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  1. "Past, Present, and Future" flyer
    Image | 1983

    the United States government. Her early experiences with trying to learn more about lesbianism fueled her lifetime work with libraries. In the 1970s, Gittings was most involved in the American Library Association, especially its gay caucus, the first such in a professional organization, in order to promote positive literature about homosexuality in libraries. She was a part...
  2. Hanoch Bartov Interview
    Video | 1996

    Bartov discusses his experiences with the Germans during the war. He also tells of looking for Jews after the war ended and their surprise at having Jewish soldiers rescuing them.
  3. Animal Scieces students Leigh McDonald, Lindsay Siniawski,Jackie McCarten at the Champaign County Humane Society.
    Image | 2011

    Leigh McDonald, a medical lab intern at the Champaign County Humane Society, said the variety of opportunities and experiences she’s gained during her internship are helping prepare her for a career as a veterinary.
  4. 2013 ExploreACES
    Image | 2013

    U of I ACES student Cathryn Ayers talks about her experiences on a spring break trip to one of 15 different mini-classes offered during ExplorACES on Friday, March 8.
  5. Mohandas K. Gandhi as a lawyer

    Photograph, b/w
  6. Pioneer Zephyr

    A streamlined stainless steel high-speed motor three-car train, powered by a 600 horsepower diesel engine. The train is 197 feet long. It weighs ninety-eight tons.
  7. Print, Photographic (threshing scene)

    Photograph. Threshing scene on the Allen Grant Little farm, Hensley Township, Champaign County, Illinois. Image shows a threshing crew operating a steam thresher attached to a blower. Several full wagons are in the foreground, along with waterbarrels and a water truck.
  8. My Own Times : embracing also the history of my life
    Multi-Page Item | 3 pages

    My Own Times, Embracing Also the History of My Life, by John Reynolds. These pages contain the author's account of his experiences with education in Illinois, his first acquaintance with arithmetic, and descriptions of his teachers.
  9. Painting: Illinois Landscape #90

    A painting of a panoramic view of gently rolling, rich farmland in early springtime. Hedgerows of trees along some field edges, clumps of trees at other places, farmhouse in background towards right end of painting. Dimensions are 12" x 96".
  10. Photograph of Pauline Cushman

    A black and white photograph of Pauline Cushman wearing what appears to be a Union frock coat. Dimensions: 4"x6.5".
  11. Franklin W. Fuller's Civil War Diary, February 15-March 26, 1864
    Multi-Page Item | 20 pages

    This Civil War diary measures 14.2 cm x 9 cm, is bound in leather and is in fair condition. The entries, which cover 35 pages, were written in ink and in pencil. The complete diary is represented in 20 scanned images in this database. This diary is one of seven diaries and 21 letters authored by Franklin W. Fuller that are now in the Chicago Public Library Special Collection...