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  1. 00049ad
    Image | 2000

    ADM (Archers Daniels Midland) grain processing plant (taken from the deck of another barge traveling down the Illinois River).
  2. 00049gd
    Image | 2000

    River barge going under drawbridge (bridge being raised to allow passage). (taken from the deck of another barge traveling down the Illinois River). Factories in Pekin area visible in background.
  3. 00049ge
    Image | 2000

    River barge going under drawbridge (bridge being raised to allow passage). (taken from the deck of another barge traveling down the Illinois River). Factories in Pekin area visible in background.
  4. Spies addressing the strikers
    Image | 1889

    Caption: "Spies addressing the strikers at McCormick's." The McCormick's Works factory was located near Blue Island and Western avenues.
  5. Wells' Mastiff Shoes advertisement
    Image | 1906

    Copy reads: "Wells' Mastiff Shoes Best Line on Earth For Men, boys, Youths, Women, Misses, & Children. Made up in all popular leathers for every member of the household. Stylish-Satisfactory-Popular Largest Manufacturers of Reliable footwear [in] the country Send for catalogue M. D. Wells Co. Chicago"
  6. Steins Bazaar
    Image | 1869

    Text in illustration reads: "81 83 City of Paris. Bazaar. M. Campbell's Hair Manufactory. National Bazaar. Steins Bazaar. E. H. Stein." From text: "The City of Paris, [i]n miniature, can be seen by the visitor to Chicago at Stein's unique and elegant bazaar, No. 83 South Clark street. The collection of fancy goods, toys, and elegant ornaments he keeps in stock in this...
  7. Weir & Craig Mfg. Co. building
    Image | 1891

    Writing on the side of building, in image: "Machine shop & brass foundry. Plumbers. Steam & gas fitters--Supplies. Weir & Craig Mfg. Company. Iron foundery." From text: "It is only reasonable that in Chicago, which is the center of so many packing houses, there should be a manufactory of packing house machinery, and a firm which makes a speciality of this is the Weir & ...
  8. Billboard Opposite Union Station, Washington, D.C.

    Glass plate slide of a billboard with an advertisement. Image depicts a sailor, possibly a factory worker, and an army serviceman with linked arms, marching towards a sign which reads: Back to the Job. Knowledge WINS on Pay Day. Use your Camp and Public Library. The backgroup behind the texts appears to be a dock and warehouses. The sign above the billboard has the company n...
  9. Develop the Power that is Within You
    Image | 1921

    Color print of a male factory worker reading on his lunch break
  10. The Submerged Tenth
    Image | 1935

    Navy and black printing on green paper, includes Carnegie quote with an image of a factory worker reading on his lunch break and a floral motif
  11. I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages

  12. Torpedo the Axis!

    Poster, color, 20 x 30 in., issued by The Admiralty and printed for H. M. Stationery Office.
  13. Benz Velo Automobile

    The Benz Velo is a motorized two-passenger buggy. Its engine is situated in a box behind the seats. The auto has four wheels with spokes, the back two are 35.5 and the front two are twenty-three inches. The car is painted burgundy with gold trim.
  14. Blickensderfer Typewriter No. 5

    A portable manual typewriter (in original carrying case), 'Blickensderfer No. 5 Stamford Conn. U.S.A.' Ideal keyboard, with type-wheel, black keys with white letters. No. 58627.
  15. Coverlet

    This coverlet was woven with red, dark blue and yellow colored wool and cotton yarns. Two mirror-image panels are stitched together at the long sides. There are five horizontal rows of large abstract daisy designs in the center of the coverlet, with side borders of thistle finches (distelfinks) and roses and a bottom border of a grapevine. The weaver's name and the date he w...
  16. Armand Marseille All-Bisque Infant Doll

    A bisque head doll with 'sleepy eyes', an open mouth that has two applied teeth in red lips. It has pink cheeks and brown hair which is brush stroked. The body of the doll is jointed with moveable arms and legs. It is wearing a white linen diaper that is safety-pinned. This doll looks very similar to Armand Marseille's 'My Dream Baby.' It has the marks A.M. Germany 351.1510k.
  17. Tryner and Richardson Cigar Factory

    Tryner and Richardson's Cigar Factory employed a dozen hand rollers in 1894.
  18. Enfield and Mackey Cigar Factory

    Five men pose in front of the Enfield and Mackey Cigar Factory, an early 20th century manufacturer operating in Bloomington.
  19. Bloomington Hoop Skirt Manufactory Advertisement

    The Bloomington Hoop Skirt Manufactory was a manufacturer and wholesale and retail dealer in hoop skirts, corsets, hosiery, zephyrs (light shawls), and underwear. It was run by D. Winter.
  20. Bloomington Pickle Factory

    The Bloomington Pickle Factory manufactured pickles and vinegar in the 1920s and 1930s.
  21. Diamond Star Groundbreaking

    The groundbreaking ceremony for Diamond Star Motors factory in Bloomington-Normal on April 16, 1986.
  22. Mitsubishi Stamping

    This is one of the five press lines in the stamping shop at Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America (MMMA) where coils of steel are stamped into body parts such as doors, hoods, and floor plans.
  23. Bloomington Cider and Vinegar Company Advertisement

    The Bloomington Cider and Vinegar Co. factory was a short-lived 19th century business packaging vinegar and sweet pickles.
  24. R.R. Thompson and Son Advertisement

    The R.R. Thompson and Son Company was an early Bloomington mattress and furniture factory.
  25. View of Atlanta, GA. No. 1

    Reproduction of a black and white photograph of the View of Atlanta, Ga. No. 1. Source: Barnard, George N. Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign, Embracing Scenes of the Occupation of Nashville, the Great Battles around Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain, the Campaign of Atlanta, March to the Sea, and the Great Raid through the Carolinas. New York, 1866. Dimensions: 8"x10".
  26. Sanborn Map, Grand Opera House, 1886

    Sanborn map of the Grand Opera House in McLean County, Illinois, 1886. The Opera House is located next to the A. Brockaw Plow Factory. (alternate spelling: Brokaw)
  27. Sanborn Map, Grand Opera House, 1896

    Sanborn map of the Grand Opera House in McLean County, Illinois, 1896. The Opera House is located next to the A. Brockaw (alternate spelling: Brokaw) Plow Factory.
  28. French airplane factory--Salinson

    Black and white photograph, 4x7 inches. French caption reads "Usine francaise d'aviation - Salinson[.] Atelier des femmes, le fraisage"
  29. Tile, Drainage

    Long Ceramic Field Tile. Trumpet-shaped with flared end at the bottom. Tapererd with an enlarged ring and narrow fitting rim on the other end. Hand thrown.
  30. If (after Rudyard Kipling)

    Poster, color, 10 x 15 in., composed by the Hon. Secretary of the Savings Group in an aircraft factory. Water stains have been removed from this digital image.