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  1. A. Austin Harding Papers, 1895-1958

    The A. Austin Harding Papers consists of music, correspondence, concert programs, administration files, publications, course materials and photographs that document the career of A. Austin Harding, Director of Bands at the University of Illinois from 1906 until 1948. Of particular interest are the manuscript arrangements made by Harding especially for the University of Illin...
  2. Charles Strothkamp Papers, 1896-1983

    Consists of correspondence, contracts, performance route sheets, and photographs documenting Charles Strothkamp's career as a clarinetist in the Sousa Band between 1926 and 1931, as well as his two Selmer clarinets. The papers also include family photographs, military citations and medals, membership cards, school documents, birth and death certificates, and photographs doc...
  3. Digital surrogates and Born digital Records from the Office of Public Information Files, 1992-2011

    Digital surrogates and Born digital Records from the Office of Public Information (OPI) Files, contain posters, banners, audio recordings of radio programs, event video recording, press releases, newspaper transcriptions, correspondence, speeches, book cover images, newspaper clippings, articles, rosters, guidelines, and presentation slides, concerning "@ your library, The C...
  4. Digital surrogates and Born digital Records from the Office of Public Information Files, 1998-2011

    Digital surrogates and Born digital Records from the Office of Public Information (OPI) Files contain posters, banners, audio recordings of radio programs, event video recording, press releases, newspaper transcriptions, correspondence, speeches, book cover images, newspaper clippings, articles, rosters, guidelines, and presentation slides, concerning "@ your library, The C...
  5. Digitized Books

    Digitized Books is a web service that tracks what items from the UIUC general collections have been digitized and made available in the HathiTrust Digital Library (, the Internet Archive (, and the library's corporate partners.
  6. Jack Linker American Bands Sound Recording Collection, ca. 1895-1939

    Consists of two hundred and twenty commercially produced 10- and 12-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, sixteen 7-, 5 1/2-, and 4-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, and one hundred seventy-two historic 2- and 4-minute cylinder recordings documenting performances by the Sousa, Pryor, Herbert, Goldman, Gilmore and RCA Victor bands, among others, made between 1895 and 1923. In addition is...
  7. John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection

    The John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection comprises some 1500 plates, each mounted on an individual card. Each card has a specially designed printed form mounted on the verso upon which Mr. Stewart inserted notes about the owner, designer, or subject of the plate. Besides bookplates, the collection contains book stamps and spine labels, especially from institutional librar...
  8. Joseph T. Tykociner Papers (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates)

    Audiovisual Digital Surrogates from the Joseph T. Tykociner Papers, contains a digitized film concerning Tykociner's contributions to research and in innovation in sound recording as well as in the field of electrical engineering. The digitized film shows a picture of Tykociner's apparatus and describing of its method of operation. Includes pictures of J. T. Tykociner, Jacob...
  9. Paul Rolland Papers, 1939-83, 1986-87, 1992

    Papers of Paul Rolland (1911-78), professor of music (1945-78), consists of series one, made up of documents relating to his publications, correspondence, performances, and publicity, and series two, made up of films and audio recordings related to the development of "The Teaching of Action in String Playing."
  10. The Faces of Abraham Lincoln: The Meserve Lincoln Photographs, 1845-1865

    Lincoln biographer Carl Sandburg, in his introduction to The Photographs of Abraham Lincoln (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1944) quotes Civil War era journalist David Ross Locke’s impressions on meeting Lincoln: “I never saw a more thoughtful face. I never saw a more dignified face. I never saw so sad a face.” This collection of images—reproductions of prints made...
  11. University of Illinois Built Environment

    In the beginning, the inspiration and actualization of the land-grant Industrial University, what was to become the University of Illinois, required thoughtful planning and a commitment to its built environment. The design and planning decisions made early on would influence all current and future development on the campus of the University of Illinois and its influence on t...
  12. Rev. Robert H. Clarkson
    Image | 1910

    and this promise was in after years fulfilled."
  13. City Hall and County Courthouse
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "City Hall and Cook County Court House The administrative offices of the city of Chicago and the court-rooms and offices of Cook County, Illinois, are in this massive building which occupies the entire square bounded by Washington, Clark, La Salle and Randolph streets. It was five years in building and cost six million dollars. The heavy style of architecture giv...
  14. Montgomery Ward Building
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Montgomery Ward & Company Building The headquarters of one of the largest mail order concerns in the world, located on Michigan Avenue and Madison Street. The structure enjoys the distinction of being the highest in Chicago. All orders come to Montgomery Ward & Company by mail, and sales are not otherwise made."
  15. Stock yards and Packingtown
    Image | 1906

    Caption: "Stock yards and Packingtown in distance[.] Beyond the pens at the stock yards, lies Packingtown, where the slaughtered meats are prepared for the markets of the world. It is here that several of the famous millionaires of Chicago made their great fortunes. One noted packing firm killed 712,000 cattle, 1,714,000 hogs, and nearly 500,000 sheep in a single year. T...
  16. William Hale Thompson, Mayor
    Image | 1919

    Quotation below: "Let us turn our eyes to the future, with a determination to solve every question of reconstruction and to meet all problems of future progress of our beloved city, in that spirit of loyalty and unselfish helpfulness that has made Chicago one of the wonders of the world and has challenged the admiration of all mankind. For she stands as the living embodimen...
  17. Kenwood Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "From this meeting resulted the present Kenwood Club, the organization of which was perfected in February, 1884. In June of the same year the Club took possession of the house on Forty-seventh Street, near Lake Avenue, which was formerly the residence of Norman B. Judd, Esq. To this house, a two story and basement frame building, a large addition, 40x75 feet, wa...
  18. Alphonse Capone and John Stege
    Image | 1930

    Caption: "Alphonse Capone, released from a Philadelphia jail, set Chicago on its ears, when he appeared unheralded in the office of John Stege, Commissioner of Detectives, and blandly inquired if he was wanted for anything. Capone with his attorney was then escorted to the Federal building where the same question was put to the United States District Attorney. On the same ...
  19. Gateway to Oak Woods Cemetery
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "Gateway to Oakwoods (sic) Cemetery." From text: "This beautiful cemetery stands in the front rank, as one of the handsomest of Chicago's burial grounds. It is located south of 67th St. between Cottage Grove Ave. and the I. C. R. R. track. The distance from the business center is about seven miles. ... In drawing the plan for the grounds, the Association was for...
  20. Wells' Mastiff Shoes advertisement
    Image | 1906

    Copy reads: "Wells' Mastiff Shoes Best Line on Earth For Men, boys, Youths, Women, Misses, & Children. Made up in all popular leathers for every member of the household. Stylish-Satisfactory-Popular Largest Manufacturers of Reliable footwear [in] the country Send for catalogue M. D. Wells Co. Chicago"
  21. Chicago harbor
    Image | 1869

    From text: "In 1833 Congress made the first appropriation of $30,000 to improve the harbor. The north pier was run out a short distance and a light-house erected. An embankment was made to cut off the river from her old channel, which had previously emptied into the lake near the foot of Madison street. This work was commenced in the summer of 1833, and vigorously pushed ...
  22. Merchants Insurance Company building
    Image | 1869

    From text: "One of the most stately and beautiful edifices in the United States, is the new building of the Merchants Insurance company of Chicago, on the northwest corner of LaSalle and Washington streets. It is five stories in height, and has a frontage of ninety-six and one-third feet on LaSalle street, and a frontage of one hundred and eleven and a half feet on Washingt...
  23. Bank vaults on main floor
    Image | 1902

    From text: "At the rear of the banking floor are ten immense vaults in which the money, valuables, and books of the bank are placed at the close of each day's business. If ever anything built by human hands was made impregnable to assault from without, this business vault of the Chicago National Bank certainly was. It stands three stories in height and is clear of the wall...
  24. Safe deposit vaults
    Image | 1902

    From text: "Between these sets of apartments is the great treasure room of the safe deposit vaults--the immense room which is lined with 6,000 private safe deposit boxes of various sizes. The floor of this apartment is made of chrome-steel plates, three one-inch plates being riveted together, making a drill-proof and bomb-proof floor. The ceiling and side walls are constru...
  25. Terminal of Chicago & Northwestern Railroad
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Passenger terminal of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway, completed in 1911. Courtesy of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway." From text: "In the annual report for the year ending June 30th, 1907, mention is made of the new passenger terminal which has lately been completed on the West Side between Lake street on the north, and Madison street on the south, occupyi...
  26. Chicago University

    Caption: "Chicago University". From text: "To Stephen A. Douglas is due the credit of founding the first University of Chicago, now known as the Old University of Chicago. In 1856 a number of citizens visited Judge Douglas with plans for a university, and asked him for help. He gave them ten acres of ground lying along Cottage Grove avenue, at Thirty-fourth street, not fa...
  27. Dome and Grand Stairway
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Dome and grand stairway of Art Institute, completed in 1912. Courtesy of Art Institute of Chicago". From text: "There are now in 1911, fifty public exhibition galleries, of which twenty-seven are skylighted, and plans are being made to extend the building eastward by bridging the Illinois Central railroad tracks with skylighted galleries and building new museum h...
  28. Orrington Lunt
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Orrington Lunt: Early resident of Chicago and Evanston, and liberal benefactor of Northwestern University". From text: "The first subscription made to the Northwestern University was that of Orrington Lunt for five thousand dollars," and "Among the trustees the school must forever be indebted to the wisdom and munificence of the late Grant Goodrich, Orrington Lunt...
  29. Clark T. Hinman
    Image | 1912

    Caption: "Clark T. Hinman: First president of Northwestern University". From text: "The first president of the Northwestern University was Dr. Clark T. Hinman, who ... was elected by the Board of Trustees on June 22, 1853. Thus Dr. Hinman's incumbency began before the University had yet decided upon its location, a decision which was made in the following August by the pur...