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  1. Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design

    The Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design is a valuable source of documentation on the history of theatre and is housed in The Rare Book and Manuscript Library. It is a rare collection of original materials on the theatre comprising over 5000 items from more than 150 productions in England and the United States. These materials include costume and set designs, sket...
  2. The Rock Island Argus

    The Rock Island Argus is one of Illinois' oldest newspapers, having been in continuous publication since 1851 when F. S. Nichols founded The Rock Island Republican. In 1854, Colonel J. B. Danforth purchased the paper and changed the name to The Rock Island Argus, as he was an avid Democrat who wanted to avoid any perceived affiliation with the opposing party. In 1882, John W...
  3. Water Tower
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "The Water Tower[.] The North Water Works are situated on Chicago Avenue near the lake shore. Here a stone tower, one hundred and sixty feet high, receives water from the lake forced by four engines having a pumping capacity of ninety-nine million gallons daily. The water is conveyed to the tower through a brick tunnel five feet in diameter which extends two mile...
  4. Park Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The Park Club had its beginning at a social gathering of the leading gentlemen of South Park early in the spring of 1886. … The selection of its name was the natural sequence of its unrivalled location in the midst of the grand system of parks and boulevards, over whose thousands of acres of lawn and lake its windows look. While the majority of the members of th...
  5. Chicago harbor
    Image | 1869

    From text: "In 1833 Congress made the first appropriation of $30,000 to improve the harbor. The north pier was run out a short distance and a light-house erected. An embankment was made to cut off the river from her old channel, which had previously emptied into the lake near the foot of Madison street. This work was commenced in the summer of 1833, and vigorously pushed ...
  6. Merchants Insurance Company building
    Image | 1869

    From text: "One of the most stately and beautiful edifices in the United States, is the new building of the Merchants Insurance company of Chicago, on the northwest corner of LaSalle and Washington streets. It is five stories in height, and has a frontage of ninety-six and one-third feet on LaSalle street, and a frontage of one hundred and eleven and a half feet on Washingt...
  7. Old College hall
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "This building, which still stands on the campus of Northwestern University, was the original Northwestern University Building. For many years it was used as a preparatory academy to the university, until the Fisk Hall was built. Courtesy of Northwestern University." From text: ""The Northwestern University began the erection of its first building at the northwes...
  8. Strauss, Yondorf & Rose building
    Image | 1891

    From text: "Strauss, Yondorf & Rose, Wholesale Clothiers. … They occupy a handsome structure on the corner of Market and Quincy streets, ten stories and basement, being the first actual fire-proof building in the city erected and used for commercial purposes. ... [t]he ninth and tenth stories are used for sample rooms, thus securing on these floors at all times of day an un...
  9. Delivery room
    Image | 1911

    From text: "The Delivery Room proper, which extends across the entire width of the building, with a length of 134 and a depth of 48 feet, is divided into three parts by a rotunda in the center, surmounted by a beautiful stained-glass dome. Elliptical arches rise from the marble piers at the four corners, and the walls above are elaborately covered with mosaics, into which a...
  10. Medical examination
    Image | 1902

    From text: "Putting on a pair of carpet slippers, and arrayed in that informal fashion which prevailed in Eden before the fall, he presents himself to the skilled and keen discernment of the examining physician. This disciple of Galen having found the facts of the lodger's physical condition, writes them upon the same record card that holds his story given at the desk belo...
  11. Lake View House
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "The Lake View House (Permission Mr. James J. Wilson and Chicago Historical Society)". From text: ""There was also a hotel, called the Lake View House, having been opened on July 4, 1854, occupying a site at the northwest corner of what is now designated Grace Street and Sheridan Road. This had been built by James H. Rees and Elisha E. Huntley, and was, without ...
  12. Bumptious Pigmy and the Contemptuous Giant
    Image | 1889

    Supplement gratis with "United Ireland"
  13. Hide And Seek
    Image | 1888

    Supplement given away with the Weekly Freeman
  14. A Terrible Emergency!
    Image | 1881

    Supplement to the "Weekly Freeman"
  15. Rejoice, Oh! Greatly
    Image | 1887

    Supplement given away with the Weekly Freeman
  16. Russell, J. Scott (John Scott), 1808-1882.

    Ship at sea with sails furled, bearing large escutcheon and banner with motto: depressus extollor. Owner's monogram on ship.
  17. Cesnola, Luigi Palma di, 1832-1904

    Coat of arms: Escutcheon or (gold) with palm tree supported by lion and crowned eagle reguardant. Motto: Oppressa resurgit (Having been oppressed, it rises again)
  18. Indiana State Library and Historical Building, Indianapolis, Indiana
    Image | 1910

    ""Indiana State library is located at Senate and Ohio streets, opposite the State Capital. It contains the largest collection of Indiana books, having over 33,000 volumes on this one subject. The Indiana Historical Bureau is also housed in this building."" Postcard was never mailed.
  19. Chicago Public Library, Downtown Chicago, Ill.
    Image | 1940

    ""The Public Library, located on Michgan Boulevard between Washington and Randolph Streets, contains over 1,993,604 volumes of books of every description. Having an annual circulation of 12,000,000 proving the people of Chicago are well-read."" Postcard was never mailed.
  20. Chicago Public Library

    Chicago Public Library, Down-town, Chicago, ILL On Back: The Public Library, located on Michigan Boulevard between Washington and Randolph Streets, contains over 1,993, 604 volumes of books of every description. Having an annual circulation of 12,000,000 proving the people of Chicago are well-read.
  21. State Library

    The State Library, Old State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois Although there had been four statehouses in Illinois before the Old State Capitol was occupied in 1839, this was the first statehouse to incorporate a library. Abraham Lincoln is recorded as having borrowed the first book from the State Library in 1842.
  22. Carmel Mission Library
    Image | 2010

    Carmel Mission Carmel, California Original Library. This was the first library in California, the first books having been brought by Fray Junipero Serra in 1771. By 1820, it contained over 2,000 volumes.
  23. Deats, Hiram Edmund, 1870-1963

    Female figure clad in classic costume, with a diadem on her brow, sitting on the clouds,and having at her side an oval shield, on which a very important peacock is depicted as using the globe for his perch (Allen) Motto: Instauratio saeculi filicis (Restoration of the favorable age)
  24. Old Northwest Genealogical Society
    Image | 1904

    On embroidered card, portrait of patriot above and roundel with river scene and motto: Meliorem lapsa locavit.
  25. Tea and Books with the Red Cross

    Glass plate slide showing soldiers having tea and reading. Photograph is highly degraded. Captioned "Tea and books with the Red Cross, Orly, near Paris."
  26. Hanoch Bartov Interview
    Video | 1996

    Bartov discusses his experiences with the Germans during the war. He also tells of looking for Jews after the war ended and their surprise at having Jewish soldiers rescuing them.
  27. 01090cba.tif

    2001-090 frame 12: Alice Vernon, food stylist, shaving chocolate for the tofu-coconut cream pie as Diejun Chen watches. Food preparation shots for Tofu Cookbook for Illinois Soyfoods Center. Photo by David Riecks, Model release NOT on file. Original ss4000 scan at 6.2 x 9.4 at 300ppi. This version same size at 72ppi. 01090cba.tif. City: UIUC, ST: Illinois, MR=N, TYPE: RGB, O...
  28. Studio Food Shots
    Image | 2005

    05001ll: Black Forest Cake with cherries and chocolate shavings (food styling Marilyn Nash and Megan Puzey). Studio photographs of international soy food recipes containing some form of soy product.
  29. 3807-36a.tif

    HS00112: White male adult, Bruce Hannon, having blood taken by nurse as part of a study to see if soy protein can reduce cholestorol levels in adult males, 1997. photo by David Riecks. 5 x 7 at 100 ppi, 3807-36A.TIF. ST: Illinois, TYPE: RGB, Optimized: FPO, Source: Slide, Scan Type: Photo-CD, In/Out: Inside, Format: Horizontal, Shot: Normal. Health & Safety, Public Health, P...