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  1. Accessibility Standards Project File (Digital Surrogates), 1959-1964

    Digital Surrogates from the Accessibility Standards Project File contain digitized meeting minutes, reports, membership rosters, letter ballots rules and responses, memorandums, and published booklets, concerning the progress of the National Program to Eliminate and Prevent Architectural Barriers to the Handicapped, and the activities of the American Standards Association St...
  2. Digital Surrogates of Accession Books

    Digital suggrogate of the October 1876-June 1903 Accession Book, listing ALA member names, addresses, and place of employment.
  3. Faculty Appointments Registers (Born Digital and Digital Surrogate), 2009, 2012 (CONFIDENTIAL)

    Born Digital and Digital Surrogate Records from the Faculty Appointments Registers contain AALS's Confidential October 2009 Foreign Visiting Faculty Register and February 2012 Visiting Faculty Register, which include faculty names, e-mail addresses, and fields of research, and a memorandum to Deans of AALS's Member and Fee-Paid Schools regarding the list of faculty seeking v...
  4. Illini Wise (Digital Surrogates), 1959-1960

    Digital Surrogate from Illini Wise includes the 1959-60 handbook for freshman women. Subjects concern information on the Dean of Women's Office; meeting with the freshman adviser; classes; campus traditions and activities; housing organizations; student activities; student regulations; suggestions on study habits, clothes, manners and money; and information on bus service, r...
  5. University Honors — the Bronze Tablets

    The University of Illinois began the tradition of inscribing the Bronze Tablets with the names of students receiving University Honors in 1925. A new tablet is hung in the Main Library each year. Inscription on the Bronze Tablets recognizes sustained academic achievement by undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. According to the Student Cod...
  6. Portrait of Elizabeth Walker Blanchard (married names Charles, Hamblin)
    Image | 1818

    Half-length. Hair in long curls to shoulders, satin or silk dress with low neck.
  7. Edward Fitzwilliam as Leporello in "Don Giovanni"
    Image | 1829

    Whole-length portrait, standing
  8. Sarah Siddons (nee Kemble) as Medea in "Medea"
    Image | 1792

    Whole-length portrait, draped in robes, standing with her child beside her. With text: "I once had Parents - Ye endearing names! How my torn heart with recollection bleeds!"
  9. Lizzie Weston (other married names Davenport, Mathews) as Oberon in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
    Image | 1855

    Whole-length portrait, wearing crown, holding wand. With text: "And Maidens call it, love in _ idlesness. Fetch me that flower."
  10. Leiningen-Westerburg, Marie Magdalene, Grafin zu
    Image | 1892

    Putto reclining holds coronet with flowers
  11. Delano de Lannoy, Mortimer, 1869-1920
    Image | 1902

    Owner has his genealogy plotted out on the left and right side of the book plate
  12. Stone, Wilbur Macey

    Sword? with roping? Artist's monogram.
  13. Smythe, Elizabeth Harris
    Image | 1898

    Spade shield with crossed keys hanging from tree
  14. Shepard, Homer
    Image | 1903

    Ram's head
  15. Scott, Edgar S.; Scott, Margaret; Scott, Dorothy
    Image | 1893

    Roundel with books, frame of fleurs de lis.
  16. Blank, F. C. (F. Charles)

    Oval frame bearing crossed engravers tools
  17. Arenberg

    Coat of arms. Oval escutcheon: gules (red), three cinqfoils, two over one. Supporters: dexter, lion rampant
  18. Nickerson, William E. (William Emery), 1853-1930
    Image | 1919

    Cog-border roundel with sailing ship and date
  19. Tulane University

    Woman in long-sleeved gown holds laurel crown, framed by ribbons with names of great classical figures
  20. Livraria de Torre de S. Sebastiao

    Helm and mantling, a lion rampant, in his dexter paw a dagger, arising out of a coronet. Motto on banner: Por bem fazer (To do well)
  21. Aikman, Gwen C.

    Coat of arms within frame containing various phrases, places (especially in Indiana and Illinois) and personal names.
  22. Winkworth, Stephen D. (Stephen Dickenson)
    Image | 1912

    Within a half-shell niche lined with books, a naked woman and very long hair holds a mirror
  23. List of names

    List of names of people in the photograph. Five people are unidentified.
  24. Holiday greeting from Sarah and Eric

    Holiday greeting card of Sarah and Eric on their wedding day. The names Willene and George appear at the bottom, and the card may have been addressed to or sent from Willene and George Hendrick.
  25. Five military men and one other man around a table in a tent

    Five military men and one other man around a table in a tent, possibly during the Spanish-American War. On the back is the list of the men's names: Buzzel, Harris, Becker, Engler, Ream, and Anderson.
  26. Annotations on verso of 014-027-018a

    Names of the people that appear in photograph A3-49. This photograph is taped to A3-49.
  27. Looking south on Prairie Avenue
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] Looking south on Prairie Avenue from Eighteenth St." From text: "[w]e begin with Prairie avenue. Why not? It is the avenue of avenues in Chicago. [O]n no avenue in the city are there to be found the homes of as many people whose names are so closely allied to the enterprise, the progress and the culture of Chicago... ...
  28. Registration for Municipal Lodging House
    Image | 1902

    From text: "Municipal Lodging House in Action. Every evening at 12 South Jefferson Street for the past eight months from 10 to 140 hungry and homeless men have stood up for registration. The police officer in charge separates this group into two lines, ""first nighters" and those previously sheltered. As the newcomer steps up to the desk the registration officer, with a pi...
  29. St. Louis Browns of 1884
    Image | 1884

    Caption: "The St. Louis Browns of 1884--the first team ever managed by Comiskey. Players' names, left to right, standing: Strief, McGinnis, O'Neill, Quest, Comiskey, W. Gleason, Nicol
  30. Detroit Public Library Rare Book Room
    Image | 2008

    Detroit Public Library 5201 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48202. Rare Book Room. Black ebony doors incised in gold carry the names of renowned printers. The bronze fleur-de-lis grilles designed by the architect, Francis J. Keally, simulate the binding of a rare book. A collection of rare and historical landmarks in all fields of knowledge is housed in this room.
  31. Male Figures
    Image | 2 pages | 1967

  32. Commander
    Image | 2 pages | 1967

  33. Jacques
    Image | 1957

  34. Second Forest Lord
    Image | 1957

  35. Preliminary Sketch: Females
    Image | 1957

  36. Preliminary Sketch: Courtier
    Image | 1957