department, designed to serve and assist readers who may come to pursue their studies within the Library building. This department controls the entire resources of the Library. No card or guaranty of any sort is required, the only condition being that books shall not be taken from the room. All books that circulate for home use may be used here...
  21. Central Library, Anaheim, California - Back of Postcard
    Image | 1963

    Printed on the back of postcard: CENTRAL LIBRARY, 500 W. Broadway Street, Anaheim, California. Designed in contemporary style, this 67,500 square foot structure was built in 1963 as the central facility for the Anaheim Public Library. Of reinforced concrete construction, the three level building provides space for over 300,000 volumes and can seat 288 readers. Special featur...
  22. Chicago, Ill.
    Image | 1931

    map6F oG4104.C6A3 1931 .T8
  23. ABE student research
    Image | 2010

    Patricia Paulausky (in blue) and Loren Anliker (in orange) make adjustments to a controlled environment chamber designed for testing environmental preferences of poultry and young pigs.
  24. ABE student research
    Image | 2010

    Patricia Paulausky (in blue) and Loren Anliker (in orange) make adjustments to a controlled environment chamber designed for testing environmental preferences of poultry and young pigs.
  25. ExplorACES 2011
    Image | 2011

    Ed Roy demonstrates an air cannon to students from Mr. Carlson's Agriculture and Pre-Vet class from Richland Technical Academy at ExplorACES. The two-day event is designed to give high school students a closer look at the College of ACES.
  26. Cleonice
    Image | 1950

  27. Prop List
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages | 1972

  28. Grace: Act I, Scene VII
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1963

  29. Study: Female
    Image | 1963