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  1. James Edward Myers Sheet Music Collection, 1836-1986

    Published sheet music documenting American culture through popular music and cover art imagery. The collection is organized in two series: Series 1, General and Country Music, 1862-1986 and Series 2, Military Music, 1836-1975. Early pre-1920 songs contain themes that focus primarily on life on the farm, while many post-1920 titles feature the "gayer" night-life of city dwell...
  2. Facts for Freshmen Records (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital Surrogates from the Facts for Freshmen records includes a digitized copy of the 1914 publication "Facts for Freshmen", published by the Dean of Men, Thomas A. Clark, containing suggestions on planning a program of study and descriptions of administrative procedures, organization of the University, regulations and student service.
  3. Great Lakes Bulletin

    The Great Lakes Bulletin is a daily newspaper written by and for naval officers. This collection provides a record of official communication between naval officers at the United State Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Illinois. Each issue featured official orders from the navy Commandant, events on base and news of ongoing military campaigns. The newspaper also featured...
  4. Fred H. Turner Audio-recordings (Digital Surrogates), 1967, 1975

    Digital Surrogates from the Fred H. Turner Audio-recordings contain digitized oral interviews with Fred Turner about his years working for longtime Dean of Men Thomas Arkle Clark and the shifting role of faculty and administration during his own tenure as Dean (1967), differing administrative management styles between Clark and Turner, and the history of fraternities (1975),...
  5. University of Illinois Material (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital Surrogates from the University of Illinois Material includes digitized images, concerning digitized "UI Viewbooks" for years 1893, 1904 and 1909, displaying campus scenes, university athletics, university band, and campus buildings. Digitized images also iclude a copy of the booklet "Popular Illinois Men", published by Joseph Kuhn & Co. in Spring 1912, including pho...
  6. Company B Barracks - Moving from Hospital to Barrack
    Image | 1899

    horses and wagon, beds and bedding, trunks, and group of men waiting to move into new barrack
  7. Col. Isaac Clements and group at Governor's Residence
    Image | 1900

    four men and one woman on porch
  8. Soldiers Home
    Image | 1900

    four women and two men seated on steps
  9. Soldiers Home Grounds - entrance, looking south
    Image | 1898

    setting power poles and stakes for street car line at north entrance to grounds
  10. Robert Bensley as Mahomet in "Mahomet"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length. Wearing turban with plume, cape with ermine trim
  11. Jane Barsanti as Helena in "Midsummer Night's Dream"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length. Wearing feathers, flowers, and jewelry in hair. With text: "And will you rent our ancient Love asunder to join with Men in scorning your poor Friend?" Act III, Scene 2.
  12. Charlotte Charke (nee Cibber) reading from a novel
    Image | 1755

    Whole-length. Interior. Two men at left, Charke at right, old woman in background
  13. Charlotte Charke (nee Cibber) reading from a novel
    Image | 1755

    Whole-length. Interior. Two men at left, Charke at right, old woman in background
  14. John Edwin as Jerry Blackacre in "The Plain Dealer"
    Image | 1786

    Whole-length portrait. Indoors, holding bag over left arm, men and women in background. With text: "I'll go pay the man at the gate two shillings I owe him." Act III, Scene 2.
  15. Samuel Foote as Mrs. Cole in "The Minor"
    Image | 1777

    Scene from the play with Foote dressed in women's attire seated between two men. With text: "My thoughts are fix'd upon a better place. What, I suppose Mr. Loader, you will be for your old friend the black-eyed Girl." Act I.
  16. David Garrick as Lusignan and Miss Younge (Elizabeth Pope) as Zara in a scene from "Zara"
    Image | 1777

    Scene with Zara standing before Lusignan, two men standing behind his chair. With text: "Lus: 'Yes_Yes_'tis she! this little Cross'". Act II, Scene 3.
  17. John Henderson as Bayes in "The Rehearsal"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length portrait, standing
  18. Caricature of Edmund Kean
    Image | 1810

    Kean seated at head of table with five other men, all drinking. Published at the time of Kean's dispute with Bucke. Title: "The Wolves Club"
  19. Caricature of Edmund Kean

    Caricature of Kean. Scene with black men in theater audience
  20. John Philip Kemble in character

    Whole-length portrait, wearing tunic and toga
  21. Portrait of Jenny Lind on theater program

    Half-length portrait on a reprint from the original program of Miss Lind's opening performance in the William A. Hildebrand Collection of "Lindiana," 1850. In decorated frame with busts of three men below.
  22. Edward Shuter as Justice Woodcock, John Beard as Hawthorn and John Dunstall as Hodge in "Love in a Village"

    Scene from the play with the three men in a room with chair, painting on the wall, and dog on the floor.
  23. John Quick as Mr. Sable with Matthew Clarke as Lord Brumpton in "The Funeral"
    Image | 1777

    Scene from the play with three men standing in a room. With text: Sab - "Look you, Gentlemen, don't stand staring at me. I have a Book at home, which I call my doomsday book, where I have every man of Quality's Age & Distemper in Town, and know when you should drop."
  24. Portrait of the Rainers, the Tyrolese Minstrels
    Image | 1827

    Whole-length portrait of five folk singers, four men and one woman, standing in traditional German attire. With caption: "The Tyrolese Singers."
  25. Ada Rehan in "The Inconstant"

    Scene from the play with Rehan in sedan chair, carried by two men.
  26. James William Wallack as Jacques (Jaques) in "As You Like It"
    Image | 1859

    Whole-length portrait, seated under a tree in a wood, deer in background at left. With text: "All the world's a stage, and all the men & women merely players."
  27. William Smith ("Gentleman Smith") as Captain Plume in "The Recruiting Officer"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length portrait, standing on a street with buildings in background, addressing two men, purse in extended left hand, stick in right. With text: "What think you now of a Purse of French Gold out of a Monsieurs Pocket
  28. Margaret ("Peg") Woffington as the Female Volunteer
    Image | 1746

    Whole-length portrait, standing, in officer's uniform. With title: "The Female Volunteer: or, an Attempt to make our Men Stand. An Epilogue intended to be spoken by Mrs. Woffington in the habit of a volunteer, upon reading the Gazette containing an account of the late action at Falkirk." With copy of the epilogue below. Facsimile of the rare original.
  29. Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915

    Black ink on ivory paper. Depicts a mirrored image of men back-to-back, reading within arches
  30. Princeton University

    Greek temple with inscription on entablature in Greek
  31. Cox, John

    Two men sit in high-backed chairs facing each other
  32. University Club (Denver, Colo.)
    Image | 1903

    Two men in high-backed seats are partially seen reading before fireplace
  33. Murray, James
    Image | 1899

    Under a fruiting tree a woman turns the wheel of a well while two men kneel by the well, one holding a cup, the other a cup and a platter with bread loaf
  34. Elwood, George May, 1844-1906
    Image | 1898

    On either side of a fruiting tree bearing armorial shield and motto (Fide et sedulitate = With faith and diligence) and two medals: two men in togas, one holding a magnifying glass, the other with scroll
  35. Kansas State Agricultural College

    Youth in tunic and sandals, sickle in belt, reads open_file scroll while walking along rustic path towards helmeted woman
  36. Meyer, Paul

    Two men in early modern clothes smoke long pipes
  37. Landone, Brown

    Under bright sun, castle towers on a high hill overlooking the sea.
  38. Anthony, Cornelia

    Two putti reading as bookends on mantel, all within a frame with garlands. On the ribbon a quote from a poem by Sir Walter Scott. Illegible artist's name bottom right.