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  1. Pour le retour

    African mothers and children wave as a ship enters the harbor.
  2. Afrika mit Europa
    Image | 1896

  3. Rade du Bequier
    Image | 1764

  4. Barbary States
    Image | 1890

  5. Assab
    Image | 1885

  6. Baie de Tadjourah
    Image | 1885

  7. Obok
    Image | 1885

  8. North-West African Settlements
    Image | 1894

  9. Chicago harbor
    Image | 1869

    From text: "In 1833 Congress made the first appropriation of $30,000 to improve the harbor. The north pier was run out a short distance and a light-house erected. An embankment was made to cut off the river from her old channel, which had previously emptied into the lake near the foot of Madison street. This work was commenced in the summer of 1833, and vigorously pushed ...
  10. Bird's eye view of Grant Park
    Image | 1919

    Caption: "Bird's eye view at night of Grant Park, the façade of the city, the proposed harbor, and the lagoons of the proposed park on the south shore. From a painting by Jules Guerin. Copyright, The Commercial Club of Chicago."
  11. Delivery of American Library Association books to U.S. Shipping Board boats in harbor, Newport News, Va.

    Two men in a small boat with boxes of books. Additional caption reads: The A.L.A. furnishes free crew's libraries to American merchant ships and through representatives at principal ports provides free library service to American seamen.
  12. (Two sheets) Lloyd's American railroad map, showing the whole seat of war.
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1861

    Lloyd's American Railroad Weekly, vol. 1, no. 53, July 20, 1861.
  13. Navy Pier
    Image | 1930

    two stately towers, with observation galleries, rise from the Pier and afford comprehensive views of Chicago's water traffic. Band concerts are given during the summer, and dancing is enjoyed."
  14. 94043fba.tif

    1994-043, frame 32: Boats anchored in Chicago's Diversy Harbor (take from Fullerton Avenue side). Lake Michigan. Taken for Illinois-Indiana Seagrant. Photo by David Riecks. Original scan at 7.5 x 11.2 at 500ppi. This version same size at 72ppi.
  15. Van Dyke
    Image | 1936

  16. 2001-65a.tif

    Ocean going ship "vessel" loaded with grain unloading in Japanese harbor. Photo by Kyle Beachy. c. 1993. Must credit usage. 5x7 at 100ppi, 2001-65A.TIF. TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Color negative, Scan Type: Photo-CD, In/Out: Outside, Season: Summer, Time of Day: Day, Format: Horizontal, Shot: Wide. Transportation, Sea/ Water.
  17. The Public Library
    Image | 2013