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  2. rd00319a.tif

    RD00319: Gloved hand of researcher showing gel electrophoresis floating in petri dish. Biotechnology. DNA or gene mapping. Photo by L. Brian Stauffer. For Animal Science graduate brochure. 1995. 8 x12 at 300ppi. This version 8x12 at 72ppi, RD00319A.TIF. City: UIUC, ST: Illinois, TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Slide, Scan Type: Slide scanner (Polaroid), In/Out: Inside, Fo...
  3. rd00513a.tif

    rd00513: Animal Sciences graduate student Kenneth Griswold (now at SIUC) looks at a gel electrophoresis floating in a petri dish on a light table. Advisor was Rod Mackie. Genetic manipulation, Biotech. Photo by L. Brian Stauffer, Model release NOT on file. c. 1995. Original scan at 7.1 x 10.9 at 500ppi. this version same size at 72ppi. rd00513a.tif. City: UIUC, ST: Illinois,...
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  5. 3702-61a.tif

    99-057, frame #17: Entomology Crop Seminar at Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center. James (Jim) Morrison, extension educator, crop systems level iii, inspects for insects (including European Corn borer, using the "bucket test"- submersing corn root systems in water and waiting for the rootworms to float to top. (Flotation sample). 10 x 6 at 300ppi (this version at 72pp...
  6. Sommer Bros. Float in 1947 Corn Bowl Parade
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    A Sommer Bros. Seed Co. float travels in the 1947 Corn Bowl parade.
  7. Pfister Float in 1947 Corn Bowl Parade
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    A Pfister float made of corn cobs travels in the 1947 Corn Bowl parade.
  8. 1947 Corn Bowl Parade Pioneers Float
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    A float from Union Auto Insurance, depicting an old covered wagon, pulled by horses, travels in the 1947 Corn Bowl Parade.
  9. Slide, Magic Lantern
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    A rectangular glass slide with five busts of adults floating in a blue background. The slide is cracked in half.
  10. Landscape with Birch Trees
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    Drawing by Frederic Remington. Paper birch trees grow well in the cool climate of the upper Great Lakes. The bark, which peels off in large sheets, can be used to make canoes.
  11. Modern whaleship 'Baleana'
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    Drawing, pen and ink
  12. Torpedo the Axis!
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    Poster, color, 20 x 30 in., issued by The Admiralty and printed for H. M. Stationery Office.
  13. Elliston Pintail Drake Decoy
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    This pintail drake decoy is painted in shades of brown, beige and black. The areas of attachment are visible, the head and two sections of body. The wood is cracked in a few places. There is a lead keel weight on the bottom with "THE ELLISTON DECOY" stamped into it. Dimensions are 17-3/8" l x 6-1/2" h x 5-3/4" with
  14. Bernardi Automobile
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    The Bernardi is a two-passenger automobile painted black with red trim. It has three wheels, two in the front and one in the rear. The small steering wheel is on the right side next to the brake handle. It has a brown upholstered buggy bench. The engine is located in a box underneath the bench.
  15. Patriotic ribbon
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    Patriotic ribbon in red, white, and blue. Bow at the top with one white, red, and blue streamer. Red streamer has the following inscription: "July 4th 1908, Daisy Hickman, Gifford, '08".
  16. Giant Ear of Corn from 1915 Festival
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    This giant ear of corn made for the 1915 Bloomington Cornfest is comprised of hundreds of smaller ears of corn.
  17. Centennial Parade, Bloomington, Illinois
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    A float travels down the street near the west side of the square. The crowds are watching the Centennial Parade, Bloomington, Illinois.
  18. U-505 Submarine
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    The U-505 is 252 feet long, thirty-seven feet high at the conning tower and twenty-two feet wide at its widest point. Its maximum speed was 18.3 knots on the surface and 7.3 knots submerged. The submarine had a range of 11,400 miles without refueling and could stay submerged for approximately thirty-two hours. It could carry twenty-two torpedoes. The submarine was designed t...
  19. Corn Design on Float
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    A close-up look at a unique design made of corn on a float in the Bloomington Cornfest parade.
  20. Patent Model of device to refloat boats (reproduction)
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    Reproduction of model boat with system of accordian bellows on sides and seven long poles to work system extending along sides of boat from base to well above deck. Model is stained in red oak stain. Bellows are grey. Boat is a long oval set on a stand.
  21. DeLuxe Plymouth Sedan 1934
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    Photograph, b/w
  22. 1947 Corn Bowl Parade
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    A float from the City of Bloomington depicting a mill wheel travels in the 1947 Corn Bowl Parade.
  23. America (I'm Coming Back to You)
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages | 1918

  24. Freedom for All and Forever
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages | 1918

  25. Allegiance
    Multi-Page Item | 6 pages | 1918

  26. Allegiance - Lyrics
    PDF | 1918

  27. There's a Call for You and Me, Carry On!
    Multi-Page Item | 8 pages