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  1. Journée Serbe 25 juin 1916

    People and cattle make their way across a snow-covered bridge. A Red Cross nurse helps a soldier along, while bodies float in the river below the bridge.
  2. 3702-61a.tif

    99-057, frame #17: Entomology Crop Seminar at Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center. James (Jim) Morrison, extension educator, crop systems level iii, inspects for insects (including European Corn borer, using the "bucket test"- submersing corn root systems in water and waiting for the rootworms to float to top. (Flotation sample). 10 x 6 at 300ppi (this version at 72pp...
  3. Camp Travis Float

    Glass plate slide shows two servicemen posing with a car that is decorated like a ship. Sign on side of car reads: "American Library Association Has Sent More Than a Million Books Overseas and Must Send a Million More." Text below image reads: "Camp Travis Float United War Work Campaign November 1918"
  4. 5000000 BOOKS in SERVICE

    Glass plate slide. American Library Association parade float with servicemen riding inside for the United War Work Campaign; Kansas City, November 9, 1918. Large sign reads: A.L.A. 5,000,000 BOOKS in SERVICE 1550 BRANCHES in US & FRONT. Smaller sign in front of book case reads: BOUGHT BY A.L.A. FOR USA MOTOR SCHOOLS IN KANSAS CITY. Side sign reads: UNCLE SAM TURNS OVER ALL O...
  5. Camp Bowie Float

    Glass plate slide depicting servicemen riding on an American Library Association float. Caption reads: "Camp Bowie Float, United War Work Campaign, Fort Worth (Texas), November 1918" Slogans on the float read: "Books Follow the Flag" and "Here to Over There."
  6. In N.Y.C. 5th Liberty Loan Parade

    Glass plate slide showing an ALA float during a New York City Liberty Loan parade. The signage reads: "BOOKS HELPED! They need more!" (Related image ALA0000196.)
  7. Books Outweight 'Army Blues,' Loan Parade, NYC

    Glass plate slide showing an ALA float during a New York City Liberty Loan parade. The float contains a mock scale, in which donated books "outweigh" containers marked "Army blues." Two soldiers read at a table while a third man, dressed as an officer, uses a megaphone to tout the campaign. Related image ALA0000353.
  8. In N.Y.C. 5th Liberty Loan Parade

    Glass plate slide showing an ALA float advertising its book drive for American service personnel in a New York City parade during the 5th Liberty Loan campaign of World War I
  9. 1947 Corn Bowl Parade

    A float from the City of Bloomington depicting a mill wheel travels in the 1947 Corn Bowl Parade.
  10. Patent Model of device to refloat boats (reproduction)

    Reproduction of model boat with system of accordian bellows on sides and seven long poles to work system extending along sides of boat from base to well above deck. Model is stained in red oak stain. Bellows are grey. Boat is a long oval set on a stand.
  11. Bernardi Automobile

    The Bernardi is a two-passenger automobile painted black with red trim. It has three wheels, two in the front and one in the rear. The small steering wheel is on the right side next to the brake handle. It has a brown upholstered buggy bench. The engine is located in a box underneath the bench.
  12. Corn Design on Float

    A close-up look at a unique design made of corn on a float in the Bloomington Cornfest parade.
  13. Sommer Bros. Float in 1947 Corn Bowl Parade

    A Sommer Bros. Seed Co. float travels in the 1947 Corn Bowl parade.
  14. Pfister Float in 1947 Corn Bowl Parade

    A Pfister float made of corn cobs travels in the 1947 Corn Bowl parade.
  15. 1947 Corn Bowl Parade Pioneers Float

    A float from Union Auto Insurance, depicting an old covered wagon, pulled by horses, travels in the 1947 Corn Bowl Parade.
  16. Allegiance
    Image | 4 pages | 1918

  17. Allegiance
    Image | 2 pages | 1918

  18. Somewhere in France
    Image | 2 pages

  19. Centennial Parade, Bloomington, Illinois

    A float travels down the street near the west side of the square. The crowds are watching the Centennial Parade, Bloomington, Illinois.
  20. I'm Going Back to Yankee Land
    Image | 2 pages

  21. Khaki Bill
    Image | 2 pages

  22. On To Berlin
    Image | 4 pages