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  1. Avery Brundage Papers and Audiovisuals (Digital Surrogates), 1929-1969

    Digital Surrogates from the Avery Brundage Papers and Audiovisuals, contain correspondence, articles and newspaper clippings, concerning US athletics managed by the Amateur Athletic Union (A.A.U). Include subjects as American Track and Field team performance in Oslo (1934); A.A.U bylaws and decisions about varied topics (1929, 1932 -34); controversy about US participation an...
  2. Campus Folksong Club Oral History

    During its height in the 1960s, the Campus Folksong Club (CFC) had over 500 members – making it an astonishingly large student organization and an important force in bringing culture from Illinois and beyond to the UIUC campus. The CFC was also unique in its commitment to a variety of traditional music ranging from gospel and blues to old-time Appalachian and Ozark music, as...
  3. Center for Global Studies

    The Center for Global Studies promotes and supports innovative research to define what globalization as a contested notion is, to identify the multiple and cumulative impacts of the powerful forces driving this process, and to make this knowledge known to interested parties around the globe, most notably to Americans in all walks of life. CGS, a unit of International Progra...
  4. Champaign-Urbana Historic Built Environment

    The Illinois Built Environment collection provides to the public a first-hand view of select original documents used to shape the Campus. Among others, items include hand sketches of campus plans, original trace and linen drawings of many of the Central Quadrangle buildings, four separate proposed sketches for the original Library, now known as Altgeld Hall, and watercolor r...
  5. College of Law

    With the significant resources of a major research university, the expertise of world-renowned faculty members, and a variety of special program opportunities, the College of Law consistently ranks among the top law schools in the country and among the top 10 public law schools. Backed by the prestigious reputation of the University of Illinois, the College of Law resides o...
  6. Born Digital Records from the AALL's Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section Publications, 1992, 1995-2015

    Born Digital Records from the AALL's Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section (SR-SIS) Publications contain newsletters, bylaws, legal assistance computer programs descriptions, reports, presentation handouts, sample letters, bibliographies, and rosters concerning the activities of the American Association of Law Libraries SR-SIS, including law school clinics and res...
  7. Karl Humble Sound Recording Collection, 1910-1952

    The collection consists of one hundred and ninety-eight commercially produced ten- and twelve-inch 78 rpm sound recordings that document performances by significant American and British military and civilian bands between 1910 and 1952. In addition the recordings document a broad range of recording practices and publishing conventions during the infancy of the early years of...
  8. Highway Engineering Conference Materials (Digital Surrogates), 1914-1934

    Digital Surrogates from the Highway Engineering Conference Records, contains digitized copies of course booklets (1914-1934) for The Short Course in Highway Engineering, known as the Highway Engineering Conference after 1935, as well as a copy of the conference paper by Professor I. O. Baker on February 20, 1925. Booklets relate to the short course curricula and program, fac...
  9. Edmund J. James Publication Scrapbooks (Digital Surrogates), 1905

    Digital Surrogates from the Edmund J. James Publication Scrapbooks contain digitized correspondence and memoranda, relating to a Memorandum sent by University President Edmund J. James to the President of the United States, concerning the sending of an educational commission to China, in the context of a process known as the Regeneration of China. For more information abo...
  10. The Bowen chronicle (Bowen, Hancock County, Ill.)

    The Bowen Chronicle was a weekly newspaper serving the western-most regions of central Illinois. Published in Bowen, Illinois, a town known for agriculture, poultry, and live stock raising, the Bowen Chronicle was distributed throughout Hancock county. Subscribers could expect to find information on news, market reports, local gossip, short stories, and advice columns. Cover...
  11. University of Illinois Built Environment

    In the beginning, the inspiration and actualization of the land-grant Industrial University, what was to become the University of Illinois, required thoughtful planning and a commitment to its built environment. The design and planning decisions made early on would influence all current and future development on the campus of the University of Illinois and its influence on t...
  12. Anthony Aston as one of the four characters in "The Fool's Opera"

    With text: "Anthony Aston. The earliest comedian known to have played in New York (circa 1702)". Lithographic reproduction of woodcut from a title page.
  13. Morrill Hall?

    Assumed to be a proposal drawing of Justin Smith Morrill Hall (known as the Entomology Building during construction).
  14. Elizabeth Hartley (nee White) as Lady Jane Grey in "Lady Jane Grey"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length, kneeling on a stool with bible. With text: "Her knee has known that posture only, and her eye or fixed upon the sacred page before her, or lifted with her rising hopes to Heaven". Act V.
  15. Sarah Siddons (nee Kemble) as Isabella in "Isabella"
    Image | 1800

    Whole-length portrait, holding a ring. "It must be so: he's dead. and this ring left by his last breath, to some known faithful friend."
  16. Warren, Philip Barton

    Text printed in red.
  17. Russell, J. Scott (John Scott), 1808-1882.

    Ship at sea with sails furled, bearing large escutcheon and banner with motto: depressus extollor. Owner's monogram on ship.
  18. Purdue University. Libraries.

    Archway with text
  19. Siegel, Cooper & Company
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "This is another of the mammoth department stores of Chicago
  20. Palmer House
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "This famous hotel, at the corner of State and Monroe streets, was built shortly after the great fire by Potter Palmer, to whose estate it now belongs. Many great political deals were consummated within its walls, and its name is known from the Atlantic to the Pacific."
  21. Studebaker Theater
    Image | 1906

    The Studebaker Theater was located in what is now known as the Fine Arts Building, at 410 S. Michigan Avenue. The architect was S. S. Beman.
  22. Rev. Dennis Dunne
    Image | 1910

    Caption: "Rt. Rev. Dennis Dunne By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". From text: "As a class the Catholic clergy were not noted for their support of the war, and for that reason the unqualified position of the Rt. Rev. Dennis Dunne, pastor of St. Patrick's Church and Vicar-General of the diocese, was all the more conspicuous. ... Father Dunne set about in the Sum...
  23. Old College hall
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "This building, which still stands on the campus of Northwestern University, was the original Northwestern University Building. For many years it was used as a preparatory academy to the university, until the Fisk Hall was built. Courtesy of Northwestern University." From text: ""The Northwestern University began the erection of its first building at the northwes...
  24. Rest Cottage
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Rest Cottage, Evanston: W.C.T.U. Headquarters, former home of Miss Willard." From text: "Her home in Evanston is known as 'Rest Cottage,' where she spent many years of her life, though in the interest of her work she traveled extensively."
  25. Wellington Hotel
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] Wellington Hotel, Wabash Ave. and Jackson St. [See "Hotels."]" From text: "Located on Wabash avenue and Jackson street. This hotel, although only known to the public for about one year is now recognized as one of the ultra fashionable hotels of the city. The hotel is magnificently arranged, decorated and furnished in ...
  26. Hooley's Theatre
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] Proscenium Boxes and Auditorium, Hooley's Theatre. [See ""Amusements."]". From text: "It is generally known as 'Hooley's Parlor Home of Comedy,' and the title conveys a proper idea of the popular family resort. The seating capacity of the theatre is 1,506