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  1. Born Digital Records of the Traveling Exhibition and Program Files, 2008

    The born digital records of the Traveling Exhibition and Program Files (2008), containing images, promotional materials, guidelines, and credits for the "John Adams Unbound" traveling exhibit.
  2. Born digital Records from the 13th ACRL Conference Papers, 2007

    Born digital Records from the 13th ACRL Conference Papers, contain digitized records of the ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries) 13th National Conference in Baltimore, MD (March 29-April 1, 2007), including 61 audio recordings of invited paper sessions, panel sessions, and contributed paper sessions; photographs of keynote speaker session, Question of the Day, ...
  3. American Library Association Archives Posters

    Oversized posters, rotogravures and architectural drawings of ALA divisions, committees and projects. The file includes posters of Library War Service (1917-18), Hospital Library Service (1918-19), 50th Anniversary (1926), Reading Campaigns (1920's), W.P.A. Library Service Program (1935) and Andrew Carnegie Centenary (1935), Victory Book Campaign (1943) and World War II in g...
  4. Margaret Erlanger Papers (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital Surrogates from the Margaret Erlanger Papers include digitized correspondence, photographs, curriculum proposals, dance concert posters and programs, and newspapers clippings, concerning Profesor Erlanger's contribution to the creation of the Dance Department at Illinois, and to the evolution of the undergraduate and graduate dance programs. Note: Since these mate...
  5. Sousa Archives and Center for American Music Administrative Files, 1914-2003

    Consists of correspondence, research notes and papers, exhibit scripts, photographs, news clippings and brochures, NEH grant proposals and project reports, and administrative files documenting the creation and management of the Sousa Archives for Band Research between 1994 and 2003. In addition there are personal papers of Phyllis Danner documenting her tenure as the Univers...
  6. Howland, Charles R.

    Barred shield with 3 lions rampant, surmounted by a hat and by a lion passant collared with a crown
  7. Exhibit in the Hallmark Gallery
    Image | 1968

    Exhibit on a bulletin board entitled "The World of Carl Sandburg" at the Hallmark Gallery, 1968.
  8. Carl Sandburg and Edward Steichen with an unidentified man in Russia
    Image | 1959

    Carl Sandburg, left, and Edward Steichen, right, standing with an unidentified man in front of an exhibit. In the background, Sandburg's poem which begins, "There is only one man in the world..." is translated into Russian. Photograph dated 1959.
  9. Edward Steichen at an exhibit in Russia
    Image | 1959

    Edward Steichen standing near two other men at an exhibit of his and Carl Sandburg's work in Russia. Photograph dated 1959.
  10. Carl Sandburg and Edward Steichen preparing the Road to Victory exhibit

    Carl Sandburg with Edward Steichen preparing the Road to Victory exhibit. The two men are standing among some blown up photographs.
  11. Edward Steichen and Carl Sandburg at MoMA
    Image | 2027

    Captions on the back of a photograph of Carl Sandburg and Edward Steichen as they are preparing the exhibit, "Road to Victory: a Procession of photographs of the Nation at War." photograph dated 27 March 1943.
  12. 2014 ExploreACES
    Image | 2014

    Jianqiao Li, a senior in Agricultural and Consumer Economics, waits while instruments measure the emissions from Anna Woolsey, 10, and Madelyn Kelm, 11, from inside a chamber as part of the Animal Welfare and Environmental Systems Laboratory (AWES) exhibit at ExplorACES. Both Woolsey and Kelm are members of the Macon County (Ill.) 4-H Tech Wizard club from Garfield Montessor...
  13. ExploreACES 2015
    Image | 2015

    Jme Pochel, a high school junior from Downs holds a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach while junior Taylor Throw watches. They were visiting the NRES "What's Bugging You" exhibit in Turner Hall Friday morning during ExploreACES with the rest of their BSAA (Biological Sciences Applications in Agriculture) class from Tri-Valley High School.
  14. ExploreACES 2015
    Image | 2015

    Seth Nevius, a sophomore from Tri-Valley High School holds a Lubber grasshopper while senior Jme Pochel, shakes hands. They were visiting the NRES "What's Bugging You" exhibit in Turner Hall Friday morning during ExploreACES with the rest of their BSAA (Biological Sciences Applications in Agriculture) class from Downs.
  15. 2013 ExploreACES
    Image | 2013

    U of I Ph.D. student Christina Lyvers checks how much carbon dioxide is being created by Tri-Valley High School student Bethany Myszka while she sits inside a head box as part of the Feeling Gassy exhibit.
  16. 2013 ExploreACES
    Image | 2013

    Wearing her chicken cap, Lea Sohrabi holds a baby chick at an exhibit in the U of I Stock Pavilion on Saturday, March 9. Sohrabi, who is a student in animal sciences, was one over 50 student volunteers at the annual ExplorACES event.
  17. Roosevelt Presidential Library
    Image | 2010

    The Franklin D. Roosevelt Library was erected to keep the vast number of papers and records of President Roosevelt together, and to exhibit the gifts presented to him.
  18. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University
    Image | 2013

    The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. The 1 1/4"" thick translucent Vermont marble walls are seen in this photo. The central tower shown, has room for 180,000 volumes, with 600,000 volumes additional capacity underground. The Gutenberg Bible is on exhibit in this unique.
  19. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Abilene, Kansas
    Image | 2010

    EISENHOWER PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY, Abilene, Kansas, The lobby of the beautiful Eisenhower Presidential Library (as well as the exhibit galleries and all corridors) is paneled in book matched Laredo Chiaro marble from Italy. The floor is paved with Roman Travertine marble with trim of Breche D'Alep and Rouge Flueri fr0om France.
  20. Detroit Public Library
    Image | 2008

    Murals by Gari Melchers in the 3rd floor exhibit hall of the pass1 Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Avenue. (Left to Right) The Landing of Cadillac's Wife, The Spirit of the Northwest, The Conspiracy of Pontiac.
  21. Bookmobile, Madison
    Image | 2008

    Wisconsin Free Library Commission State Capitol, Madison Wisconsin Inquire about a bookmobile exhibit or project for your area, made possible in Wisconsin by a Federal-grants program to the Commission.
  22. Detroit Public Library
    Image | 2008

    Detroit Public Library On Back: Detroit Public Library. Detroit, Michigan. Murals by Gari Melchers in the 3rd floor exhibit hall of the Main Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Avenue. (Left to Right) The Landing of Cadillac's Wife, The Spirit of the Northwest, The Conspiracy of Pontiac.
  23. Minneapolis Public Library (1)
    Image | 2010

    MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. PUBLIC LIBRARY, The Minneapolis Public Library, containing more than a million books, published reports, manuscripts, etc., serves county residents with 15 branches and three Bookmobiles. Facilities include a Planetarium, Science Museum and Rare Book Exhibit.
  24. Elijah P. Lovejoy Library, Southern Illinois University

    The Elijah P. Lovejoy Library at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville houses over 600,000 volumes as well as a Jazz Archive and the Louis B. Sullivan Architectural Exhibit.
  25. Illinois Student Engineering Exhibit, 1939
    Image | 5 pages | 1939

  26. Exhibit, Surgeon General's Office.

    Glass plate slide caption reads: "Reconstruction Exhibit, Surgeon General's Office. Photo, Harris & Ewing." Exhibit features poster advertisements featured in over slides of this collection, a hospital book wagon, and an overseas box/bookcase.
  27. Sofa belonging to the Abraham Lincoln family

    Rococo-revival style (ornately carved furniture popular in the mid 1800s) upholstered sofa that belonged to the Abraham Lincoln family. Sofa is covered in black horsehair (modern but based on original material). The wood frame is made from mahogany. It is 82 1/2" long, 38 1/4" tall, and 20" deep.
  28. Secretary, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Tall secretary desk with glass front, four bookcases on top, enclosed bottom cupboard, fold-out desk tray. Bookcase has double doors wtih six panes of glass in each door, desk tray which is covered with green felt, rests on two pullout sticks with small gold knobs. Bottom cupboard has double doors with two rectangular wooden panels. Dimensions: Bookcase H. 54 1/2" L. 48"...
  29. Dining table, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Drop-leaf, gate-leg, walnut Empire style dining room table. Gate legs hinged on left side, folding into right side of base. Six legs, turned, with rings at various intervals. Rounded turning near foot, with rounded feet. H. 28" L. 40" W. 43 1/2", Leaves W. 17", Center W. 19".
  30. Chair, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Caned seat Late Empire side chair. Seat is a modified shield shape. Back has two curved rails. Back legs are slightly curved, front legs cyma curve. Wide, flat, bowed stretcher at front, two rounded stretchers at each side. One round stretcher at back. Identical to LIHO 26 & 27. H 32" x W 16" x D 16".
  31. Folding game table, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    top folds in half, rectangular pedestal leg with columns at edges, bowed base, Y scroll on casters. Front rail table top base is carved feet, with front edges of leaves rounded. L 37 1/2" x H 28 1/2" x W 18 1/2".
  32. Child's chair, owned by Abraham Lincoln, used by his fourth son, Thomas (Tad)

    Low small Empire-style caned seat side chair. Modified shield-shaped seat, two back splats w/outlined carved, bowed back legs. Slightly cyma curved front legs, front stretcher curved and flat, two round stretchers at each side, round stretcher at back. H 26" x W 15" x D 13 1/2".
  33. Wardrobe, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Empire-style tall wardrobe. Bracket feet, base carved and scrolled, two large doors divided into two panels each, with narrow strip between doors. Two small mushroom-type wooden knobs. Plain cornice top, sides have one panel. L 56" x H 83 1/2" x W 20 1/2".
  34. Chest of drawers, used in the home of Abraham Lincoln

    Empire classical-style bureau. Overhanging top drawer supported by two smooth columns, three drawers underneath. Top plain, back legs have bun feet. Large knobs. Large wooden sides have panel effect. L 44" x H 47" x W 22".
  35. Sleigh bed, owned by Abraham Lincoln

    Mahogany sleigh bed. Top rail of headboards rolled, incised carving at sides, panel effect for posts. Side rails paneled, with rolled plain carved top at ends. Incised carved modified bulb feet, on casters. Bed very plain, overall. L 78" x H 44 1/2" x W 60".
  36. Wall mirror, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Small oval mirror, mounted on open carved back with two small shelves on either side, supported by open carved bracket. One shelf larger, with top that opens for storage space, supported by open-carved bracket beneath. H 27" x W 13".
  37. Table, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Small table stand, two shelves, bracket feet. Side rails curve up to cornice-style support for top shelf. Bottom shelf solid, but narrower than top. Top shelf has two supports at inner side of rails, rectangular with rounded ends. Bottom shelf long, rectangular. L 23 1/2" x H 23" x W 15 1/2".
  38. Blanket Chest, associated with Abraham Lincoln

    Medium sized blanket chest on legs. Bun and peg feet, turned legs. Bottom section of chest contains one drawer with two mushroom knobs. Lid of chest is rounded, black paint outlining on chest, top chest utilizes dovetail joints and sides. L 37" x H 33" x W 19".