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  1. A. Austin Harding Papers, 1895-1958

    The A. Austin Harding Papers consists of music, correspondence, concert programs, administration files, publications, course materials and photographs that document the career of A. Austin Harding, Director of Bands at the University of Illinois from 1906 until 1948. Of particular interest are the manuscript arrangements made by Harding especially for the University of Illin...
  2. Ad Council Historical File (Digital Surrogates), 1941-1997

    Digital Surrogates from the Ad Council Historical File includes 45 digitized audio recordings from radio campaigns, and 11 digitized posters, concerning Ad Council campaigns. 34 radio campaigns refer to forest fire prevention and 11 are Peace Corps ads; Posters subjects include safety belt use, forest fire prevention, industrial scrap, and zip code campaign. Digitized poster...
  3. Board of Trustees Meetings Biennial Reports (Digital Surrogates), 1867- 2011

    Digital surrogates of Board from Trustees Meetings Biennial Reports contain digitized copies of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees reports due to the Governor of Illinois, covering a period since the University foundation in 1867. Digitized material concern major decisions over board conformation and changes, University budgets, faculty designation and salary as we...
  4. Campus Folksong Club Oral History

    During its height in the 1960s, the Campus Folksong Club (CFC) had over 500 members – making it an astonishingly large student organization and an important force in bringing culture from Illinois and beyond to the UIUC campus. The CFC was also unique in its commitment to a variety of traditional music ranging from gospel and blues to old-time Appalachian and Ozark music, as...
  5. LGBT at UIUC

    "The Gay Illini organization was formed in 1975 and Illini Pride was founded in 1977, both growing out of the work of the Gay Liberation Front. Gay Illini was announced in the Daily Illini on January 29, 1975. By April 1975, the group was holding Gay Forums, offering panels discussing topics related to gay students and queer life. The group also hosted a number of social eve...
  6. ISGS Illinois Historical Landstat Photograph Collection

    The ISGS’ Landsat photographic print archive is unique in a few important aspects. The 27 prints, which have acquisition dates between 1975-1979, date back to the two earliest Landsat satellite missions. Despite the comparably coarse ground spatial resolution, they portray the ground surface of Illinois as it appeared prior to widespread adoption of conservation tillage/no t...
  7. Morgan Powell Music Manuscripts, 1958-2014

    The collection consists of thirty-six boxes of material. Series 1 consists of original compositions and arrangements for large and small jazz ensemble, small chamber ensemble, chamber ensemble and dancers, and vocal ensemble. Many of the musical works were either composed or arranged for the University of Illinois Jazz Band. Of particular interest are Powell's "Ray's in the ...
  8. Music Instrument Collection

    The large number of music instruments held by the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music is unusual among archives across the United States. These instruments, and the Center's archival collections, document the impact of music technology and manufacturing on the performance practices of American military, civilian, and collegiate bands during the 19th and 20th centuri...
  9. Historical Maps Online

    The Historical Maps Online collection contains images of maps charting the last 400 years of historical development in Illinois and the Northwest Territory, including historic topographic maps of Illinois. The collection also contains early large-scale topographic quadrangles published by the United States Geological Survey in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centurie...
  10. Literary Gulag - Diana E. Sheets

    Diana E. Sheets is a Research Scholar in the Departments of English and History at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has a Ph.D. in Modern European History from Columbia University with honors in her minor field, Literature and Politics, which she studied with Edward Said. Later, she worked in corporate sales in metro New York before relocating to the Midwe...
  11. Senate Committee on the Library Annual Reports (Digital Surrogates), 1913-1995

    Digital surrogates from Senate Committee on the Library Annual Reports, includes digitized annual reports of the University Senate Committee on the Library, including narrative reports; tables and lists relating to the Library's growth; departmental fund allocations and book fund assignments; notable acquisitions and gifts; cataloging; serials; public services; use of the Li...
  12. University Library and Departmental Library Annual Reports (Digital Surrogates), 1946-2003

    Digital Surrogates from the University Library and Departmental Library Annual Reports contain annual departmental library reports (1975 - 2003) and reports to the University President (1946 - 89) by the University Librarian, relating to Library growth and collection development, departmental libraries, notable acquisitions, cataloging, library use, physical plant improvemen...
  13. University of Illinois Library Friendscript (Digital Surrogates), 1979-2007

    Digital Surrogates from the University of Illinois Library Friendscript contain digitized copies of "Friendscript" an illustrated quarterly newsletter of the Library Friends (1979-2007), relating to announcements of gifts and donations to the Library; major acquisitions; brief articles on Library holdings, needs, building, and staff; and news of Friends' membership and meeti...
  14. Liberté

    A French soldier prepares to plant a tattered flag reading “Liberté” into Europe on a large globe.
  15. Pour la liberté. Fete de l'indépendance, 4 Juillet 1776-1918
    Image | 1918

    A large American soldier stands on the bow of a ship next to a presidential statue and an American flag, while the Statue of Liberty shines a beacon of light from her torch.
  16. Matilda Baker (nee Vining) as Cicely Homespun in "The Heir at Law"

    Half-length. Wearing large hat with ribbons.
  17. Portrait of Frances Abington (nee Barton)
    Image | 1798

    Bust. Wearing large hat with feathers, ribbon and wide brim. Lace and ribbon on top of dress. Curly hair.
  18. Portrait of Frances Abington (nee Barton)

    Bust. Wearing large hat with feathers, ribbon and wide brim. Lace and ribbon on top of dress. Curly hair.
  19. Frances Abington (nee Barton) as Lady Betty Modish in "The Careless Husband"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length, standing in interior setting with male figure in background
  20. William Henry West Betty as Flash in "Miss in Her Teens"
    Image | 1806

    Whole-length. Wearing large hat with plume, boots, sword hanging at left side. Used in Minor British Theatre. With text: "Aye Sir, the Wedding Day Sir
  21. Portrait of Edwin Booth

    Three-quarter-length. Seated, holding large book open on lap, reading.
  22. Portrait of Emma Sarda Di Bassini

    Bust. Wearing flowers in hair, necklace with large pendant.
  23. Elizabeth Billington (nee Weichsel) as Mandane in "Artaxerxes"
    Image | 1788

    Whole-length. Wearing large headdress with plumes. With text: "Let not rage, thy Bosom firing, Pity's softer claim remove." Act III, Scene 2.
  24. Junius Brutus Booth as Sir Giles Overreach in "A New Way to Pay Old Debts"

    Whole-length. Wearing large hat with plume, breeches, cape
  25. Portrait of Eliza Chester
    Image | 1826

    Three-quarter-length. Standing, in wind, wearing large hat with feathers, bracelt
  26. Eliza Chester as the Widow of Cornhill

    Whole-length. Wearing large veil covering head and falling over both shoulders.
  27. George Christy (ne Harrington) as Julius Crow

    Whole-length. In blackface, wearing large hat, embroidered vest
  28. George Christy (ne Harrington) as Julius Crow

    Three-quarter-length. In blackface, wearing large hat
  29. Portrait of Mary Carlton Cald
    Image | 1793

    Half-length. Wearing large cape on left shoulder, pearl necklace. With text: "Mary Carlton Cald...the German Prince."
  30. Portrait of Mary Carlton Cald
    Image | 1793

    Half-length. Wearing large cape on left shoulder, pearl necklace. With text: "Mary Carlton Cald...the German Prince."
  31. Portrait of William Cartwright (the younger)
    Image | 1794

    Half-length. Wearing wig of long dark curls, heavy cloak
  32. Alfred Burnett in character as an old woman

    Three-quarter-length. Wearing large bow of ribbon at waist and at neck, pointing to book on table with right hand, seated. Print in color.